Meeting Minutes: 22/29 January 2020

Meeting Minutes

22/29 Jan 2020 - 4 pm EST

Call to order and general welcome.

22 Jan 2020 4 pm EST
Present: @shadowspub, @phage93, @guiltyparties, @inthenow, @transisto, @aggroed
Regrets: @alexvan, @snook

29 Jan 2020 4 pm EST
Present: @shadowspub, @phage93, @inthenow, @transisto, @aggroed, @alexvan
Regrets: @snook, @guiltyparties


  • Review progress being made on the website.
  • The main deliverable is to get the website finished in order for it to act as an information focal point.


  • @aggroed will bring together a marketing group from all over Steem. Once the marketing team is formed we will have a public meeting to collect more input from the Steem community.
  • Set up all social media accounts for the Steem Foundation is ongoing.


The next board meeting will take place on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at 4 pm EST

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Just to check, do you mean Wednesday 5 February (rather than Thursday 6 Feb) for the next meeting?

31.01.2020 00:30

Wednesday 5 February

sorry and thanks for catching it

31.01.2020 00:39

Thanks for confirming. I just wanted to check for the entry on the Steem News.

31.01.2020 00:42

Have been away for some time, but would be interested in joining marketing group from a business perspective.

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08.02.2020 20:10