SteemAlive Present: SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project - giving new users a solid footing on Steemit



We are delighted to announce a project within our community called SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project. Just like most of our other projects, we are really eager to see SnS become instrumental as we pursue our vision to take Steemit to every home, everywhere. Before we can explain what SnS is, it would be nice to briefly explain why we need a project like this in SteemALive community.

The Problem

SteemAlive as a community was formed to recruit, retain and reward new users on Steemit. We take recruitment very serious, little wonder that our community keeps growing in numbers. We have organized many recruitment campaigns such as Steem2dWorld and Steem2dWorld 2.0. We are no doubt confident to bring in more new users as we spread the word. However, we have noticed that some of the newbies are not adequately supported in the first few weeks of joining. As a result, some feel discouraged to continue blogging regularly, a few even give up entirely. We want create a system that will enable SteemAlive community to provide sustainable and reasonable support to newbies that join us. That is the motivation behind SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project. Here are a few things we will do under SnS.

Our Solution - SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project

The SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project will attempt to give newbies support for the first 4 weeks (1 Month) of making their Introduction post. Beneficiaries of this project would be enlisted from the date they published their introduction post. They will be exited from the program exactly after 1 month. This would be sufficient time for them to learn about Steemit, communities and opportunities to earn and grow on the platform. It will also provide newbies with solid footing needed to drive through their journey on Steemit and become successful. We have a few things in mind to help us accomplish this noble goal.


SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project - How it works

Once a newbie publishes their Introduction post, the appropriate City Coordinator will enlist them into SnS and update the spreadsheet we have designed for this project. The spreadsheet will help us keep track of each newbie in the program. Once enlisted, the newbie will start benefitting from SnS. Each newbie that stays for a month will be removed from the program.


As shown in the screengrab above, the spreadsheet which will be used to track newbies in the program will contain the newbie username, city of residence, achievement 1 post link, date joined and date to exit the program. This sheet will be updated by City Coordinators

Here are a few ways we think we can provide support to newbies under this project. Lets take a look at each of them one at a time.


SteemAlive Newbie Support (SnS) Project - What we will do

1. Mentorship: Learning about Steemit and how everything works is crucial to anyone on the platform. Newbies need to understand how to make a post, use tags, resteem a post, vote, do wallet transactions like powering up, participate in contests, etc In order to get these vital knowledge, mentorship is important. So we will make sure newbies complete the first 3 achievement posts as fast as their possible.

Additional live mentorships are also important since not everyone will learn everything by going through the achievement lessons. So we will enroll newbies in SnS into our mentorship program called SteemAlive Survival Secrets. It is a live class that happens on Telegram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There, we we teach everything from basics to advanced knowledge about Steemit.

Going through the achievement lessons and our live classes are effective ways to help newbies pick up vital knowledge about steemit.

2. Support through votes: This is a huge area that causes some newbies to drop off or become inactive. When a newbie makes 5 posts in the first few weeks and all of them expires at $0.0, it becomes both discouraging and difficult to continue. Unfortunately, it has happened to many newbies. To tackle this issue through SnS, we will try to support at least 3 posts per week of newbies in this program. Our curation trail votes at $5.7 when fully recharged. We will use it to vote up to 2 posts per week. Then, we will use submit at least 1 post to Booming under our community support. Making sure newbies have little votes on the first few post - no matter the value - will encourage them to continue learning and posting within the first month. Coupled with any votes they will get from the Steemit team, we are sure newbies will be sufficiently motivated to continue their journey on the platform without discouragements.

3. Incentives for progress: We will provide little gifts as a form of motivation to newbies that demonstrated commitment and growth as they learn about the platform. We are really confident that this will motivate them to do more on the platform. As a way of starting, our incentives will center around speed of learning and understanding of Steemit as a platform in relation to how long they have stayed. So this is how we will start:

We will send 1.5 Steem and 3 Tron to any newbie in this program that completed their achievements 1 - 4 in the first 12 days of joining.

At our discretion, we will also provide additional incentives to individual best performers that participated in other activities such as contests and Steemit team projects.

4. Newbie Contests: We will run contests specifically for newbies at least once every 10 days. The Newbie contests will test their abilities to see how far they have gone since they started. The contests will include tasks about proper use of tags, formatting of posts and markdowns, how use What3words, and other things. We strongly believe that such contests will motivate the newbies to strive and learn faster and more depth. The rewards would be encouraging too.


When will this Project Kickoff?

We are starting tomorrow 10/5/2021. We will also allow newbies in our community whose achievement 1 posts are still active (not older than 7 days) to enroll. Their respective city coordinators will help to enlist them into this project. We have sent the Spreadsheet file link to the City Coordinators.



We are really happy to launch this SteemAlive Newbie Support Project. Just as our many projects, we are really optimistic that this project adds value to our efforts in the community. As we recruit many users to Steemit, we are eager to see them stay, learn, earn and grow. After one full month of support in SnS, each newbie should be completely equipped to step out there and make a success of their journey on Steemit.

We are open to suggestions or ideas that we can included as part of the SnS project. Feel free to drop a useful suggestion using the comment section of this post. Thank you the Steemit Team, City Coordinators and the entire SteemAlive community for all the amazing support we have received from you. Together we can do more!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: SteemAlive Community



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I concur with this, great vision @focusnow, am sure you are taking both the new and old user into places beyond all if our imaginations....I so much like this ideas..


09.05.2021 21:31

This is really interesting, the newbies will be very happy to Steem to the moon and beyond, thank you @focusnow

09.05.2021 21:57

This is a good idea @focusnow, it will really help the newbies. Thank you for always caring for everyone.

09.05.2021 22:15

This is actually an awesome idea sir @focusnow. I strongly believe that if this is cheked ,it will go a long way to encourage our new bies.

09.05.2021 22:26

Excellent project sir @focusnow. This will do a lot of good to this our community.

10.05.2021 01:07

This is superb! I had to delegates to my newbies so they can be active. Weldone work.

10.05.2021 04:21

Wow for sure the newbies will add great value to the effort @focusnow.

We shld be optimistic n apply more seriousness so as to make Steemit go higher.

So bringing out the newbies to participate in the contest is good bc it will help them learn more.

10.05.2021 06:19

@steemalive, this is a beautiful initiative.
I am glad that you really have the interest of our newbies at heart.
This program will actually help them to stay active.
Thanks for all you do for our community steemalive and steemit as a whole.
Best regards

10.05.2021 06:51

This will be truly motivating to the newbies and will go a long way to support them to keep there pace moving in the system. I appreciate this wonderful development.

10.05.2021 07:08

Hmmm! Great.

This is beautiful . Of a truth you have the interest of the people (newbies) at heart.

So I say a big congratulations to our newbies because you're so gonna enjoy this. This is indeed a big one i must say.

Thank you so much @steemalive for this wonderful initiative. Keep going higher. For together we sure can do more.

10.05.2021 07:20

This is a wonderful project, it will really make newbies go a long way. I fully support this project. Thank you so much @focusnow. I also have a little observation. I noticed that even some newbies that have completed their achievement 1 and 2 are discourage to continue posting, so i humbly suggest that this training should be extended to such ones or another telegram group should be open for training so that anyone who wishes to learn more can join in the training and also be motivated. Even if they may not have support, or contest but at least a training just to boost them up. That's my little suggestion thank you so much.

10.05.2021 07:36

This is really great. Newbies from henceforth will blossom!

But emmm... I think I'm kinda... Nvm.

Great one!

10.05.2021 09:05

this is really great. A huge motivation for the newbies. Thank you @steemalive for this great project.

10.05.2021 09:11

This is an outstanding initiative. It will help the newbies become active without confusion.
Your efforts in promoting this community and steemit at large are admirable.

Best wishes sir @focusnow

10.05.2021 09:32

Wow! Thank you so much and thank God I'm a newbie πŸ™ˆ

10.05.2021 09:57


10.05.2021 11:55

This a very good idea sir i have some users that are complaining because they not been supported so, they decided not to post again. This idea a right step to take to keep them

10.05.2021 11:55

Nice one sir @focusnow

10.05.2021 13:41

This is a nice one surely we are pointing toward the nice direction..

10.05.2021 14:45

Woooooooooooow, this is amazing @steemalive,thank you very much for your support

10.05.2021 15:45

This is good sir, thank you @focusnow for coming up with this wonderful initiative, it will go a long way to encourage new steemains.

10.05.2021 19:23

This is a great plans..

10.05.2021 21:05

This is such a wonderful initiative. I am happy that this is set up to help newbies like me who just joined this platform so that we won’t feel lonely

11.05.2021 00:20

This is nice, I'm a newbie and I'm looking forward to benefit from this

11.05.2021 09:12

What an excellence initiative, I strongly believe that this project will motivate newbies not to easily give up on the platform because they will be properly equip through classes. As a suggestion can you please @focusnow sir add some discouraged toddlers to the program? I believe it will also ginger them to do more. Thanks that's my humble opinion though.

11.05.2021 13:49

Wow this is powerful. I feel encouraged

12.05.2021 08:32

This is an amazing idea
More grace to you @steemalive
God's blessings be upon you all. Amen

12.05.2021 10:38

Wow this is wonderful Sir, Good bless u all

12.05.2021 14:29

Thank you so much @focusnow.
This very issue affected me and made me retrogressed in posting.
Thank you for solving it.
I'll like to drop a question which is for people like me who are more than 12 days but are not up to one month and yet are not being supported, Is there any plan for us?.

Thank you @focusnow
Upward @steemalive

17.05.2021 04:44