SPS Proposal: Steemauto - Server costs - day 34


Our server costs:

About $185.5 per month + 3% fee = $191.01 per month

How Steemauto survived this long?

With help of great community, donations, and upvotes we managed to keep running Steemauto until now. And will continue as long as possible.

Why not charging our own users?

We may add some premium features beside our free features to cover costs but it will take some time to implement such features.

What will you do with the received SBD?

This proposal is just for server costs. Not development or any type of maintaining.
$191 / 30 days = $6.37 per day = 10.62 SBD @$0.6 = 12.74 SBD @$0.5

Every single SBD received from this proposal will be paid for the servers. I develop and maintain Steemauto for free.


  • Total:
    48,285 unique users (active + inactive)
  • Fanbase:
    33,221 unique authors with at least 1 follower
    9,403 unique authors with more than 5 followers (fans)
    867 unique authors with more than 50 followers (fans)
  • Curation trails:
    3,531 unique curation trails with at least 1 follower
    1,237 unique curation trails with more than 5 followers
    193 unique curation trails with more than 50 followers

Future plans:

  1. Daily posts by @steemauto will be paused once this proposal received enough vote to receive daily payouts from SPS
  2. Work more on Steemauto_v2_beta (promised a long time ago)
  3. Deliver community requested features
  4. TBD

What if not funded?

Nothing special. We will continue receiving funds from upvotes and donations until adding premium features to the Steemauto.

How long funding by SPS?

Until we add alternative source of income into Steemauto. Then this proposal will be removed.

Proposal voting link:
vorting by Steemconnect
or https://steemitwallet.com/proposals
or https://steemproposals.com/proposals
or https://steempeak.com/proposals

Top voters:


and many others

Thanks for your great support

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Ok, we upvoted and reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Many thanks to approve us as witness and curator.

28.12.2019 21:03

29.12.2019 15:45

Then this proposal ...

Voted for approval.

One suggestion would be to add the log feature which steemdunk had. It allows one to use the service while still providing easy Proof of Brain reviews. My experience with steemauto is that it is much more time extensive than steemdunk had been because of the lack of vote logs.

16.01.2020 23:54

Thanks for suggestion

17.01.2020 12:26

I have joined one of curation trails, but it seems the voting does not work anymore. It used to work in the past. The trail is by @steemcuration with 19 followers. Any ideas why it does not work?

21.02.2020 18:39

Your SP is too low

22.02.2020 14:03