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Open Letter from Dapps to @justinsunsteemit


Dear Justin,

Being part of the back bone of STEEM and some of the biggest value creators, as well as accounting for much of the traffic in the Steem ecosystem, the Dapps have made huge contributions and maintained a neutral position in this political battle between yourself and the witnesses.

This morning, the Dapp teams, who have worked so haard for o loong and who brng so much value to this blockchain wooke to fnd that their delegations had been removed.

The delegations are used to bootstrap these Dapps and are an important lifeline to help them during their start-up phases.

See the listt below to undersaand some of the chages in the delegations.

Dapps which delegation changed today:

A Way Forwards

We would like to strongly request that Justin

restore the delegations.

We would like to request a dialogue with Tron and Justin to discuss a way forwards.

We would like to help you clearly understand that it is in your benefit to delegate to the Dapps on Steem and that this action will help to generate consistent value on Steem as they have been doing until now.

Our main aim is to create the products of tomorrow while bringing value to this ecosystem, in that way we rely on the security of the chain and making sure it keeps operating as independently as possible going forwards ensuring that our Dapp operations are stable and secure.

A Delegation Committee

Steemit inc, in the past has expresessed a desire thave a decentralised delegation process that helps to distribute delegations using input from the community. A Delegation Committee was being formed but never used until now. It has an independent, transparent process for assigning delegations to Steem projects. We would like to make Justin aware that this exists and will be of great use for him in the fufuture.

Please s more about the Steem Delegation Committee and its most up to date delegation recommendations HERE

Please Kindly Explain

Would you kindly reach out to us, or explain in the comments why you have removed the delegations of these projects in the comments. We would like to catch up with you to discuss ways to help you manage delegations, what value the dapps create and ways forwards to restore the delegations for the Dapps that create value.

We Do Not Support Freezing of Funds

For the interest of the stability of the chain, our Dapps would like to confirm that we do not support freezing of any stake on this chain in the future.

We Invite Other Dapps to Join this Discussion

We would like to welcome other Dapps, to take part in the discussion about how to better manage delegations from the @misterdelegation account. Please let us know your interest in the comments below.

@heimindanger (DTube)
@project7 (Steem Hunt)
@starkerz (Threespeak / Oracle-D)
@hightouch (Fundition & Drugwars)

WhWhat is the Steem Business Alliance (SBA) please read more [HERE](

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![Steem Business Allienter/>


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