Volunteer Opportunity: The Marketing Committee

Global Goal

The marketing sub-committee supports the Steem ecosystem through launching new and strengthening existing marketing initiatives.

The key aims of the marketing committee are to:

  • Create and action a marketing plan with consistent branding.
  • Source vendors for promotional materials.
  • Oversee all promotions.
  • Organise conference representation and outreach opportunities.
  • Create and staff an outreach program and/or other promotional programs as needed.

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend and actively participate at regular committee meetings held remotely.
  • Collaborate with other Marketing Committee members to formulate a holistic marketing roadmap for the Steem ecosystem.
  • Working with other Marketing Committee members, develop and execute marketing plans and promotional initiatives.
  • Carry out all tasks in a proactive, professional and accountable manner.
  • Report to the Committee Chair and fellow committee members on assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Keep abreast of and actively seek out marketing opportunities or developments.


  • Minimum of 1 year in a marketing role or a relevant combination of education and professional development.
  • Demonstrated experience in marketing campaign coordination including planning and execution.
  • Sound understanding of marketing and advertising principles and best practices.
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to analyse, follow-up and make independent decisions.
  • Proven ability to set milestones and meet deadlines.
  • Time and energy to contribute as a member and volunteer.
  • Must not presently be blacklisted by the Steemcleaners or any reputable group in the Steem ecosystem.

Time Commitment

  • Minimum 6 month commitment is required.
  • It is anticipated that 2 hours a week would be the standard workload.

Selection Process

This is a volunteer position with no reimbursement and is subject to strict ethical conduct requirements.

It is designed for individuals who have a marketing background and are willing and able to donate a portion of their time as volunteers.

Applicants will be selected on a competitive basis by the Board and appointments will be announced.

Application Form

Please fill out the application form linked below. The valuation of your account or your affiliation with existing projects or groups in the Steem ecosystem will not be considered in the selection process. This is an equal opportunity volunteer position.

Click Here to Apply

Selection closes on September 12th, 12PM EST.

Development + Investor Relations Coming Soon!

After we've started the process for getting a Marketing Committee together we will begin the process for getting a Development and Investor Relations Committee together. If you're interested in that please stay tuned!

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22.08.2019 07:42

Hmm! Marking this with a comment so I can return after I think about it!

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22.08.2019 13:30

I will be interested in seeing how the two committees mentioned herein will approach their tasks. Marketing Steem is presently mostly undertaken by users posting, and on multiple occasions, including the one that brought me to Steem in May 2017, I have run across Steem posts mentioned on other platforms.

One of the problems for the marketing committee will be to overcome the persistent failure of rewards and positive engagement to keep users here. The retention of users on Steem is abysmal, and I expect it to decline shortly as even less rewards and positive engagement will be possible after HF21 halves author rewards directly, further taxes creators 10% more than being paid to the witnesses, to pay for SPS, and the modified rewards curve increases the weight of stake to extract rewards. Adding the downvote pool will but exacerbate the flagging that has all too often crushed new users accounts and chased them off.

None of these changes will improve retention.

Development and Investor Relations therefore will make or break Marketing, as attracting eyeballs is not enough to keep people onboard, as we have seen. Trying to convince experienced investors to buy Steem as an investment vehicle will be confounded by the rampant profiteering and extraction of rewards by extant whales, who almost completely prevent any value from inuring to the investment vehicle and thus creating capital gains, which is the ubiquitous pursuit of investors since time immemorial.

These will be fascinating challenges to see being undertaken. I do wish you all the very best success, because I hope with all my heart and soul to see Steem overcome these challenges and enable it to reach it's potential to change the world for the better.


22.08.2019 18:34

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23.08.2019 02:34

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