SteemAlive Presents: Announce and Win Contest. We are approaching 5000 Subscribers. Be the first to Announce it, Win 15 Steem!



We are happy to present to you our first very "Announce and Win" Contest!!! Each Monday, SteemAlive hosts its weekly contest and today is no different. However, this would be our simplest contest so far. Our community keeps on growing and making progress in various areas. One area we are doing well is the growth in the number of our subscribers. If you check the image below, you will notice we currently have 4,909 subscribers.


We are very grateful to everyone that made this a reality, especially the city Coordinators that promote Steemit and SteemAlive in the cities where they live.


The contest - Announce and Win!

So this contest is very simple. We want you to monitor our subscribers number and be the first to announce that we have hit 5000 subscribers. The first person to announce that we have gotten to that number win the prize for this contest.

The Contest is a kind of winner takes it all. There is no second position. The first to notice that we reached the 5000 mark will take away the whole contest Prize. So we want you to monitor and be the first to win


How to Join the Contest

Participants would be required to make 2 comments.

  1. Make a comment now on this post and tell us how you discovered SteemAlive Community. In your comment, include at least one way you have benefited by being a member of SteemALive.
  2. The second comment would be when SteemAlive gets to 5000 Subscribers, be the first to announce it under this post.


The rules

  1. You must Subscribe
  2. You must follow @steemalive account.


The Contest Prize - 15 Steem

In this contest, the winner takes it all. The first to announce in a comment under this post exactly when we reach 5000 subscribers takes home the ultimate prize of 15 Steem.
This contest is open until SteemAlive community hits 5000 subscribers.


Support this contest.

Send us SBD, Tron or Steem to support this contest. You can also give a valuable vote or resteem the post



Comments 43

This is really good news. @steemalive has been on a steady growth due to its stylish way of keeping the community engaged actively in contests. They deserve this healthy growth.

05.07.2021 09:15

It looks like you are winning

05.07.2021 19:23

Never can tell... There's still time for competition 🙂

06.07.2021 06:02

I discovered steemalive community when I join Steemit platform, steemalive is part of me, they made me who I am on today on this platform.

Talking about the benefits, it numerous, from helping me with my Introduction post, supporting me and with the countless lectures. The community has been there for me whenever I needed help and support.

The admin, city coordinator, every members of this community has help me grow.

All I have to say is a big thank and congratulations on advance getting to 5k subscribers ♥️♥️

05.07.2021 09:24

Woow beautiful contest. I met steemalive through my city cordinator. She sleeps talking about steemit on her whatsapp status until one day I decided to join. Then she asked to me join steemalive during my registration.

I've benefited from steemalive especially through their mentorship and training outlets. The leaders have been very supportive so far. For this am grateful.

05.07.2021 09:29

How I discovered steemalive
I discovered steemalive immediately I joined steemit through my boss @focusnow. Apart from newcomers community,,,,,,, steemalive was the first community I discovered and joined here on steemit.

One way I've benefited from steemalive
I've benefited from steemalive in different ways one of which is the LID report.
It pays every week without much stress. Most of us don't know it.

05.07.2021 09:38

I discovered steemalive through @ngoenyi, she told what the community is about and I subscribe to it and it have magnificent and with the lid report that has turn mt to paparazzi, is good. The lecture I receive on telegram is something helpful though I am yet to benefit from it apart from contest but outside that, I am glad that I am part of the family and in the vein, I acknowledge @focusnow as head of the table. For the 500k subscribers, we are almost there and we will go beyond that.

05.07.2021 10:23

Great contest.
Thanks for always🤗

I discovered @steemalive when I joined steemit in April through my friend @Analee.

And this has really been of great benefit to me.

Steemalive has been of great benefit to me through the weekly lectures,daily diary posts.
The leaders has also been so supportive and encouraging...Kudos

05.07.2021 10:26

Thank God for a wonderful contest like this filled with joy,lol
SteemAlive has really helped me in being alert and knowing things going on in my area,actually i discover steemit from my close friend @ruggedangel i was thinking it was a scam on till i see prove and many things that made be belive it real and i can invest all i have now without having double mind,i so much love this plateform and i will try my best to see us moving forward.

05.07.2021 10:55

Wow!!! This is a good and perfect contest and I am very sure to take home with this prize.its quite Amazing.

I Discovered @steemalive from my friend @tenguhatanga some few months ago. I noticed one day in class that she is so glued to her phone so I decided to ask and she gave me all the interesting as it was, I decided to join. I thank God everything is going on so cool. I am anticipating that in about one month @steemalive will attain 5000 subscribers. More wins to @steemalive.

05.07.2021 11:20

This is a cools contest and i want to say congratulations to @steemAkive for the success so far

I got the know about steemit last same time from my brother @njiatanga during my grandpa'sfuneral but I didn't take it seriously thinking it was this social media platforms that sells products. I hate those companies because of how they deceive people with fake products but I spoke tohim about it in September last year when I didn't see him posting products because I know his quality. Then I got to know about steemit and steemAlive. Ever since then I don't regret my decision because I feel happy and comfortable. There were so many things I didn't know about the digital world and would always get intimidated by my colleagues but with steemAlive no one can try that. I learned a that from the leaders with my brother inclusive, they are so amazing. Leaders you are always eager to learn from and if you stay one day away from steemit its ike you're lost in the world.

With the fast growth of steemAlive I predict by the end of this month subscriptions should be 5000 subscribers.

With this I say thank you steemAlive

twopercent #cameroon

05.07.2021 11:28

I thank God for this beautiful contest

I discovered steemalive from my friends @bihnadine, @tenguhatanga when I heard them speak so I got interested and ask what they mean by steemalive. They took time and told me that is a community on steemit. Before I further ask what Steem is all about.

For the benefits I have gotten at lot from here such as money, and it has made me to be very consurse about everything I do. like taking pictures every time just to keep my favorite community in touch with what is happening around me.

I predict that steemalive will reach 5000 subscriber before the end of this month. More of such contest

twopercent #cameroon

05.07.2021 11:56

This is super exciting.
I discovered @steemalive through the two people who introduced me to @steemit the same day I joined steemit. They are @peachyladiva and @charis20.
I have benefited from @steemalive majorly from my daily Lid report and from last week contest. "My top 10 Mobile App"
I also made new friends through @steemalive and I cherish the friendship that was made possible through @steemalive.

05.07.2021 12:33

More wins dear

05.07.2021 13:03


One adage says any successful man a serious and eager woman is behind it, it is also, when revise, so what I am saying is SteemAlive, steemit is moving well because you leaders are doing well or to say you are doing your best, you people should keep it up, for example this young man call Charles @focusnow help me well,


How I know steemit

When I said @focusnow help me well I mean he is the one that introduce me to steemit not only to introduce me, he has been helping me all around, that is what i mean by that adage, as he is doing well like that i can't go back, i will like to win that price, with Jehovah's help, let's see,

Plans for this week

To do well in every thing i will do, that is to rely in Jehovah's strainth may Jehovah help, protect, and provide us with his spirit, i may travel to Owerri imo state, and akwa ibom state, all in Nigeria, i will also do my normal business electronics, and farm work, may you always check for my update on my diary, and SteemAlive. etc

05.07.2021 12:52

Wow this is very nice Congrats to steemalive.

I got to know about steemalive through my brother @basky14. He told me a lot about steemalive how I can be earning every week which I paid for the support although am still looking forward to earn from steemalive.

05.07.2021 12:59

This is a very interesting contest, filled with much suspense and I'm very happy to participate.
Well, I found steemalive when I asked my friend @okoyejoshua about communities with mostly africans, because all the obvious African communities weren't very active.

I have benefitted since then after joining steemalive, by getting to meet Africans, not just Africans, my fellow Nigerians on Steem. I've also made new friends within my age grade and I hope to become an active member of this community.

05.07.2021 15:35

I discovered the steemalive community when i first joined steemit platform. Fortunately it was one of the first communities i was asked to join by my menthor @giftye. Steemalive community has contributed majorly to my wonderful experience in steemit. There are so many things I've learnt by being on this platform,and I'm not shy to say i love this platform. This platfrom deserves its 5k subscribers and more,steemalive is worth it. Their post,contest,are so legit. Words arenot enough to desribe my love for this platform. Whoever thought of creating this community has impacted a generation.

I congratulate this community in advance on reaching its 5k subscribers and more🥰🥰🥰

05.07.2021 17:13

Nice contest.
Thanks for always supporting every member of the community.

I discovered @steemalive through @utibeoeffiongart , this was one of the communities he recommended.

And I have been enjoying the community since then, I am very grateful to @ngoenyi for always supporting this community. Always giving me solutions to any problem I encountered on the platform. I even disturbed her with calls. Thanks mma for always being ready to help me out, God bless you.

She also organize weekly lectures on telegram and zoom.

@Steemalive has the best leaders .
I will participate in the contest.

05.07.2021 17:22

This contest made me remember my friend. I have not seen him for long. @njiatanga. He introduced me to steemit and steemalive.

Steemalive has increased my observation level. I greatly appreciate the admins and curators for their support in making me grow.

05.07.2021 20:26

Wow what a great contest thank you @steemalive ...

I discovered steemalive true my friend @solar star ,who introduced me on this platform and ever since then I have been part of the steemit members and I have benefited a lot from steemit ,I receive so many rewards or lead reports and to all contents , all contest in different community , I'm so happy to see this contest and I know that steemalive is approaching to 5000 members within some weeks we will reach our target ,I will give you all update when the number is done ..😂😂

05.07.2021 20:59

Thanks to #steemalive for this awesome contest. #steemit has help improve my life through @focus who assisted me in everything concerning steemit. This platform have gave me benefit that i can tell, from the time i start my introduction post down to this contest. It has made me to have the knowledge of Blockchain. Also thanks foes to @samuel20 who is now my teacher in steemit. I know that steemalive community will continue growing to 5000 subscriber and also have new change.

05.07.2021 21:43

Hello fellow steemians I appreciate this contest and said thank you @steemalive community for organizing this.

I come to know about steemalive through a brother and friend Mr Charles Okechukwu Okeke @focusnow.
He did this when we were chatting one on one at his house.

One thing among all other things I have gained or benefited is that I have come to know about how people with different works of life view matters through their knowledge.

06.07.2021 03:14

What a nice contest, I discovered Steem alive through@ngoenyi. And am enjoying my stay in Steem alive if not for anything, the daily lid report which helps me to be alert about what is happening around me and report it was in lid. Am not regretting my stay here.

06.07.2021 06:45

Hello fellow steemalive members, I am @kyara2 and I got to know about this community last month when I had just joined steemit. I was exploring communities when I saw it and subscribed. I passed through it’s content to see what am supposed to post on this community.
I thank God I have been luck enough ever since I subscribed. I have taken part in some contests and I have been able to win steem twice now. The first time was when I participated in the top 5 inventions of all time. And the second was the previous one about the 10mobile apps I most use and why I prefer them. Thanks very much @steemalive and @uzoma24 because I always follow you up to see what next.

06.07.2021 07:17

@kyara2 you are doing well

07.07.2021 05:25

Greater height for #steemalive community I pray🙏

I discovered steemalive community with the help of my able mentor @kingcent.
Ever since then I've benefited a lot from the community; love and support I've gotten, these and many more just to mention a few

06.07.2021 08:31

Good morning everyone, today is a good day.This is a nice contest,qm glad to be a participant.
I got to know about steemalive by precious with the username@ladyofpolicy.I am so happy she introduced me to steemalive.steemalive has been of great help to me,it has made me maximize my potential of writing which i didn't know I had.
I am greaful to steamalive community

06.07.2021 11:22

I'm happy to join this context, it's a good idea for us to express how we came in contact with this Noble platform, steemAlife.
To me, joining steemAlife is a gift from God, because I heard about steemAlife last year October 2020 on the radio 99:1 Fm in Aba, to be precise on the 10:10:2020. They were asking people to come and join.

To write original contents post and be paid in dollars. They said the meeting will hold at No 5 St Michaels Road,Aba. I became interested but on a second thought I said no these people could be scammers, how can someone just write something, post and earn in dollars, they even said registration was free. So I didn't go again.

On the 15:05:2021, I suddenly tuned my radio the same Real Fm 99:1 and heard the same people talking about write post and earn. I picked interest, this time around they said they have office at No208 Azikiwe Road by East Street, Aba. I decided to come and see what it's all about.

As I came that day Saturday 16th :05:2021. They thought us how it works and I saw some people, what they have posted and how much they have earned, I decided to give it a try. I joined on the 27:05:2021, since then I have written many articles and posted, at the ending of June, 2021 I had an alert to proof it's real, that one can write post and earn in steemAlife platform.
I also have been telling people about steemAlife. Many will soon join through me

steemAlife has given me lots of benefits.
It has awoken my writing prowess.
I have met many good people who are also steemians, doing well.
I'm now very conscious of my environment
steemAlife has made me an impromptu reporter, like you know we write to report happenings where ever we are on daily Lid reports.
I can now write and context with people within and outside the country.
In short, steemAlife is an eye opener.
It has even enlisted me in the digital currency market where the whole world is going to now.

The benefits are so many I may not enumerate all here right now.

I'm most thankful to our Boss, Mr Charles Okeke @focusnow, he is a good man. Despite his busy schedule, he will still listen to us the beginners to direct, correct and help in the area needed.

The same way, my thankfulness goes to @samuel20, and@ ninapenda, like our big Boss both of them are ever ready to help in any area you find the work difficult, they all are masters in steemAlife platform. And they're helping others to grow.

Thanks everyone I'm greetful to be here.

07.07.2021 12:58

Amazing on your toe contest.
I got to know about steemalive community this year march when I joined. My city coordinator @ceendy20 was adamant that it be one of the communities I subscribe to and was always telling me to go check my steemalive community group and participate in as much contests and activities here as I can.
SteemAlive had really helped my steemit journey. It was the first community to teach me some of the pros and cons of steemit..what to do,how to do it, contest tags and all that. I've also made some friends from steemalive. I'm really excited about this contest. May the first man win!!!

07.07.2021 14:40

All thanks to steemalive for being friendly to all its members. The contest is a cool one.

I am marajah, i came to know steemit in the year 2016 through a good friend of mine, who is now my mentor and one of our countries representative here in Nigeria by the name @focusnow. But i was unable to join thinking it gonna be waste of time. In addition to my doubt, a friend of mine got registered, but later dropped. So i was like, had it been the so called social media earning platform is real, my friend wouldn't have quit.
But to my greatest surprise, @fousnow didn't give up on me. From time to time, he will call to incite me to action.

Lastly, on October last year, i decided to register. And right now, i can proudly boast of steemit for its goodness in my life. I have learn how to cook varieties of food, learn and understand criptocurrency, and even physical cash. In fact, Steemit is the best social media.

07.07.2021 23:11

I got to know about Steem alive through @.ngoenyi, she introduced Steem alive to me. And it's a wonderful place to stay.

09.07.2021 06:42

Hello everyone,this is really an interesting contest.

Well I discovered @steemalive community sometime in march which was on the day I joined steemit through my good friend @kadosh2340,well it wasn't an easy beginning as my friend will always chat me up to start up with steemit but I don't pay attention because I do think its one those ponzi,so on a fateful day he visited me at my working place and gave me full details and trust me it was captivating because I love writing and that was how I get to know steemit and the moment I joined steemit,he told me so many beautiful things about @steemalive and he also tagged it "my foundation" in steemit and because of all he told me I joined @steemalive without wasting time and I channeled all my effort in writing to this awesome community and I must confess its been a wow!!!!!

How @steemalive has been beneficial to me.....

Talking about what how I've benefitted from @steemalive,well I must say that 80% of the things I've gotten in steemit comes from steemalive.

Indeed @steemalive is the best community so far that everyone in steemit should subscribe to.

My sincere gratitude goes to @focusnow and @ngoenyi for their endless sacrifices towards this community.

I love you all.

10.07.2021 06:16

Hello steemians. This is a great contest. Although the suspense and tension is quite high but that makes it all the more interesting. I discovered @steemalive community few days after I registered on steemit platform from my friend @beewrites. She advised that I join the community which I did immediately and I've never had a reason to regret it.
I must say, @steemalive under the leadership of @focusnow has helped me. Especially through their frequent lectures. Now I know and can explain to someone how the voting system works, how the curation trail works and a few other things including tips on how to grow my steempower which I've been putting into practice and it's been working so far.
Thanks @steemalive and @focusnow .

10.07.2021 16:14

This is a great contest, now I am in expectation at this moment I just saw the publication of the friend @utyalves and because of my curiosity I enter, that's how I got to know this community and I find this contest, it seems great to me I will be pending when there is little left for the 5000 subscribers.

11.07.2021 16:32

I am excited to be the first person to see this, I came online and I saw this.

Congratulations to Steemalive for reaching 5k subscribers


14.07.2021 14:00

Congrats dear. I was keenly waiting to see it first but am really late

14.07.2021 21:25

Hurray!!! Steemalive just hit 5000 subscribers.

More success to steemalive community.

To the notice of:

14.07.2021 14:34


Big congratulations to @steemalive for hitting 5000 and congratulations to the winner

14.07.2021 17:24

A big congratulations to Steemalive for this big hit......

I just hope am the first person to see this....

14.07.2021 20:18

Hurray guys, steemalive has reached 5k subscribers.i know am not the first person to see this,I just wanted to help share the awareness.

16.07.2021 10:44