Meeting Minutes: 5 August 2019


Meeting Minutes

5 August 2019 — 1pm EDT

Call to order and general welcome.

Present: @aggroed @alexvan @bluefinstudios @eonwarped @shadowspub
Regrets: @guiltyparties @upheaver

Errors & Omission — previous minutes

It was noted the previous minutes incorrectly reported @aggroed as preparing the paperwork to change the name discrepancy.
The paper work was prepared by the lawyer to make the legal name Steem Foundation and signed by the officers of the foundation.

Old Business

The lawyer reported the filing for the name change has been approved and they will be proceeding with the filing for tax exempt status. @bluefinstudios reviewed the work submitted and saw no major issues.

@guiltyparties had left information in regards to the due diligence he had done on possible banks for the foundation. It was decided to defer discussion on banking until he was present.


Discussion was held in regards to forming subcommittees. We decided to form two committees initially — Marketing and Development — each of the committees would have five appointed members. This is only for an initial term to get the committees established. Going forward the members would be elected.


The Marketing Committee would work to attract businesses and communities to Steem. Their challenge would be to get Steem in front of them and showcase why Steem is the place for them to be established.

Their responsibilities are to include:

  • create and action a marketing plan
  • source vendors for promotional materials
  • oversee all promotions
  • organize conference representation

Development and Investor Relations

The Development committee serves two primary purposes: Raise money for the Steem Foundation and help bring in investors who are interested in funding projects on the Steem ecosystem.

Their responsibilities are to include:

  • develop fundraising plan and goals
  • develop fundraising budget
  • develop sponsorship package
  • establish relationship with sponsors
  • maintain donor database
  • attract and connect investors with Steem projects

Discussion was had to invite at least one member of the Steem Business Alliance to take part on the committees


A brief discussion was had on the form for a future election of the board. @eonwarped volunteered to create a document reflecting on the last election and lessons learned. 1

Next Week Tasks:

  1. will look at names for committees
  2. will look at notes on two committees and job descriptions
  3. have definitive job description for next meeting
  4. suggested to target having in place by August 27th

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