Welcome to our LID reporting for today Friday 16th October, 2020



Goodmorning and welcome to our LID reporting for today. Hope.you are doing fine. We want your voice to be heard. We are interested to know how life works in your area. Everywhere you look, there is something interesting going on. So through LID, we want to read and see what stuffs happen around you.

As a LID reporter, you are not restricted. Capture any interesting thing you see such as a beautiful flower, ocean, food, city traffic, a large market, shopping mall, lovely parks and gardens, city statues, schools and learning centers, an accident scene, natural phenomenon, etc. Whatever is happening around you, capture it and give us a LID report in the comment section of this post. We will be happy to look around the world through your camera lens. LID is fun and educating, why not give it a try.

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How to start

We prefer to start in the morning, although you are free to provide updates at whatever time you met this post. However, we will like to have the first LID reports to be something in the morning, from there, you are can hop in and drop other LID reports as the day runs down.

Start with a clear selfie of when you woke up or just you in the morning. So for each day, the first LID reports should be a morning selfie. Remember you must provide the Location, Date and time. Then as the day progresses, you are free to make 2,3 or more LID reports.

Engagement is what we want to achieve too through LID. So as much as you make your LID reports, also enjoy the reports of others by replying their comments and interacting with them. Remember, we want to make it fun, educating and informative.


The Rewards

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 has been supporting our community in a large way, we hope they will give upvotes to any interesting LID reports in the comment section.

Make at least 1 of 3 reports - morning, afternoon and evening, and engage with at least 2 other reports to win 0.5 Steem every day

We will send you 1 Steem if you are able to make up to 15 rich comments on other people's reports.

Community Suggestions and further

This is just a new project we developed from the live reporting we enjoy when we see the news in the media. We hope that more suggestions will flow in the coming days from all of you. We will think about the suggestions and implement the finest ones. We will mostly leave it up to you to decide what to report. But in some days, we might want you to cover a specific subject such as city traffic, weather, street report, Religious report, events and anniversaries, etc.

Support LID

There are many ways you can support LID. A kind upvote to our LID post each day is a fine way to begin. Outright donations of SBD, Steem or any other crypto is welcomed. You can join our curation trail or add @steemalive as a beneficiary of your posts. You can resteem our LID posts since we will make them each day.

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location : Awada Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria.
Date: 16/10/20
Time: 5:15am

Good morning dear Steemit. Am glad reporting this morning in good health and I knew your night was splendid and you have started this splendacious day in good health. Am here to report my LID this morning. There was no rain last night and this morning. After morning devotion, I spend sometime at home before going out. I promise to keep you updated at every moment. Do have a splendid day

twopercent #nigeria

16.10.2020 04:24

Good morning.
Hope the rain will you guys the chance to walk during the day without an umbrella.

16.10.2020 04:25

Goodmorning sir, congratulations on being the first LID reporter this morning. More wins

16.10.2020 04:32

Thank you ma, am trying to follow your footsteps by God grace. All thanks to you.

16.10.2020 08:42

Fastest fingers today. I'm glad you slept well. Have a fun filled day as you enjoy the day in good health of mind and body. Add me to your prayers too.


16.10.2020 04:38

Thanks, you are already in my prayers. Please have a nice day

16.10.2020 08:44

Hey... First reporter....
Good morning from here. Good to know you had a great night rest. There was rain here too..

It's nice hearing from you this morning do have a splendid day today..

16.10.2020 05:10

Good morning good to hear from you this morning. Please enjoy your day

16.10.2020 08:46

Good morning dear, i can really see you had a splendid night rest ,mine was good too,

The weather is same here though it rained yesterday evening ,

Seems you will have some free time today i guess, hearing you wont be leaving for work early ,

I hope to hear from you again, stay safe

16.10.2020 05:14

Thank you, lt sounds good to hear from you again. Please baby girl enjoy your day

16.10.2020 08:51

Good morning @eberechi10 for reporting, nice seeing your face on the LID report of today. Good of you taking the lead today, do have a blissful day, bye.

16.10.2020 05:57

Thanks but it's by His grace. Good bro see you this morning. Please enjoy your day

16.10.2020 08:53

Have a great day sir.

16.10.2020 08:30

And you too

16.10.2020 08:54

You are the first lid reporter for the day, and that's so great. I will try my best to make the top spot on the next lid reports. I wish you a nice Day.

16.10.2020 10:40

Thanks. The Lord is your strength . please enjoy your day

16.10.2020 13:27

Location : Ikot Anthem Road, Mbiabong Uyo Akwaibom State Nigeria
Date: 16/10/2020
Greetings and welcome to my LID for today. Trust your night was awesome? Mine was too.
About the weather, it rained yesterday from 1:55pm till around 4pm. It didn't rain last night but the weather was cool I will bring you reports about it.
About me, I woke up by 4am and did my morning worship. I am still arranging other things but more updates will come later.
About my surroundings, everywhere is calm and quiet, everyone here minds his or her business. People are getting ready to go out for the days activities. More updates will come later.
Thank you for reading this lid reporting from me.
Stay tuned, for further updates.

16.10.2020 04:26

Good morning @ngoenyi
had a great night, just waiting for breakfast lol

Abi I hope na Tom brown for breakfast

16.10.2020 04:29

Smiles, Goodmorning sir. How was your night?
Let's watch and see

16.10.2020 04:31

had a great nite, yeah waiting lol

16.10.2020 06:58

It nice seeing you and reading you report once again. You're having a friendly weather our there. I am excepting to read more reports from you as the day proceeds Please have a wonderful day my dear

16.10.2020 04:32

Good morning ma.
The rain must have brought cold w
Weather to keep you all cool.

I also live in an environment that people mind their business. Nobody cares about what you're doing unless you are being attacked.


16.10.2020 04:40

Good morning ma, its good to know you slept well, the rainy season is becoming more serious now, it rains here almost everyday and did yesterday too, though didnt rain at night till this morning,

Weldone as you go about your activities, hope to hear from you again

16.10.2020 05:23

Thanks reporting @ngoenyi is like the cool night weather affected almost all the regions, you did well updating us . Do have a great day, bye.

16.10.2020 06:00

Good morning ma'am have a nice day

16.10.2020 07:48

Sounds like you have a nice environment ma

16.10.2020 08:31


Good morning.....
I thank God for the gift of life, last night was good and I believe you all had a great night as well.

Is still an early morning, the weather is cool. For some days now we haven't seen any rain.

I hope not to any time soon.

I will be going out later in the day
I hope to achieve my goals for today.

See you soon.

Location : asa road
Time : 5:29am
Date : 16/10/2020

16.10.2020 04:31

Good morning my dear, good to see you this morning. You're having a wonderful weather out there. Excepting to read more of your reports today

16.10.2020 04:35

Surprise to hear you say you have not seen rain for some days when it rains here almost everyday i guess we stay in the same city, though it could be true as it makes me reflect my memory to the lesson given to us years back on types of rain where you have frontal rainfall , conventional and one other, so you can now determine which of it that happens here

16.10.2020 05:29

In my area in particular not in the whole city
Thanks for your time

17.10.2020 20:29

Good morning @marydexplorer, almost that the cold weather affected everyone this morning, nice seeing your report have a wonderful day, bye.

16.10.2020 06:07

Pls where will you be this afternoon...

Its a promising day though..
Have a blast

16.10.2020 06:59

Yeah, your face can show you still feel as to go back to sleep lol.
Good morning, had a great night thanks.
Hope you achieve your goals for today, Just start one after another.

16.10.2020 07:03


17.10.2020 20:28


16.10.2020 04:32

Good to see you awake,the night was cool here aswell and that made my sleep powerful,

Nice plans you have for the day, i will be writting two diary posts today too because i was not able to do that earlier,

Hope your recruites gets engaged and enjoys the fun here on steemit,

Stay safe

16.10.2020 05:19

Of course they would. I'm already organizing strategies to retain them. One out of my numerous strategies must work.


16.10.2020 06:28

Nice report @beckie96830, enjoy the rest of your day.

16.10.2020 06:05

Thank you. And you too

16.10.2020 06:30

That smile on your face, today is definitely a bright day for you.
Good morning

16.10.2020 07:00

That smile on your face,
Today is definitely
A bright day for you.

                 - fombae

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

16.10.2020 07:00

That great dear.

16.10.2020 08:32


Location: Umuana UmuahiaNorth LGA Abia State Nigeria.

Date:16th October, 2020.

Good morning friends, this is @davchi reporting
Hope we had a great night rest. For this morning, the weather over here looks very friendly and a bit breezy and cool, there are some motorist out there at there in my street going out for work, was a few passersby. I'll be engaging today in an outdoor activity. Enjoy the rest of your day as i bring to you the rest of my LID report, bye.

16.10.2020 04:45

Seems you live close to the main road knowing all those activities going on outside because me i hardly hear the sound of vehicles from here , the weather is indeed friendly and i am happy to see your face this morning

16.10.2020 05:32

Thanks @dlioness really my house is just half the distance of an electric pole from the tar road, do have a chuffed day, bye.

16.10.2020 05:54

I love this your mafian suit though...
Today will be amazing

16.10.2020 06:56

Motorist this early, wow.
Good morning, outdoor activities like? keep me posted

16.10.2020 07:06

Nwaniba road Uyo Akwa Ibom state Nigeria

Good morning dear steemites, hope you all had a great night? I sure did. I woke some minutes past 3 and couldn't sleep again so i decided to use that time to participate in the diary game of my day yesterday. Please check it out here: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@mexacliff/the-dairy-game-thursday-october-15-2020

The day is bright and promising. We are planning on a general sanitation in school this morning. After that, I will be going to "weep with those who weep" like the Bible says as a colleague buries her father. The resurrection hope is what cleans our eyes in times like this.

Do have a beautiful day ahead.

16.10.2020 05:06

Good morning @mexacliff... Have a great day

16.10.2020 06:08

@preciousdiamond have a great day too

16.10.2020 07:51

Nice reporting @mexacliff you must be a good preacher guess. Stay safe and have a blissful day ahead.

16.10.2020 06:11

My dear, @davchi preaching is part of Christianity

16.10.2020 07:49

Next time when you can't sleep, drink some water.
Good morning, how are you doing this morning?
Will find time to read your diary game later within the day.

16.10.2020 07:08

Thanks so much for the advice . I appreciate

16.10.2020 16:32


Location:umuojima in Aba Abia state,Nigeria


Date: 16-10-2020

Greetings all , hope your night was awesome, mine was  good  and favourable ,the weather was cool  though it didn't rain throughout the night except for the one that rained yesterday evening, I can't predict  if it will rain today or not  because it now rains almost everyday especially during the evening time

I just woke up from sleep,after the LID report, I will be saying my prayers and attending to somethings in the house later in the day I will going to market from there to our rehearsal  venue

stay safe  as I bring to you more updates

16.10.2020 05:07

Greetings @dlioness, precisely I had a good night rest, just like here is still cold. Do have a chuffed day ahead, bye.

16.10.2020 06:12

Biko it shouldnt rain today oooo

16.10.2020 07:01

Good morning, we are in the raining season, and we are soon getting into the dry season.
let the rating do it job lol. Hope your visit to the market will end up with a great dinner this evening lol

16.10.2020 07:11

Location =====koka ibusa road Asaba delta state.
Date==== friday 16th oct.2020
Good morning friends welcome to my LID report,how was the night ?
My night here was cold,cause it rained in last night.
But don't looks like is going to rain this morning.
I work up by 6:15am i went outside to take those pictures cause it was till dark inside .
I have been down for days now, but i thank God i wokeup strong this morning. so today i won't be going to work i will prepare breakfast and rest till 4:pm that i will be going for treatment.
Hope everyone of you is doing well?
Have a bless day?
Stay safe.

onepercent #nigeria # betterlife.

16.10.2020 05:29

Nice reporting @pricelesspresh do have a Wonder day ahead.

16.10.2020 06:13

@davchi thanks for your comment how was your night?
Due have a nice day.

16.10.2020 07:42

@pricelesspresh, so sorry about your I'll health. But I hope you are really responding to treatment.
Please do take care of yourself and have a lovely day ahead.
Best regards from @talktofaith



16.10.2020 06:39

@talktofaith yes i woke up stronger this morning hope your night was fine.
Thanks for your comment.

16.10.2020 07:45

Yeah my night was beautiful

16.10.2020 08:16

Location: Olambe Ogun state Nigaria
Date: 16th October 2020

Good morning everyone hope you all had a wonderful night rest. I slept well today. The weather is just normal not cold.
I woke up by 5:40 today and I headed straight to the mosque to observe the morning sulat. When I got back home I saw that the lid post has been updated so I joined.
It didn't rain last night and it's not raining now.
Would be having a tough day at work today. But will keep you updated stay tuned

16.10.2020 05:32

Thanks for your report @vhenom the weather over here is cold but your's is quite different , probably because you're in the north that's great. Do have a wonderful day ,bye.

16.10.2020 06:16

@vhenom, good morning to you too.
I can relate the aspect of having a tough day on Fridays. Fridays are always days to account for the week so Fay in the office, but meanwhile take care of yourself.
Best regards from @talktofaith



16.10.2020 06:36


Location: Agbontaen street off Adolor college road, Benin city, Nigeria.
Time: 7:05am

Hello everyone and Good morning. I'm super excited to report my very first LID today.
I had a wonderful night last night because it rained a lot and I always enjoy a cool night. I hope you guys had a good night too.
Right now I'm so hungry but i just had to drop this post before having my breakfast.
I look forward to a wonderful day and do look forward to more LIDS from me.
Thank you all for reading my post

16.10.2020 06:04

@praciousdiamond, it's nice having you around for the first time.
I also enjoy it a lot whenever it rains in the night.
The sleep use to be very sweet then.
I look forward to more of your reports this morning.
Best regards from @talktofaith



16.10.2020 06:32

Thanks @ talktofaith

16.10.2020 07:49

Good morning, I see it was a whole Nigeria rain last nite. Had a cold night here with no rains.
That breakfast ooooh, me I'm interested.

16.10.2020 07:14

Lol... I'll definitely keep some for you 😁

16.10.2020 07:51

Me on walkout

Hello guys, welcome to my LID report for today...
I woke up by past 5am and went on walkout.

people going to work

It was still a little bit dark when I left. The road was already busy as different people are trying to catch up with one appointment or the other.

Me trying to catch some breath after the walkout

Time: 7:26am
Location : Iju Ishaga Lagos
Date: 16th/10/2020.
Please stay tuned for more reports.
Best regards from @talktofaith

16.10.2020 06:27

Nawa ooooo
See wahala for who no dey lagos oooo

16.10.2020 07:00

@godbest, lol.
You can join if you don't mind.

16.10.2020 08:24

That smile. keep up.
Good morning, passed and signal me to tomorrow let go for the walk together

16.10.2020 07:18

@fombae, alright.
Will notify you.
Just tell me your street.
Thanks for commenting

16.10.2020 08:17

Mile three, Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon

16.10.2020 08:43

Hanty cross border and come to Nigeria, if you are interested....
When you get to Lagos, you let me know.

16.10.2020 08:46

Was hoping you will be thinking of coming to Cameroon
Bamendsis a cool city

16.10.2020 08:53


Location : imaculate Aba, abia state
Time : 7:49am
Date: 16th of september..

I woke up this morning healthy. It was a lovely night because i experienced peace.
I am launching out today with joy of the holy ghost.. Do have a good day.

two percent # nigeria

16.10.2020 06:54


Location: First Off License, Ndamukong, Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon.
Date: 16-10-2020
Local time: 7:43 am

Good morning friends, It a sunny morning.
Just got to the office, and about going thru my to-do list for today.
It going to be a long day for me but will keep you updated.

16.10.2020 06:58

Location : Road Banda Aceh-Medan, Dewantara, Aceh, Indonesia
Date: 16 October 2020
Time : 05.30 Western Indonesia Time


Teach students how to install the google classroom app on their android. The class I teach is the sixth grade of elementary school to make it easier to carry out online learning. In the middle of very hot weather. Finally, I was able to complete the assignment given by the principal in thirty minutes.



16.10.2020 07:03

Location: No 18 Otutubiosun street Akure Ondo state Nigeria.
Date: 16/10/2020.
Time: 9:24 AM.
Good morning guys, my night was great and am having a great day.
I am cooking beans for breakfast. I have a very busy day, i have to go to work, and read for my upcoming exam next month.
I am going to have a goood day, you should too.
I will keep you guys updated. Bye for now.

twopercent #nigeria


16.10.2020 08:29

Nice... You're so lucky, your school has resumed
Mine is till next year

16.10.2020 18:19

Hello guys,my Lid report for today.
I am currently at my workplace, 161 school road aba,abia state, Nigeria.
It's 11:29am as at the time of writing this report.

The area is very cool and slow, he had a slow start to the day but I think we gonna get busy soon cause it's a Friday.

I took this picture while on my way out and I couldn't help but wonder why the driver will operate with such a bad gear box. I am gald we got to our Destination without any problems.

I will keep the updates coming in soon. Have a nice time you all😁🏋️.

16.10.2020 10:32

hahahahaha only that driver knows what he is doing to move that car lol

16.10.2020 17:34

I was struck but I guess he knows what he is doing.

16.10.2020 18:02


16.10.2020 18:29

Hello guys, my LID report for today,


This photo is inspired by my love for chocolate, I started having a huge craving for cakes after watching "chopped" on food channel today 🤤 so I went nadia bakery opposite Uniben main gate to get pastries. I saw so many wonderful flavors there too and I was so tempted to get them, but My Love for Chocolate helped me conquer the temptation of long throat😅

16.10.2020 14:33

Cake oooooooh.
You finally did not invite me for the breakfast. Eat your cake alone this time lol

16.10.2020 17:32

Lol... I'm so sorry I completely forget
I had already started eating the cake sef before I remembered to take a picture😅
I'll definitely interested you next time... Promise

16.10.2020 18:06

Hey guys, another LID from me


I took this picture on my way back from a friend's place... The sunset is so beautiful I couldn't resist it💓

nature #lovenature

16.10.2020 18:02