LID Traffic update for today Friday 23/4/2021 (Spotlight:: Traffic shot from above)



Welcome to our LID reporting today. Time to start bringing in amazing live events happening around you. LID reporting is a way to catalogue what happens in your environment and show the world how your day goes. Try to be creative with your reports and get us interesting or informative reports that will appeal to your reader.


How to make a great LID traffic report

There will always be room for improvement as you do your LID reports. These 3 tips can especially be useful.

1.. Safety first:Be sure not to stand in the way of traffic. Make sure your equipment's are safe in your immediate environment. If its not ok to take pictures of traffic in a particular spot, choose another spot..

2.. Take great Pictures: Its best to take traffic images from an elevated position. So if you can climb to the first floor of a story building, that would be the best place to see the entire traffic.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Traffic shot from above. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight.


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First lid report

Good morning everybody I am strong today my night was good and I enjoyed my sleep to the fullest so I woke up this morning early I boiled water for my younger siblings to use and bath for school I cooked breakfast and everybody ate and was happy

I rushed immediately I took my bath wash my clothes and prepare for work we had my morning prayers and we all set to move out, my plans for today are quite simple you go to shop do some activities there play my music and try to participate in some contest that I had set out last night

Yeah let's see how the day goes,stay tuned

23.04.2021 06:33

Have a nice day my beautiful lady@solar-star

23.04.2021 07:20

Ok love 💕

23.04.2021 09:01

Wow it's still morning and you av figured out you day activities...let's steem on sis

23.04.2021 09:12

Yes bro

23.04.2021 09:51

Beautiful morning to a beautiful soul

23.04.2021 10:50


Good morning everyone,how was your night?Well mine was good,even though a bit cold.There was no rain yesterday but there was a lot of cool breeze meaning it might rain later in the day.
I woke up around 7 am today, after saying my morning prayers,I checked my binance app and I saw btc at 48,800 dollars 😪.Most of my alt coins have dipped significantly,even BNB too dipped.Many traders have been liquidated.Its so sad .

Anyways I can't let that hold me down for the day,I have school to attend in a couple of hours so after cleaning my room,I'll have my bath and leave for school.

Stay tuned for more updates.Thank you for reading my LID.

23.04.2021 06:43

Sure we will,do keep us updated.

23.04.2021 10:51

My 1st lid post

Location:Aba ukaegbu
Time:7:30 Am


Hello steemians i hope you all have a sweet rest ,i do also ,just that i slept off very late because i sleep in the evening time ,and there was know light i have to on my generator,when i find out the time is 1:30 in this morning i have to off it so that my neighbours will sleep,i sleep as well weaking up around 6:15 ,i have my morning worship after that I receive a call from my clients because I do agents business for house and land he told me that he need to buy a piece of land which way agreed on the price I told him , after showing him the place I will start going for work, I wish you all a happy day stay tuned for more updates

23.04.2021 06:49

Hi @goodseed, nice seeing you up and healthy this morning.
I wish you success as you go about your day's activity this morning.
Best regards

23.04.2021 07:05

Thank you

23.04.2021 09:18

I pray your today's plans turns out great🙏
Have a great day ahead @goodseed

23.04.2021 07:18

Ok presh you too

23.04.2021 09:19

Location: Cameroun road aba.
Date: 23/04/2021
Time: 07:36am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope is was okay, it a brand new morning and today is going to be better than yesterday.
I slept very well last night and wake up this morning sound and healthy and then start preparing for work and then I left my to work and right now am in the office waiting for then to open the office, well stay tuned for more update.

23.04.2021 07:00

Good morning sir.
It's good to know that you did sleep well last night.
You look great today.
Do have a great day at work.

23.04.2021 09:14

1st Report:

Date: 23/04/2021
Location: Owerri Imo State Nigeria
Time: 7:58am


Hello friends, good morning from this end. It's been a while I participated in Lid Report, welcome to my lid report this morning.
I arrived Owerri from Lagos yesterday by 9pm.
It was a stress-free, but long journey tho. But I thank God for journey mercies.

I had been up today since 6am, I have a program to attend to by 3pm which was the reason why I came down.

Please stay tuned as I bring more reports to you.

Best regards

23.04.2021 07:03

Welcome back to the east , happy to see you here.. see you soon ma'am

23.04.2021 07:31

Thanks boo

23.04.2021 21:51

Wow that's good, welcome to owerri.

23.04.2021 12:52


23.04.2021 21:51

Thanks for your reminder on Rules guiding LID activity for today and other days. This facet of steemalive work are for those who can go out, visits places, am correct?
MR. Ogbajie Joseph Agwu

23.04.2021 07:12

First LID Report
Location:Obohia road, Aba
Good morning people..My night was great,, what about yours?
So I woke up at 6:45pm,,this time,,very very late than usual..I didn't join in today's devotion..
I immediately brushed my teeth,,took my bath and told my younger cousins what to do in regards to breakfast and all..Currently I'm on my way out.. My mum hasnt been around for 2 days now but she'll come back today therefore,as usual , I'll be the only one at the shop.
Yeah,,I pray to make great sales today.


Have a great day y'all..



23.04.2021 07:16

Good morning @presh-omah
My night was good.
I pray you make a great sale today at shop.

Do have a blessed day.

23.04.2021 08:47

First lid report
Time...8:14 a.m
Location... Lagos


Good morning to you all


I woke up 6:44 a.m this morning
Say my prayers do some yoga and get set for work
The weather as from last night was terrible
Heat almost finish me
Electricity supply at my area is very poor
Most of the night there won't be light to sleep
Even my office clothes i can't iron them to bad out here

Well, From the picture above shows that I am already at work

To day nothing to do at the office because my boss travel so I guess I may just keep myself busy with a movie on my laptop

Stay tuned for more updates

Best regards
Much love



23.04.2021 07:25

Hope you enjoyed your day today..
Seems your day will be free since your boss is not coming?

23.04.2021 22:27

1st Lid report
Location: Oguta
Date : 23/04/2021

Morning selfie

Good morning friends, Hope your night went well. My night was good.
Today I will be leaving for owerri this morning for a conference and meet my lovely sisters.. I will keep us updated with the meeting and the joyous celebration.
Stay safe and remain blessed friends

23.04.2021 07:29

First Report of the day.
Date: 23-04-2021
Time: 8:43am
Location: Okrika (My Hometown)


Its yet another beautiful day in my hometown and i'm getting set to make things happen.

The weather is a little cold cause it rained last night but its all good cause I needed the cold weather to stay cool, I ordered brwakfast from my bed and now am about to brush cause I'm just waking up from sleep 😁 I'm really enjoying my travel.

My mums birthday is on the 25th of this month which is sunday and after that sunday am off to port harcourt.

Hope your enjoying your stay?

23.04.2021 07:53

My dear friend,the weather was quite cool ,brush and eat iyeh ...have a nice day 🤗

23.04.2021 09:03

Thank you and you too bath, eat and take your drugs too.

Enjoy the friday with ease.


23.04.2021 09:58

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :23-04-2021
Time :8:50am

Good morning beloved steemains, hope you all had a great night rest, my was fine I thank God for making us see another beautiful day, will be traveling to owerri this morning for a conference, just so excited about it, in the salon right now fixing my hair after that will be living for owerri

SStay tune for more updates

23.04.2021 08:02

First lid Report
Location: Summit road Asaba Delta
Date: 23/04/2021


Good Morning Friends

I thank God for making us see this beautiful day. I hope you guys had a wonderful night rest?
Well on my side it was great, the night was very cool the rain was something else. The water flooded our compound yesterday, we were working in the night under the rain trying to block the water not to enter the compound. After that i had a little worship that same night before i sleep.

My plans this morning is not that much, i will be running around town to look for a new apartment to rent.

Stay tuned for more updates
Much love from @basky14



23.04.2021 08:19

Good day sir
Hope your day is going well?
I wish you success in all your planning for today.
Stay safe

23.04.2021 16:17

1st lid post
Date....23 April 2021
Location... Abia state

Good morning friends, trust your night went well?
Mine was good, but i slept off at night while chatting 😂, i left my data on till day break.
I woke up around 6am, i said my prayers and went to the kitchen to boil water. Around 7am i went out to buy akara and bread, that's what i want to eat for breakfast. Then i took my bath and left for work.
on my way to work


I reached office within 20mins, today will be bit stressful tho, but i will finish my work today.

I will keep you guys updated.
Stay tuned

23.04.2021 08:44

Hello boss, I can see you are looking good... Nah you dey chop steemit Money see as you fresh.

Stay safe and enjoy your day

23.04.2021 15:32

Good day boss

23.04.2021 16:19

My 1st lid Post
Location ABA ukegbu
Date 23/04/2021
Time 7:30

IMG_20210423_115335_175.jpg good morning my fellow steemians how are you and how was your night,thank God that we all wake up this morning,my night was good because I slept early,and also wake up early,I sleep comfortably,I want to take a shower now and go out for work, because today is weekend, stay tuned for more updates....

23.04.2021 09:10


Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 10:08am

Good morning my fellow steemian, today has been sunny, hope y'all slept well, by now I think we should all be in our respective place of work, however I woke up early like usual had my morning food for fasting and when I woke up I did the house chores and had my bath.
best of luck to all of us,
today is ramadan day 11,
Stay tuned for more update.

twopercent #nigeria

23.04.2021 09:11

Good morning boss, trust you had a great night.
Hope you are enjoying your day?.

Stay safe
Best regards: @mato445

23.04.2021 15:31

First lid report
23rd April, 2021
Immaculate road, Aba.

Good morning my good friends on steem.
Last night, I couldn't sleep well.
This is as a result of mosquitoe bites.
Today, I will buy insecticide to silence them.

Today, I woke up by 6am, prepared for work.
I left home at about 8am.

I intend to work till 2pm.
By then I would have got ready the two set of clothes I intend to waybil.
After I send them, I can now go home to receive a visitor I have.

That's all for now, I will update you with happenings around here for the rest of the day.
Do have a nice day ahead

Morning selfie

23.04.2021 09:13

First lid Report
Location: Asaba

Good morning my lovely members of Steemit!, hope each and every one of you had a splendid night, as for me my night was splendid because I didn’t encounter any pain like the other nights I presume it’s the hand work of God.
I slept like a baby and when I woke up the first thing I could thing of is food but unfortunately I went to the kitchen all I could find are dirty dishes so I had to do some little hygiene first, immediately, I remembered that when I woke up I didn’t brush my teeth so I quickly when to the bathroom, brush my teeth then back to the kitchen and wash the dishes.
I’m getting ready to go to a nearby shop n get breakfast stuffs since there’s nothing available at home.
Thanks for visiting my post n I wish u guys a great and Blessed Day !.



23.04.2021 09:29



Good morning fellow reporters how hv u guys been,i hope u nite went well i thank God he who had strengthen me today,am so greatful,am am very happy for seeing ur faces as well.
I woke up around after six i overslept today shaa,so after all tho house chores,i went off late,it wasnt really funny because i had to double up everything to meet up,with moms shop,u know how provision is that it required much more energy,to control it.
Do hv a wonderful day and stay tuned for more updates.

23.04.2021 10:49

Hello pretty it's a pleasure reading your post for today it's nice seen your face too. Sometimes one wakes up late but the ability for you to meet up with today activities are sublime. Something tells me that you are deligent and hard-working too keep it up.
When you get to the shop please stay safe


23.04.2021 14:44

My Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers State portharcout city

Date: 23/04/2021

Time: 3:22


Hello steemians welcome today to my first Lid report for today I'm really excited to write again today, it all started at about 5am when I woke up I quickly took a nap and joined my family members in the parlour for our family prayers.

At about 5:30am I came out and went to my friend's house to call him so we could go out together for our daily morning work-out exercise, we ran from Location to #Rumuokoro round about it was really nice exercising my body after which all my body was totally flexible. I really enjoyed it.

Stay tuned second Lid report comes your way shortly.


23.04.2021 14:30

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 23/04/2021
Time: 10:37am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
I just decide to go and take my breakfast and my breakfast is rice with fried fish and after eating I will be returning back to my office, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

23.04.2021 15:24

1st lid

Location: Abule Egba

Time: 4:11pm




Good evening friends, hope you are having a great day.
Mine was cool. Today my cousin went to do a photoshoot for her birthday that is coming up this Sunday.
She want to celebrate it in style and it gonna be boom.
I will keep you guys updated on the event .. #twopercent


23.04.2021 15:30

With make-up your cousin looks extremely beautiful help me wish her a happy birthday for me inform her to keep my rice and chicken ooo I'm on my way coming.


23.04.2021 15:51

my second Lid report for today

Location: Rivers State portharcout city


Time: 4:51pm.




Hello good people of steemit here is my street an aboki man is amending my brothers trouser my dad gave it to him it was really bogus so he decided to amend it. The Aboki guy wants to take the sum of #600 but I joined him and we begged the guy and finally he accepted to collect the sum of #400.


23.04.2021 15:58

That's a good of you, me I can price and the same thing to you

23.04.2021 20:40

2nd lid post
Date...23 April 2021
Location.... Azuka junction aba

Good evening everyone, hope your Day is going?
Mine is fun. I came outside balcony to search for our today's spotlight. Though, i first snapped in the afternoon, then snapped in the evening

around 2pm, traffic shot from above


Around 5pm, traffic shot from above


I will be going home around 6pm
Will update you guys.
Stay tuned.

23.04.2021 16:12

2nd lid

Location: Abule Egba

Time: 6:48pm

Date: 23-04-2021


Hello everyone, I welcome you all to my second lid report for the day.
The traffic report on my way home from Lagos Ibadan Express way. The traffic isn't much although at the front their is a bit traffic due to the round about.



23.04.2021 17:56

Nice road network I really enjoy some construction works in some states, it's really nice viewing this something tells me that this is a federal road.


23.04.2021 18:27

Yeah it is a federal road.
Apart from the traffic that we face daily the road is really nice

23.04.2021 18:29

Lid spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 23/04/2021

Time: 7:20pm




This is the traffic situation today around #Rumuokuta in portharcout city here. There are so many construction work ongoing in ikweree road so some parts of the road where blocked.


23.04.2021 18:25

Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for this update

23.04.2021 21:08

1st traffic report today

Location: Itori Ogun State


Date: 23-04-2021


Good evening guys, stuck in the traffic since 6pm .

This is Ogun State toll gate, am going back home and am still stuck here.

I will update you guys later



23.04.2021 18:43

Nice post, traffic is so bad from your end.

23.04.2021 20:13

2nd Lid report

Spotlight traffic
This traffic held me at ugwuorji, along owerri onitsha Rd . On my way to owerri and boom traffic.
Will get us updated on what is happening in our conference..

23.04.2021 18:44

Location: immaculate railway aba
Date: 23/04/2021
Time: 06:02pm
3rd lid report

Good evening my fellow steemians,
Am just close work for today and then I have to enter keke that is going to immaculate Junction and then I trekked down to my house and then I have to snap a railway picture for my lid report, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

23.04.2021 20:23

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 23/04/2021
Time: 06:54pm
4th lid report


Hello guys,
As i just come back house and one of my neighbors is selling garri and kanda and at at least it will last one month before it will finish.

23.04.2021 20:51

My 2nd lid post


When I was coming out from work this morning there is a lot of traffic on the road I've been on the traffic over 45 minutes I don't know the exact thing that cause the traffic, but glory be to God I reach my working place, stay tuned for more updates..

23.04.2021 21:03

Second lid report (spotlight)
Abia state Polytechnic, Aba.
Abia State.

This was the traffic situation at front gate of Abia state Polytechnic Aba, Abia State as at 9:20am.

I climbed the walkover in front of the gate to enable me take these pictures.

Abia State Polythecnic, Aba

Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

23.04.2021 21:07

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210423_170606_423.jpgpicture location

I went to buy something on ParkI used the opportunity to look around inside milverton everywhere is busy, some are doing waybill some also buying tickets to travel some other States, I captured it to show you people how is going, I'll keep on updating you people the latest, stay tuned for more updates...

23.04.2021 21:42

My 4th lid post

IMG_20210423_165146_758.jpgpicture location

Today's spotlight is to capture traffic from above I don't know where I can stay and capture it but I try my best to do that, I really thank God because I find mine today spotlight what about you people stay tuned for more updates..

23.04.2021 21:48

2nd Report.

Spotlight : Traffic

My spotlight

Hello guys, good evening from this end.
I was meant to report my 2nd lid earlier, but I had a low battery and a busy day as well.
I captured this traffic along Orji road Owerri, Imo State Nigeria while going to see @ceendy20.

I also attended a program which brought me down to Owerri from Lagos.

Above Rubbies Program

The Above Rubbies is the women Ministry in my church, we had our first national meeting since for the year 2021, it's been a blast so far

We had a speaker from Bayelsa, Dr Chidinma.

Dr Chidinma Our Guest speaker

The below picture is the praise team Ministering, I was blessed.

Our praise team

The below is our host Pastor Juliet Jason addressing the women.

Our host

I really had a beautiful day today, I came in from the program not quite long.

*This is all for my report tonight.

Best regards

Time: 11:03pm
Date: 23/04/2021
Location: Owerri Imo State Nigeria

23.04.2021 22:04

2nd traffic report

Location: Itori Ogun State.

Time: 11:22pm

Date: 23-01-2021



Good evening guys.. it my second traffic report for today 23rd of April 2021
It been a stressful day for.,

Just came back from work not quite long.
The traffic jam really tight but I rugged it and make sure I got home safely

I will be during tea and bread before I sleep



23.04.2021 22:21