Board of Directors Nominees: Biographies

We have processed our applications for the Board of Directors and are presenting the biographies of the eight (8) people who applied below. We would like to thank them for applying and for confirming their dedication and availability.

We did expect to receive far more applications than the eight (8) that were received but understand that due to the requisite time commitment and the lack of financial incentives to volunteer this is not always possible. Nonetheless we are very pleased to meet and get to know all those who applied and are happy to have several who served on the Interim Board who are re-applying. The diverse roster of applicants will ensure that we will have a healthy and productive Board of Directors going forward.

All applicants:

  • Work experience management level or above/equivalent AND/OR non-profit experience outside of the Steem Foundation.
  • Proficient in the Steem blockchain at high levels.
  • Organizational, leadership or non-profit experience.

No disqualifications due to blacklisting or similar.

Board of Directors Applicants

In alphabetical order.


Steem is the most powerful tool I've encountered to teach and spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. I think the foundation is in a unique position to champion this blockchain and help spread those values.

I've been a driving force behind the Foundation since it's inception. I dedicate hours to this community and know many people within it. I have helped build critical ecosystems and some of the most used Dapps in the ecosystem. I'm a consensus witness. I touch on product development, elected leadership, volunteerism, and business. I'd be proud to keep pushing this organization forward.

By training I'm a PhD chemist from Texas A&M University. I've been a professor of chemistry and followed tat by working in publishing. My education background helps me teach complicated concepts like blockchain in ways that are simple to understand.


I want to join, as I did got into the idea from the start. I think this is an opportunity for us to help Steem grow. There are some really motivated persons involved who helped Steem grow. From the past experience with this project, I think I understand what the priorities are.

I lived in 5 different countries till the moment and by living I mean a period longer than 6 months.

In all I acted as a volunteer for a bigger NGO where the main target was to raise funds for projects that involved setting up a library, renovating a hospital in eastern Europe or planting a forest for example. The work was done by the NGOs members.

I work in a management position in the automotive and defence industry.


I'm reapplying as I want to continue building what I started and see it develop into its full potential. There is still a whole lot of work to be done and I would like to be a part of it.

I served on the Interim Board of Directors and co-wrote the Merger proposal. I'm a former developer and decentralized venture leader but most of you know me as that guy who deals with phishing. For over 20 years I started and organized all types of decentralized projects and teams. I value freedom of speech and personal responsibility above all else.

I'm a longtime Steem witness and work primarily in counter-exploitation, gaming, onboarding and retention projects. My goal is to get results in a responsible and accountable manner without sacrificing the core values, vision, decentralization and anonymity of the Steem ecosystem. In my personal life I enjoy precious metal collecting and fishing and between those activities I try and find some time to renovate houses.


I want to join to do what I can to help Steem and it's respective communities.

I used to own and operate a marketing company for 7+ years until my Wife fell ill. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Army with an Honorable Discharge, and I am also part of the Veterans of Steemit Group and The Alliance. I've ran multiple contests on Steem, trying to help users get more involved with communities, and be more active on the platform.

As far as charity work, I started OLAAT on Steem, or OneLifeAtATime. OLAAT was started to help find missing children world wide. OLAAT was suspended due to lack of people willing to go the disatnce and help out where needed. We raised over $10k in funds. All funds raised were donated to another charity, @youarhope for transparency. I was a strong advocate for YouAreHope, and did what I could to help out while it was in operation.


I am an active user on the platform, I have already collaborated in the past and I still collaborate with many of the teams on this blockchain. In this moment, I am a curator for the Italian community, for the C2 communities and I am a general curator in Curie. I have excellent management and administrative skills, learned by working for a long time in analysis laboratories and in other sectors.

I'm used to be in a team, in fact I am also a member of the staff of the biggest Italian community, and I take care of the newbies, verifying their identity, explaining how the Steem blockchain and Steemit works, and helping them grow in the platform with tips and guides. I'm carrying out the Discovery-it manual curation project for almost a year with excellent results. In the past we have tried the editorial experience through a small magazine published on this blockchain.

I decided to undertake this experience within the Steem Foundation team, because I believe it can be an excellent starting point for our blockchain. In addition, I believe that the profitable exchange of ideas can be the best engine to motivate the restart of this platform.


I've been involved since the inception of the first working group. I continue to be interested in seeing the foundation grow into an organization benefiting the Steem platform.

ShadowsPub has been involved with the foundation since the inception of the first working group and continues to be interested in seeing the foundation grow into an organization benefiting the Steem platform.

During her three years on the platform she has worked to help others through manual curation, supporting projects particularly those helping new members, hosting shows in The Ramble discord like the monthly Witness Chats, the post promotion show Pimp Your Post Thursday and Curation Corner.

Offline she's been deeply involved in her community volunteering her time to build and support local organizations to benefit the community. Projects she's been involved in include cenotaph restoration, summer music in the square, annual community festival, annual Christmas hamper program for low income members of the community, local event communications, veterans programs and youth remembrance education.


I would like to join the Steem Foundation. I think it is imperative to have all types of Steemians covered in the foundation. I started on Steem with the 35 Sp delegation from Steemit Inc and now after over 2 years I am reaching 5000 Steem Power from just posting. I represent the normal real Steemians best you can.

I spent 2 years as the head of the quality control department and have a wealth of experience to apply prior to moving on to my dream job.

My dream job was working at my local Library. I worked at the front desk. I know how to handle people when they are very upset. I was in charge of the high school kids that worked there. I made sure they got their work done and they kept a positive attitude.

I am passionate about the Steem ecosystem and vlog, blog, stream on Steem. I am currently involved at the Founder level in a new App that will be revealed at a later date.


I am an investor in Steem with a long term vision. I want contribute my ideas and experience toward drafting a comprehensible and sustainable vision that we can unite around.

I have actively and constructively participated in community discussions over the years and have worked closely with developers to build both applications on the Steem blockchain and an application for the Steem blockchain. I am probably known best for the Likwid dapp and framework which brings promotional elements and Steem blockchain interaction together in an easy to understand manner. Prior to that I have provided a lot of support and development to the @devfund initiative and the @sadkitten reward pool protection project.

I am the CTO of a currency exchange software company and have served in a variety of roles on organizational bodies. I hope to bring that breadth of experience to the Steem Foundation.

Next Steps

We will discuss the next steps in a subsequent post. This post is only meant to introduce the applicants to the Steem community.

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21.11.2019 04:21

I like everyone listed here so far. Glad to see how this all turns out good job all.

21.11.2019 04:54

I'd like to thank everyone that has expressed a willingness to volunteer their time and work to this effort. I look forward to the rewards of that labor multiplying the benefits of the creations all Steemers contribute to Steem and our community.

So, to those that have done a yoeman's duty to get us here, those that seek to keep contributing, and those as wish to begin to do so in this alliance, thanks!

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Aggroed is just in everything.

Where does he find the time? lol

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I was thinking the same thing

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You don't need time if you have unlimited lubs.

22.11.2019 07:49

Many thanks to all the candidates who have volunteered their time and attention to the development of the Steem ecosystem. Decentralized communities have many moving parts and it is nice to see people with diverse skills applying for BOD positions.

21.11.2019 22:56