SteemAlive Presents: "What is in a name" Contest winners. Congratulations!!!!



We are thrilled to announce winners of the "What is in a name" Contest. 1 week ago, we asked you to The meaning of your native name and your choice native name for your kids. We got entries from users in many countries and we are to discover lots of native names full of maening.

We appreciate the number of participants and engagements in this contest. We believe we can do better in our next contest.


The winners

These were the entries that we had - a total of 30.
Username Prize Position
@beckie96830 1.5 Steem 1st
@koladammy 1.5 Steem 2nd
@iamdanny 1.5 Steem 3rd
@bright-obias 1.5 Steem 4th
@craxywriter 1.5 Steem 5th
@samuel20 1.5 Steem 6th
@ngoenyi 1.5 Steem 7th
@dlioness 1.5 Steem 8th
@doppley 1.5 Steem 9th
@alegnita 1.5 Steem 10th
@sambee 1 Steem 11th
@davchi 1 Steem 12th
@genomil 1 Steem 13th
@chirich 1 Steem 14th
@haidermehdi 1 Steem 15th
@sharrifanamin 1 Steem 16th
@talktofaith 1 Steem 17th
@whitestallion 1 Steem 18th
@marydexplorer 1 Steem 19th
@rosanita 1 Steem 20th
@benton3 1 Steem 21th
@godsbest 1 Steem 22th
@sacra97 1 Steem 23th
@jehoshua-shey 1 Steem 24th
@fredkese 1 Steem 25th
@mesonia 1 Steem 26th
@svm038 1 Steem 27th
@crissach 1 Steem 28th
@ayoyemi 1 Steem 29th
@fundacorazon 1 Steem 30th

Congratulations to all the winners. We thank you all for participating in this contest.
Your prizes will be sent after now.

Our next contest is entitled: Heal the World! Click here to make your entry.

Once again, we thank the following users for their continued support. We are grateful:

A big thanks to @njiatanga for generating winners data.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive



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Congratulations to me and all the winners! Thank you so much @steemalive for always keeping your members busy through various contests. Our interest is truly in your mind. I appreciate it that I am among the winners.

30.09.2020 06:06

@ngoenyi. Thank you for your support. Our next contest is live.

30.09.2020 06:13

Am really grateful coming 12/30 special thanks sir @focusnow for really deaming it fit, enlisting me as one of the winners.

30.09.2020 06:11

@davchi. We are happy you won. Wish you the best in our next contest.

30.09.2020 06:14

Congratulations to usssss...
Thank you @steemalive.

30.09.2020 07:24

Congratulations to everyone......

30.09.2020 07:44

Congratulations to our latest winners. Just keeping wining guys, you all are so amazing. Much love from #steemalive to you all.

30.09.2020 08:23

I congratulate all the winners.. more wins to come

30.09.2020 11:58

Thank you very kind for the award I loved the theme, our names are important @steemalive. Congratulations to the participants. Congratulations to me and all the winners.

Gracias muy amables por el premio me encantó el tema, nuestros nombres son importantes @steemalive. Felicitaciones a los participantes y los ganadores.

01.10.2020 01:50

I love the way of your price distributing

01.10.2020 04:41