Live and Direct Reporting. Tuesday 30/3/2021. (Spotlight: Pawpaw tree))



It's a brand new day!! Goodmorning and welcome to live and direct reporting. Be sure to capture great moments happening around you today as you go to work, school or anywhere.

Capture beautiful sunrise or sunset, at the beach, a rail road, people playing games, inside a busy market, a rainny day, people at the beach, shopping mall, busy bank or any other things in your environment. Take your phone and capture them, then report to us at the comment section of this post.

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How to start

When you wake up in the morning, take a selfie. Then talk about any intereting things about the night or morning. Also let us know how you will spend the day.


LID Spotlight(s) for today

The LID Spotlight for today is Pawpaw tree. Climb an elevated platform such as an upstairs, a bridge, or any elevated platform and capture the ground below. We will pay you extra 0.1 Steem if you feature a great spotlight.


Picture Co-ordinates using What3Words

Please use What3Words to add Co-ordinates to your images. If you put at least 2 coordinates to 2 pictures in your report, we will pay you extra 0.1 Steem.

Other important things

1. Length of Report text: At least 250 characters
2. Numbering: Make sure to number your reports - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, as the case maybe.
Engagement Leaderboard: Remember to engage meaningfully with other reporters to have a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize by weekend. We will count how many meaninful comments you made and reward you.


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1st lid report
Location: Osogbo Osun State
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 6:15am


Good morning everyone I am grateful to Jehovah for life this morning, my night sleep was nice thank God for that, I woke up around 5:30am and I did my morning worship and started preparing for class this morning, I entered online to see the latest update, my coming online and Uncle Charles @focusnow dropping today's lid report is the same so I decided to report to see if I will be the first to report today for the first time, I will soon go and take my bath and prepare for dress up for today's class, I wish you all a lovely day ahead bye.

30.03.2021 05:22

Good morning @gentle101, from your facial appearance your night was indeed a good one. Are you going to teach or a student? Wishing you the best today

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 05:39

I am not going to teach my sister I am a student for one week until the school is over on Saturday

30.03.2021 17:43

Okay cool... I wish you the best and enjoy the process too.

twopercent #cameroon

31.03.2021 10:52

Thanks dear, good night from this side

01.04.2021 20:51

I am not going to teach my sister I am a student for one week until the school is over on Saturday

30.03.2021 17:44

Good morning bros, you actually made it at No one reporter, sometimes are like that. Have a good day

30.03.2021 07:33

Thanks mama I appreciate, take care

01.04.2021 20:53

Hello dear, goodmorning. Good to know you slept and woke up well. You were actually the first to report today, congrats. Have a great day at school today.

30.03.2021 09:23

@gentle101. Good to know that you had a good night rest. Of course you're the first person to Report lid today. Do have a pleasant day ahead also your morning class. Best wishes

30.03.2021 18:36

Thanks boss, good night from this side

01.04.2021 20:48

1st lid

Time: 6:19am


Location: Abule Egba


Good morning everyone, I trust you are all doing great.
I thank God for the gift of life, today I will be going to the store to get some household items and personal items, I will update you guys later.



30.03.2021 05:22

@mato445 good morning to you too. Nice seeing you healthy this morning. See you in your subsequent reports.
Best regards

30.03.2021 05:36

Thank you for stopping by

30.03.2021 05:43

Good morning @mato445, it's indeed a nice Tuesday morning seeing you today. My night was a good one too. You're going to buy household items? Hhhmmmmm.. are you going to make something sweet today? Please share with us when you do. Have a nice day

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 05:42

Sure I will buy something sweet.
I will make sure I update you guys.

30.03.2021 05:44

Okay bro I'm waiting

30.03.2021 09:51

Ok matto matto, get some stuffs for too and do a waybill to me pls

30.03.2021 07:34

Good morning @mato445 its nice seeing you this morning. I hope you had a wonderful night rest?

30.03.2021 08:25

Good morning dear.
We are all grateful to God for life.
Please get pictures from the store or mall.
Have a nice day

30.03.2021 09:03

1st Lid Report

Time: 6:29am
Location: Yaba Lagos Nigeria
Date: 30/03/2021


Hello guys, good morning from this end. I had been up since 3am. I am traveling from Lagos to the Eastern part of Nigeria Imo State to be precise.
I am going for our Easter conference.

Below is my bag well packed.


We've already taken off and on our way.

Please stay tuned as we bring you more reports.

Best regards

30.03.2021 05:34

Babe good morning, sure by now you are on the road. Are you from Imo State? Safe journey

30.03.2021 07:36

@meymeyshops, thanks for visiting.
I actually arrived von time and safe.

30.03.2021 23:22

Good morning ma'am. Wishing you a safe journey. You can as well give us update of beautiful places will see on your way but thats only if you can take a shot

30.03.2021 08:28

@vhenom, thanks for the safe wish. I actually arrived on time.

30.03.2021 23:21

1st LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 6:30am
Date: 30/03/2021

Good morning my fellow steemian friends. It's another to celebrate life and give thanks to God. Hope you had a sweet sleep? Mine was really sleep and I didn't hear anything till I woke up this morning. That is due to the tiredness from yesterday's activities. I'm just waking up at 6:00am and everywhere is still quiets d cold. I will join the family for prayers in a while and prepare to hit the road. Today my main priority is to fix my laptop after that I can study. About breakfast I don't know but maybe I will take fruits. Wishing you all a splendid day.
IMG_20210330_062103.jpgmy sleepy face

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 05:37

Good morning, it a great idea to get your laptop fixed. That will aid your work on steemit and make it faster

30.03.2021 05:45

I'm telling you my dear I have really been restless without this laptop working. I pray all goes well. Thanks for visiting

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 09:53

Much love from this side of the world 💕

30.03.2021 17:37

My African queen, how are doing? How is your grandma's health? I hope Bamenda is calm. A lovely day girl.

30.03.2021 07:38

Good morning ma I am a little okay and grandma is gradually improving health wise. Bamenda is calm and sunny now but anything can happen at any moment. A nice day to you too man

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 09:55

@tenguhatanga. All the best today, especially fixing your laptop. Do enjoy the rest of today. Best wishes

30.03.2021 18:31

Thank you very much for your concern sir. The laptop is working well now

twopercent #cameroon

31.03.2021 10:54

My first LID
Time: 6:40am

Good morning my people,hope you all slept well. I want to thank God for counting me among this living this morning. I woke up by 6:30am even though yesterday night I was awake studying and I left the class around 3am and I slept for three hours. Today is another lecture day for me and my lecture for today will start by 8am and end by 2pm.

My morning selfie

30.03.2021 05:51

NoHardwork pays the best interest

I love to study too.

30.03.2021 17:57


Good Morning Steemians.
My night was cold,but I wrapped up well in my blanket.


Woke up by 5:20am,said my prayers and I'm going back to sleep. Yesterday was emotionally draining on me,so I need to really sleep it off,but oh I just remembered,our national conference starts today and I need to arrive camp before 11am. Well,a little sleep won't hurt,the day's going to be long. I'll keep you posted!!

30.03.2021 05:55

Good morning @ngozi996, I envy that cold night o... Remember Nigeria in your prayers at the national conference

30.03.2021 07:12
30.03.2021 10:30

Sometimes all we need is just a little extra rest

Butdont over rest so you won't miss the conference

30.03.2021 08:30

I won't 😩@sovega

30.03.2021 10:29

Location: Immaculate aba.
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 06:01am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope is was okay.
Mine was awesome, last was so cool and there is power supply through out the night.
And I wake up at about 06:02am and I said my morning prayer and then start preparing for work, well stay tuned for I will be updating you guys, thank you and have a nice day.

30.03.2021 06:45

Good morning @val123, thank God for pleasant night rest. That light made the difference, heat want to do comeback

30.03.2021 07:10

Have a nice day too @val123

30.03.2021 08:27

Yes! Seams the power supply have increased a little.
Hope it's sustained.
Enjoy your day

30.03.2021 09:04

@val123. Good to know you had a good night rest, it's the same here. Enjoy the power supply while it lasts. Have a good day and best wishes

30.03.2021 18:40

My 1st lid post
Location:ABA ukegbu
Date 30/03/2021
Time. 7:30
Good morning my fellow steeamians how was your night, I hope you people slept well,because my night was cool because the weather is ok last night. I sleep like a baby no bad dream rather good dream, I dream when I have money build my own house also have my own cars and got marry and make an investment, I pray for God to do it as I wish,thank god that I'm alive, I wan't to boil hot water to take my shower. I'm going out to hustle, I also pray that today will be great,stay tuned for more updates 💪💪💪

30.03.2021 07:06

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 30th March, 2021
Time: 8an

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, I had an abruptly and disturbed sleep, the heat woke me up since 3am and I couldn't sleep again. I began watching YouTube till 5am. I finally left left the bed 6.30am and slowly freshen up for work.

I don't know if there will be unique activities today apart from Bible study by 5pm.

I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay face 😷




30.03.2021 07:07


Waiting for updates from you😁

30.03.2021 08:25

Updates will come

30.03.2021 13:36

Sorry for the heat that disrupted your sleep.
God's Willing, power generation will be stepped up so that you will not have such bad experience sleeping.
How do you feel at work?

30.03.2021 09:07

Seriously battling with sleep!

Nigeria is moving towards privatization.

Thanks so much for the care

30.03.2021 13:34

My second LID
Time: 7:59am
Location: Federal University Wukari Taraba State
Date: 30/03/2021

7:00am I went and took my bath after which I eat my breakfast, then I went to the class


My breakfast


I'm already inside the class, lecture will start now see you guys letter

30.03.2021 07:13

Have a nice day in class dear

30.03.2021 08:24

Thank you dearest 😘

30.03.2021 11:05

1st Lid report
Date: 30/03/2021

Early morning selfie

Good morning beautiful steemians, hope we all had a great night.. my night was ok.. but not too lovely, I slept very late around 3am, and woke up early because of the fishes..
But it's all good, I thank God for life and sincerely I appreciate this gift..
Today is our market day, that's ngwo market day, I will be going to the market to buy things for the house, and when I return from the market, I will prepare a fresh soup..
So now I will prepare for the market once it's 10am, I will be heading to the market and I promise to give us pictures on how our market looks like..
Do have a lovely day ahead . Much love from this side

30.03.2021 07:26

Even in the morning, you still look gorgeous.
Do you rear fishes?

30.03.2021 08:23

Yes dear, I rear fishes..
Thanks alot for the compliment..

30.03.2021 08:27

A very happy morning to all dear steemians, may you have peace. I woke up 6:37, yessooo because I wrote till morning. So when I slept, it was zoom zoom till my neighbours' bustling woke me. So grateful to Jah for his mercies and patience with me. Jehovah is blessing me with steemit.

Hope that is the case with you here.

Right now am still lazing on the floor with legs on top the bed. That's the beauty of time freedom courtesy of online entreprenuership. Well am about starting my morning workout for 30 minutes. Then work begins.

Thanks again. More updates coming


30.03.2021 07:31

I hope to be like you someday maam. Enjoying freedom, while making money still. That feeling hits differently😌

Have a pleasant day ma

30.03.2021 08:23

1st lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town

Good morning my fellow steemian, I trust you had a good night sleep I want to thank God for counting me among the living this morning. I woke up by past 7am,


did my ablution and made my solat after which I started writing my LID report.

The spotlight for today is pawpaw tree,this tree produces a large fruit called pawpaw.carica papaya which is the botanical name for pawpaw is a fruit tree that is 15 to 33 feet tall..papaya is spherical in shape and its a large berry which is 5.9 to 17.7 inch long and 10 to 30cm in diameter.pawpaw is has a black seed in it which is not edible ..paw paw contains vitamin A vitamin C and E..
Stay tuned for more report.

30.03.2021 07:42

Wonderful report about the paw paw tree and it's fruit.

Your face looks like you reallyenjoyed your sleep😀

30.03.2021 08:20

Location: ABA
Time: 7:58am
Date: 30-3-2021

(Morning selfie)
Hello friends, good morning to you all. How was your night? Hope we all did have a great night rest? Mine was indeed good and I ThankGod for the of a new day. We are gradually, shifting back to nights of heat wave where sound sleep almost becomes impossible without power supply.

I woke up by 6:05am, very strong and energetic to face todays task ahead. I've already had my ginger tea as soon as I got up...

(Ginger+garlic tea)

My son also prepared for school though the school bus arrived late but all the same he has left for school. I'm getting set to move out now.
For breakfast, this is it...😊


Nice day guys, do have a blessed day ahead.

30.03.2021 07:59

Your breakfast looks so yummy😋😋

Trust your family is doing fine?

It is a good thing to start your day with a cup of healthy tea. It helps clear your system.

Cheers to health👍

30.03.2021 08:18

Thank you @sovega for checking... Yeah, healthy teas are indeed good for the health.
Do have a blessed day

30.03.2021 08:51

Thank you

30.03.2021 19:55

Goodmorning dearest, thank God you are strong today and good to know you had a great night. I see you already took your tea, nice...and then that breakfast is lacking one more thing.....ME Enjoy your day dearest.

30.03.2021 09:27

Hahahaha, this my bigbaby self... Love you always. Thanks for always stopping by here @kinkyamiee.
I hope you've had your breakfast?

30.03.2021 10:15
0 you too...havent had mine oo...but i will, have been very busy.

30.03.2021 10:20

Please, endeavour to take something....very necessary please

30.03.2021 11:19

1st LID report
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Date: 30th March, 2021
Time: 9:07am
Good morning steemians, trust your day's going fine!
I woke up this morning by 5am, prepared for work.
Well, I'm on my way to work right now and theres a little traffic on the road. Hopefully, I'll get to work in time.

The little traffic on the road

I took some pictures while in the cab:





Watch out for my next report.
Regards: @focusnow

30.03.2021 08:12

First lid report
30th March 2021
Osisioma, Aba

Good Morning Steemites,
I woke up at about 5:30 am to a call from a friend whom I asked to help wake me up early so that I can prepare because I had plans to travel.
But When I woke up, I was still very weak and sleepy that I went back to sleep only to wake up by 7.00am eventually.
I hurriedly prepared. Now am on my way to owerri.
Please stay tuned, I promise to bring you updates on how my day is spent


30.03.2021 08:16

Location: Tanke, Ilorin kwara state.
Date : 30th march 2021
Time 9:15

Good morning guys I'm grateful to God for making me this morning. I hope you guys had a wonderful night rest. I woke up as early as 3:30 am i was woked by the alarm i forgot to off the alarm before i sleep last night as I am done with my test. I was surprise when i saw steem at one dollar this morning. About 3days ago i closed trade for steem in my binance account.

I will be giving more update here stayed glued❤

30.03.2021 08:22

2nd Lid report

Spotlight:pawpaw tree

So since today's spotlight is pawpaw, I have one at my backyard, I went to take a picture of it.. and I saw one was riped, I have to pluck it and cut it in dice to enjoy it this morning,yum yum
Pawpaw is a good fruit which helps for easy digestion and also helps to glow your skin..
Because of the nutrients , I needed to eat some.
Pawpaw fruit.

I ate some and kept some for my sweet boy, when he wakes up, he will eat it before breakfast..
Freshly eaten

I feel good to eat this, thanks to @steemalive for today's spotlight, if not I won't have gone to my backyard to see this fresh fruit with yummy taste.
Oya oo it's time for the market.. loading...
I will keep us updated

30.03.2021 08:39

Wow!! The view of the paw paw tree and fruit is nice, i like eating paw paw too but its unfortunate i dont have any tree of it which i can easily access, do buy from the market when neccessary, this is actually the benefit of having such fruit inside the compound,

Do have a blissful day

30.03.2021 13:08

My Second Lid Report

Time: 9:32am
Location: Ondo State
Date: 30/03/2021

Hello guys, I'm still on my way to Imo state Nigeria.

We are about 14 in the bus, and it is a smooth Journey so far.

*Just me in the bus.

My friends and fellow steemians @ruthjoe and @illie-ella is in the bus with me here.

@talktofaith, @ruthjoe and @illie-ella

We encountered some traffic congestion from Ogun State, but I am glad that the traffic had cleared right now.

Traffic congestion

Please stay tuned as I bring you more reports.

Best regards

30.03.2021 08:41

Wow you and you fellow steemians on a gospel tour, sound great to me. Good morning @talktofaith, wish you a safe trip down to Imo State. At least you good votes from trafalgar would also have your trip go smoother. Thanks for sharing.

lidreport #nigeria

30.03.2021 09:01

@iamlynxie, thanks for the safe wish boo. Seriously that vote got me dancing.

30.03.2021 12:06

Wow! Safe journey ma'am, we are also on our way to owerri now and i can see there is traffic at the road, i pray it doesnt take time to free you people so you wont have to take longer time on the road.see you soon ma

30.03.2021 13:09

@dlioness, thanks dear.
See you soon too

30.03.2021 13:21

Abuja, Nigeria
1st LiD Report.

Hello guys, good day from this end of the globe. Waking up to see steem at $1 is a thing of joy and am glad it getting value daily.


The weather out here is partially sunny but hot and am waiting on my friend so we go out to pick some parcels and deliver them.


The price of steem is high and best time for everyone to keep steeming hot. See you guys later with more as the day unfolds.

Warm Regards,

lidreport #nigeria

30.03.2021 08:58

Location: ABA
Time: 10:14am

This is 10am this morning with this surge from customers all wanting to be attended to. The office is more or less a market Square now. The NIN registration does not really impact the office discharging this service as most of the customers here are form competition network (MTN, Airtel and 9mobile).



Nevertheless, this has to be done since it is a federal project to keep people in the telecommunication line. The industry has continued to suffer losses since December when the ban became effective. It was reported yesterday that all Telcos lost over 11million subscribers within the period under review. That has been my worry, and if not checked the Industry may start shedding weight.

Thanks all, will keep us updated..

30.03.2021 09:18

Location: ifite, awka.
Time: 5:30am.
First LID report.

Goodmorning guys, its a beautiful day, hope you all slept well? Cos i did.. I woke up a little bit late today cos i slept late. I woke at 5:30am and said my prayers. I went ahead to iron the kids uniform, got their water ready for bathing before going to the kitchen to do the dishes. I prepared noodles for them to take to school and their mum took them to school today.

I wouldnt be going to work today rather i have to get some stuff from the mall this morning. My sister wants me to get some meat pie from the mall too, like 30pcs for a meeting that will be holding at her office by 10:30am. I couldnt have breakfast this morning because i wasnt really hungry. I will keep you guys posted.

30.03.2021 09:21

2nd LID report
Location: Commercial avenue Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 10:45am
Date: 30/03/2021

After prayers I quickly showered and left the house to go arrange my laptop. There was traffic which made me delay on the road. On reaching Smart phone infostech the technician had left since I delayed. I called him and waited for him to come. Within some 20 minutes he arrived and started working on my machine.

IMG_20210330_103917.jpg the technician working

The atmosphere looks good and sunny today so I enjoyed the breeze blowing as I stood from the veranda. It's a busy Tuesday morning here. More updates from me soon my friends

IMG_20201216_174056.jpg Commercial avenue street

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 09:50

My first lid post
Location :Aba ukagbu
Time:11:04 Am

Hello my fellow steemit i hope you all slept well last night, i really enjoyed my night because the weather was very cool and i slept off like a new born baby ,when i weak up i pray to my heavenly father for the gift of life. Is time to prepare for work,i wish you all a spendid day

30.03.2021 10:20

![IMG_20210330_074910.jpg]My second lid post


My today sportlight is pawpaw tree ,pawpaw is a nice tree that produce a large number of fruits,the the fruit is greenish in colour when it gets ripe the fruit colour turns to yellowish, then is good to eat why some eat it when the colour is greenish in colour because of dear sickness, pawpwa contains Vitamin A and vitamin C and also the seed is small and blackish in colour.

30.03.2021 11:08

My 1st LID Report.
Location: Aba
Good morning steemians!
I hope wish you all had a wonderful night.
It's really not easy this days but I strongly hope it will end up well. I had a good night rest and I was called around 6 am to come and attend to something important which made left my house before 7 am. Since then I have been busy.
My morning selfies
I just want to drop my morning selfie. My day is going on well even though I didn't have much success in what I left my house for in early hours of today.

30.03.2021 11:30

My 2nd lid post


I don't have pawpaw at home so I have to look for my spotlight I try my best to see where I can find pawpaw tree, so as I was going out for work I find it so I have to capture it,thank God I find my today's spotlight, stay tuned for more updates.✌️✌️

30.03.2021 11:45

My 3rd lid post

I'm less busy right now and also the sun is too much I have to lick something cold I decided to buy ice cream so that my body will be cool,I need it so much because it's nourish our body,also my day is going great, stay tuned for more updates 😎😎😎

30.03.2021 12:04

Location: Office, cameroun road aba.
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 10:55am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
As i left my house and then heading to immaculate Junction but before reaching there I got a keke that took me from there to my office at azuikwe road aba.
Reaching my office was around 07:55am and I join the morning devotion, and after that I went to a restaurant just to have my breakfast and this is a plate of rice with moi moi, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

30.03.2021 12:20

3rd LID report
Location: City chemist roundabout Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 1:45pm

Finally I got to smile today dear friends. The technician was able to diagnose the problem with the laptop and fixed it. Now I have it working well again. I paid him for the services rendered and went off to get something to eat at least for today. I got roasted fish and fried plantain.

IMG_20210330_113116.jpg my lunch

I headed for the road after finish eating then I saw a friend of mine who carried me in his car to drop me at my destination. Presently we stopped at amour mezam where he want to check on something in a shop. I took a pic of the shop from the car. I will go meet my friend at mile 4 then we study till 6:00pm. See you guys later dear friends

IMG_20210330_133520.jpg front view of the shop

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 12:56

1st  lid report

Location;Aba Abia state

Date:30th March 2021



Good morning precious people, trust your night was awesome,mine was powerful especially with the help of my mosquito net which helped me sleep well without mosquito bites,I woke up at 5:53am and had to attend to early morning chores before the kids woke up,the weather is actually cool with the sounds of  birds echoing in the environment;after now I will take the kids to school then come back to prepare for my travelling to owerri,

Stay tuned.......

30.03.2021 12:57

2nd lid report

Location:Aba abia state

Date:30th March 2021

Time :7:53am



It's really gonna be a sunny day from the way I see it and I pray it doesnt get much that it affects the skin,I'm on my way to the kids school now ,we are actually at the stair case where I decided to take a picture of us just i and my kid brother we are walking out to the street, you can see how cool and lonely the street is it shows everyone has gine to work and children has all gone to school,when I returns back i will get prepared and leaves to the church venue where our bus will take off from .

Stay tuned....

30.03.2021 13:02

Location: ABA

Hi guys, I'm on a market review/ window shopping now. In a bid to aid in facilitating the ongoing rehabilitation works in the office, I was asked to get the market prices of some items from this shop for approval.



This is Samsung office at Azikiwe road. We were able to determine prices of their AC units (both split and standing units).
Heading to LG office too, to get their own quotation to enable us compare prices for onward approval.

(LG office)

On my way, the road was really dusty and busy. This is Azikiwe road by Asa junction.



Thank you guys for now... More updates still coming your way.

30.03.2021 13:05

My 2nd LID Report.
Location: Aba

Good afternoon guys!
I strongly believe your day is going well more than my own. Whichever way, we should be happy for having something to do, something that is lucrative -steemit.
I have this as my breakfast because I left home very early and I don't like eating outside.
Banana and ground nut
I hope to finish on time so as to go home and eat.
I will keep updating you guys on how am doing.
Make sure you refresh yourself no matter how little it may be.
I still wish you guys a successful day.

30.03.2021 13:08

1st Lid Report
Location : Immaculate junction, Aba Abia State
Time : 2:09

Today I woke up very early....

By 6:am I was already done and preparing breakfast.... We had rice and stew for breakfast...

I actually didn't remember to take pictures of that...

Right now we are preparing for Our Easter's Retreat; OVERCOMERS CONFERENCE...

So a lot of things are happening here in preparation for the journey..

Got to go...see you when we see...



30.03.2021 13:08

3rd Lid report

Oguta market

Today's market was something else, everything were so expensive, that I have to sit at corner to readjust my list of things I want to buy. And it went just fine..
I got the things I could afford and left..
Just like the pictures, I promised to share how the market looks like.. that's it

When I finished buying and I took a bike home, when I got home, I have to arrange the things I bought, but later today, I will prepare a fresh soup . And I will share with us ,what I finally dicided to prepare.. stay safe fam

30.03.2021 13:23

My third lid post

IMG_20210330_122631.jpgpicture location

Waoo i went to my friends shop at 69 hospital road he's name is orginal god,he deals with all kinds of wires, lamp holders and other orginal electrical equipments you need in your home,

30.03.2021 13:43

3rd lid report

Location:Aba abia state





The day is really going well, I'm back from the children's school, though I had to go to the school  security house to get peanut snacks from my customer before coming home I am still on my way though just observing the environment and still finds out every where is still calm and lonely just seeing few persons on the road,when i gets home I will have to eat and bath now after which I will leave to the church venue where our bus will take off from,

30.03.2021 13:51

Hello and good day @dlioness, hope your time at the children school went well? Oh well do enjoy your peanut snack when you get home because I'll come join ya. Thanks for sharing dear.

lidreport #nigeria

30.03.2021 14:19

Abuja, Nigeria
2nd LiD Report.

Hello buddies, hope your day has been great so far? Mine has been a busy one for real and I can't wait to get home and rest.

I went to the post office to get my parcels and headed straight to the Federal Secretariat to make deliveries.

@iamlynxie At Federal Secretariat
What3words Location

That's me just by the Federal Secretariat waiting to meet with whom I am making deliveries to before leaving for home.

Rice & Beans

Now am the store and just had rice and beans for lunch, sorry I'll invite you next time ok. For now ill be here for a short while before going home. See you guys later with more reports, stay steeming guys.

Warm Regards,

lidreport #nigeria

30.03.2021 14:17

Great report!

30.03.2021 19:51

4th Lid report

As I'm chilling I decided to take a break from house chores and have both my breakfast and lunch together..
I decided to make cornflakes with Coconut, peanut and biscuits..


It turned out filling, and right now I'm going straight to bed to have my siesta.. I just need 1hour rest and I will continue with the things to be done for the rest of the day.. let's be safe fam

30.03.2021 14:22


I truly need to try out this your recipie oo😫😫

It has a combination of all my favourites: GROUNDNUT, coconut and cornflakes🤤🤤

30.03.2021 19:50

My 3rd LID Report.
Location: Aba

Good afternoon dear steemians!
I hope your day is going successfully as planned.
My day is gradually coming to an end. I just saw where they are frying yam and it was quite inviting. The woman frying the yam and the way she was frying it is neat.
Fried yam
I had the yam with one big bottle of pepsi
Fried yam with pepsi.
This is what I had as my lunch.
Am heading to Ogbor Hill to finish up the appointment I have over there for today.
Looking forward to update you guys further.

30.03.2021 14:51

This yam looks yummy and complete😋😋

Steem on

30.03.2021 19:48

4th lid report

Location:Aba abia state

Date:30th March 2021





I left the house 15mins ago to the church venue , I had to leave the house after I had received a call from one of my pastors who called to ask where I was , I am happy the road is free from  traffic that I arrived in Time , I am in  church now and most people are present and ready to go  while some are yet to come,I kept my bags in the church hall to buy cosmetics from a nearby shop, in the next few minutes I'll leave the shop to join others in the bus as we are ready to depart,

Stay connected......

30.03.2021 15:06

My 4th lid post


This afternoon my senior brother was hungry so I requested him rice and beans so that he can eat, I love him so much I won't allow him to be hungry when I'm around, now he's eating,so I take a picture,he don't know when I capture the picture because he focused on his food..


I was busy working, in some hours I got hungry because my stomach was pinching me, so I make an order of food,if you work you eat, come and join me and eat because my day is going great,what about you...stay tuned for more updates 🤗🤗🤗

30.03.2021 15:56

5th lid report

Location:umuojima aba abia state

Date:30th March 2021




Hello steemians, we have left  abia state to  owerri imo state , we have to occupy 2 of the already available 18seaters bus while others who are still on their way coming to church uses the next bus, we are already in owerri and in the venue, though have not entered the hall just arrived the venue and had pictures,It's nice been here as we have seen our friends whom we left for long after the previous programme.

Stay connected.....

30.03.2021 16:03

My fourth lid post

![IMG_20210330_152151.jpg]( third lid post

IMG_20210330_122631.jpgpicture location

Waoo i went to my friends shop at 69 hospital road he's name is orginal god,he deals with all kinds of wires, lamp holders and other orginal electrical equipments you need in your home,


I'm very tired do you too much work and too much stress I don't have the chance to eat but now I'm really hungry and the time it is 4:33 p.m,
I have sent my boy to get
rice,plantain and meat, so if you want to join me you can do that now because the food is very sweet

30.03.2021 16:20

2nd lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 5:15pm
Date: 30/03/2021

Good evening my fellow steemian and steemalive member. Today has been a busy day.. I have been working on a layout of a certain acres of land sectioning them into plots and linking comfortable roads for every plot to use.

Picture of the acres of land I have been working on.
This roads demacate acres of land into blocks..for instance when going into an estate the visitor could be as to mount a bike to block (J) it could be any letter depending on how large the land his.

IMG_20210330_172541_106.jpg picture of the same drawing indicating proposed road and blocks (A-L)

Stay tuned as this might be my last report for the day but if I engage in any other activities I will keep you informed..

30.03.2021 16:35

2nd lid



Location: Abule Egba





Good evening guys, trust you are doing great, I hope you all had a lovely day.
Like I said earlier in my first report I went to get some personal things, I got a new body cream and some drugs, I also got my mum a blood tonic the biggest size.



30.03.2021 17:41

Location: Roban Stores, Awka.
Time: 10:30am.
Second LIDreport.
So at 9:30am, i got ready to leave the house for the mall, i was suppose to book for these meat pies but i couldnt go the previous day so it took one and half hour to get the quantity i wanted to order.

So while i was waiting, i went round the mall and checked out some stuff.


Finally, it was ready by 11am. So i went to deliver it to them. I got back home and had noodles for lunch.

I also slept for some hours. At 3pm, i went to get the kids from school. I also went to the cyber cafe to do the on going verification on Npower program, when i finished i came back home.

30.03.2021 17:50

You again in this place. 😊😊 No worry

30.03.2021 23:03


31.03.2021 04:04

2nd lid report
Location: Osogbo Osun State
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 6:56pm
Spotlight For today



30.03.2021 18:09

4th LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda
Time: 7:20am

Hello friends I'm back again. How's your day going? Productive I guess? Mine is good. I was on my way to meet my friend around 1:45pm when she called me and told me she had an emergency and was leaving the house. This changed my destination and I went to the house. I met grandma smiling as her daughter had come visiting in the morning and left before I returned. This made me feel good seeing her smile. I was about to come concerntrate on my assignment when I got a call from my uncle asking directives for the house. He had come with his friend to see grandma and she was so pleased to see her son after a long while. He chatted with her and we had some moments of prayers. He later spent two hours chatting with mummy and daddy. It was a surprise for us all to have him come unannounced. He just left about 30 minutes ago so I'm going back to my books.

IMG-20210330-WA0033.jpg a family time with my uncle

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 18:11

3rd lid report
Location: Osogbo Osun State
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 7:12pm

Good evening all i hope we all enjoyed our day, that's me today during the school with baba Oladele my old friend and fellow pioneer, we enjoyed the school together and the whole program is nourishing spiritually speaking, I am preparing for tomorrow's class, take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

30.03.2021 18:18

My third LID
Time: 2:55am
Location: Federal University Wukari
Date: 30/03/2021

I finished my lectures around 2pm and from there I came back to the hostel and took my bath after which I eat my food which was prepared by my room mate.


White rice and stew

After the food I took my nap and woke up by 4pm then I went to the school gate to buy some ingredients which I used to prepare some delicious meal. You can learn more on how to prepare fresh fish soup with Spinach vegetable,Just click on the link below.


After preparing the food I took my bath and eat then I wrote my report and now I will sleep I'm so tired.

30.03.2021 18:20

The rice looks yummy😋

You look like you had a productive day


30.03.2021 19:46

Yes it was yummy dear

31.03.2021 09:06

My fault lid post


am so happy to draw a birds, because i pick much interest in them because they don't cultivate but they feed on humans cultivations,it makes me to remmber that dear is a creator who feed all humans and the brids then it gives me the privilege to serve god with all my life

30.03.2021 18:40

2nd LID Report
Date: 30-03-2021
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Time: 7:00pm

Good evening steemians.
Reporting live from Kugbo, Abuja.
Im on my way to the house from work and I'm stuck in the usual evening traffic.


Location: Abuja Nigeria
Time: 7:25pm
I am still on the road, but the traffic is moving now.


I can't wait to get home and sleep....I miss my bed😣😣

So, we just passed the traffic now and I'm almost home:


Paw-paw tree

The paw-paw tree produces the paw-paw fruit. This fruit is highly nutritious. I don't have a paw-paw tree at home and these trees are generally difficult to find by the roadside, but on my way, I spotted a small paw-paw tree amongst other trees.

According to Kentucky State University's Cooperative Extension Program, pawpaws are high in vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese. They are also a good source of potassium and several essential amino acids, and they also contain minute amounts of riboflavin, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. Paw-paw contain these nutrients in amounts that are about the same as or greater than those found in bananas, apples, or oranges.

Location: Mararaba, Nasarawa state.
Date: 30-03-2021
Time: 8:37

I am currently at home now. I am having dinner of rice and stew with meat.
It's a bit of a disaster because I was so hungry, I started to eat in a hurry.


After food, I intend to take my bath and go to bed.

That will be all for today. See you in my next LID😁

30.03.2021 19:41

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 30th March, 2021
Time: 8:50pm

Second LID Report

Good evening everyone here, the day has finally come to an end, it has been a blessed day.
Like I reported in the morning, I attended the Bible study, which ended 6pm, though I got to church late.

Sleep worries me all through today, I need to sleep early.
Reporting shall continue tomorrow, goodnight.

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay face 😷




30.03.2021 19:50

. 1st Lid Report

Good morning my great steemians, trust we all had a good night rest.
IMG_20210330_181335_714.jpg MORNING SELFIE
We are grateful to the Almighty God for letting us see this beautiful day. We expressed our gratitude to our heavenly father in heart felt prayers after examing the scriptures. We started preparing for the day's activities. I had my breakfast just before 8am, I had spaghetti.
IMG_20210329_144621_439.jpg TRICYCLE {KEKE}
Enroute to work, this is around the main park ABA axis. I'll let you know other activities as the day goes by, please stay tuned.

30.03.2021 19:56

Location: Dominion city church Azuka Extension.
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 05:29pm
3rd lid report

Good evening my fellow steemians,
How is your day, I hope your was okay.
I close work and I went to bible study and it was awesome then we dismissed around 07:03pm, well stay tuned for more update.

30.03.2021 20:11

My 5th lid post


Today goes well.i also thank God for that,as you are seeing we about to close for today, let me go and see those people I left since morning....

30.03.2021 20:31

2nd Lid Report

Time: 2pm.
After some time at work I became hungry and I ate lunch and it is my favorite food yam.
IMG_20210329_103343_463.jpg MY LUNCH.
I Love eating yam, regardless how you prepare the yam.
after resting a little bit I went back to work. I worked until I was tired and ready to go home. Because the roads are getting busy due to many vehicles on the road. Our bus driver had to use other routes to avoid traffic jam. Well I'm glad I arrived home. Thank you for staying with me, I'll bring you more updates.

30.03.2021 20:31

Location: Esiaba street aba.
Date: 30/03/2021
Time: 07:27am
4th lid report

Spotlight task pawpaw.


Hello guys,
As we dismiss from church, and on my way home I have to remember about the spotlight task for today and it to take a picture of pawpaw and I was so much busy since morning in the office and now is the only time that I have chance to do it, well thank you for taking your time to read my post.

30.03.2021 20:34

Spotlight: Pawpaw tree
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 9:34pm

Good evening to you my family. It's been a lovely evening with me hope same with you? General it's been a conversation and laughing matter moment in the house. There was no light so we entertained ourselves with chats while eating boiled fresh groundnut which my sister bought when lights returned I decided to park some clothes o will go with to Bambili to use during the exams period. Finally done I'm lying in bed checking some chats.

Today's Spotlight is a pawpaw tree. I took a pic which is seen below.

IMG-20210330-WA0030~2.jpg pawpaw tree

It is at this point that u day good night to you all. Tomorrow is another day

twopercent #cameroon

30.03.2021 20:40

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
How far about today? Mine was good as usual. All thanks to my heavenly father Jehovah.

This is my 2nd LID Report
Time: 9:31pm
Location: Aba

I hereby present LID Spotlight for today - Pawpaw Tree


Thank you for being part of today's LID Report. Do have a wonderful night sleep.

30.03.2021 20:45

3rd Lid Report

Time: 6pm

today's spotlight

IMG_20210330_174803_401.jpg PAWPAW TREE.
Just as many other fruits that have tree, they have different species. Pawpaw leaves are a delight to watch, also it's medicinal. The pawpaw itself can be washed thoroughly and eaten without peeling the back especially when it is still green or early stages of ripeness. The small black seed inside is also medicinal. Thank you for staying with me.

30.03.2021 21:02

My 4th LID Report.
Location: Aba
Time: 8:40pm
The spotlight of the day -pawpaw tree.

Good evening precious steemians!
I called you precious because whenever I remember writing a report I feel happy knowing that you will be interested in my activities for the day.
Was your day successful? Were you able to accomplish all you plan for today? That is an added reason to be happy. Below are my spotlight pictures
What3word Nwaobasi Estate by Ehere Road
what3word Umuoba Road
The paw paw leaf, ash (ntu) and detergent is good for washing of pot, the back of the pot for those that do not cook on gas. Stove or firewood stains the back of the pot and if not washed out, it will start dirtying the whole place. Just use the above mixture to keep your pots neat and presentable eventhough you don't have gas or electric burner.
I wish I could still write my diary this evening before going to bed.
I wish you all the best of night.

30.03.2021 21:38

3rd Report

Time: 10:59pm
Date: 30/03/2021
Location: Uratta Owerri

Spotlight: Paw-paw tree

Hello guys, good evening from this end. As we all know, our today's Spotlight is on Paw-paw tree. So as I was coming on my way from Lagos to Imo State, I saw a Paw-paw tree and took a picture of it.

My Spotlight

We arrived the camp around past 6pm, after a few logistics, we had a short section.

First section in the conference

This will be all for my lid report today.

Best regards

30.03.2021 22:27

Second lid report (spotlight)
30th March 2021.
Imaculate road, Aba

Bellow is attached picture if a pawpaw tree I took in the morning along our street on my way to owerri, it's a fruit filled with lots of vitamins that are good to the body.


30.03.2021 22:33