Power2Soar March 2021: A call to donate SP delegation for SteemAlive Powerup Event this Month. Target 10,000Sp - 20,000SP.



At SteemAlive, we believe that impossible is nothing. We also believe that building strong, and self-sustaining communities is the foundation of success for Steemit as a whole and for our growing userbase. We continue to brainstorm ideas that will help us grow as one and as a community. One such idea is to encourage our members to power up. We have run a successful powerup event on December 2020. Because of the limited resources we had then, we encouraged our members with bigger Steempower to support us and delegate to participants of the power up event. It was successful. This time around, we are making it a permanent feature of SteemAlive community. That is the essence of this post.

A call to donate SP delegation for Power2Soar

Power2Soar is the name of our Steem power up event. We will hold the event on the 15th of each month. We will soon make a post to that effect. First, we are calling on our generous SteemAlive big guns to help us raise the event price. We are targeting between 10,000SP and 20,000SP as Power2Soar price. So our beloved community members that belong to PLUS1kSP club are hereby called to promise us how much SP delegation they will give to support Power2Soar.

The promised SP delegations would be sent to the winners of the event from 16th March 2021. But first, we need to have a rough idea of how much Power2Soar prize would be. So friends in SteemAlive and the entire Steemit platform who wish to support Power2Soar can use the comment section of this post to announce how much SP delegation they would give to us from 16th March, 2021. The delegation would be used for 3 weeks.

But thats not all. There would be additonal incentizes for the event. Check it out.


Other Incentives

We hope to make Power2Soar attractive so that members would be motivated to participate. We are seriously planning additional prizes such as Steem giveaway to winners. We want to have at least 100 Steem. So we need Steem or SBD donations too.

If you want to also support Power2Soar with Steem or SBD donations, send the amount you wish to @safunds with "power2soar March 2021" as memo.

We will mention you as one of the donors and appreciate suchh gifts. If possible, we are also looking to have cash incentives too. We will see to it before Power2Soar begins.



We recently launched Open Happiness, a project that encourages SteemAlive members to give selflessly to put a smile on other member faces. We hope that Power2Soar would be a great opportunity for all members of SteemALive to demonstrate their spirit of selfless giving. Together we can help to push up smaller accounts and all of us would grow as one.

Like all our projects, we hope this clarion call will be a success and help to facilitate our upcoming powerup event - Power2Soar. Thank you all in advance for supporting SteemAlive.

cc: @steemcurator01.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive



Comments 10

SteemAlive will donate 2000SP delegation for Power2Soar March 2021. We will also donate 50 Steem for other incentives.

05.03.2021 17:25

I will support Power2Soar with 1000 Sp and 20 Steem.

05.03.2021 17:31

Thank you so much, we appreciate this.

05.03.2021 18:23

I will support Power2soar with 300 SP delegation to any of the winner.

05.03.2021 18:04

We are really grateful for this huge support. Thank you @mato445

05.03.2021 18:23

i will support with 1000sp and 10 steem. This is an amazing project. thank you @steemalive for this project

05.03.2021 18:14

@ngoenyi, we appreciate this enormous donations. We are very grateful to you. Thanks

05.03.2021 18:24

Nice initiative! I'm supporting the event with 1,500sp delegation and 15 steem. Thanks for bringing it up!

05.03.2021 18:29

This is amazing @bright-obias. we are deeply grateful to you.

05.03.2021 18:36

Wonderful project @steemalive, you have my support 100%, I am donating 1000sp and 15 Steem to this end.

07.03.2021 14:29