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SteemAlive Presents: Local Business Review Part 2. Include a Bread shop. Contest Prize: 42 Steem



Last week, we did our Business review contest and it was really amazing. We had great entries from different participants and we were able to see many local businesses in various cities and towns. We so much enjoyed that contest and we decided to do another business review this week.


This Week's Contest: Local Business Review Part 2

This is another great opportunity to show us businesses in your local environment. There are too many of them, so we want to see you feature any local businesses of choice and help us see their products and services. In this contest though, we want you to feature a bread shop as one of the businesses.

What you need to do

Feature each local business in one post. You are to write as many posts as you can. The more businesses and posts you publish, the better. One of the businesses you must include is a bread shop.

  • Name of the business or the type of products they deal on
  • Address of the business. (Must include what3words coordinates)
  • Explain at least 2 products sold by the business. Their name price, images, other things, etc. If you feature more than 2 products, its a big bonus

For the bread shop review, include the following:

  • Review at least 2 different brands of bread
  • Name of the bread, address of the maker, active ingredients of the bread, price of each featured bread in Naira and Steem (1 Steem = #210), also tell us your favorite bread, etc.


The rules

  1. Make sure you are a verified member of SteemAlive.
  2. You should be at least in club5050 is you are more than 2 weeks old on this platform.
  3. Make sure you have at least one all4one post in the last 7 days.
  4. The Title of your article should be: "Local Business Review Part 2- Learn about (Name of business)(City)". Example, Local Business Review - Learn about Lady Rose Restaurant, Uyo Nigeria
  5. The minimum length of each article is 300 words.
  6. Each time you make an entry, drop the link here,
  7. Subscribed

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