Launching Power2Soar: SteemAlive Community Power up event starting March 15th, 2021. 10,000Sp Prize + More! (powered up 100%)



We are delighted to announce the birth of Power2Soar, a community power up event organized by SteemAlive!!! This is indeed a dream come true. We are very excited and hope this event would be great and a step in the right direction.

As a community, we are keen to see the individual growth of our members and we realize how much influence Steem power has on the steem blockchain. Since a high steempower guarantees a high curation reward and a healthier steem rate in the crypto market, we decided to launch Power2Soar.

Already SteemAlive has a thriving community trail with 204 followers as seen below:


And our trail is the 3rd most popular too:


So with Power2Soar and other projects like **Save2Soar.

  1. Participants must not be powering down 1 week to the date of this power up event (15/3/2021). They must not power down 1 month after the power up event. Those found powering down within 1 month of winning prizes would loose their delegation and wont qualify to participate in Power2Soar for April and May.
  2. Participants must make a post between now and 15th March 2021 indicating their willingness to participate. The post must be published in SteemAlive community with the first tag power2soar
  3. Immediately they powered up on 15th, Participants must make a post with two clear screenshots of their wallet before and after the power up.


Who can Participate in this contest?

  1. All SteemAlive members are free to participate. Whether they are new, or old members. Since our goal is to encourage everyone to power up, there are no restrictions, although participants must follow the few rules mentioned above.


Appreciating our Generous Sponsors.

As mentioned above, the contest rewards were crowdfunded from SteemAlive members that are eager to see the growth of this community. We recently launched Open Happiness which has stimulated the spirit of selfless giving in the community.

We appreciate the following donors that made this contest and reality.

How to Support Power2Soar

We can still make the prizes bigger, cant we? If you are touched by what we are doing, you can still donate to support Power2Soar. We accept Steem power delegations, Steem, Tron, Fiat, etc. You can send the tokens to @safunds. Also drop a comment on this post so we can add you to the Sponsors list.

We thank @steemcurator01 and @steemchiller, @stephenkendal for Supporting SteemAlive Projects. We also thank all members of SteemAlive for making our community one of the most exciting on Steemit.

Lets Power2Soar!!!!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive



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Interesting project! I am happy to be part of this. Thank you @steemalive for always thinking about the welfare of your members. Let's see how it goes

08.03.2021 10:46

Wow this I really awesome, and I will be really glad to participate in this, thank you @steemalive

08.03.2021 10:53

This is a wonderful scheme and the prizes are just awesome, great job @steemalive and the everyone who is involved in this contests, the sponsors and the co-ordinator. Let's power up steem and take steem to the 🌒🌒🌒

08.03.2021 11:01

Wow.. awesome. I'm glad to participate in this contest

08.03.2021 11:03

Awesome #Contest and good luck to everyone taking part.

Thanks again for your continued support and promotion of #Steem and #Steemit.

Keep up the great work.

Upvoted and resteemed.


08.03.2021 11:37

These is a very interesting project am sure going to be part of it

08.03.2021 11:41

Great initiative. Big up to the co-codinator of this wonderful scheme. I'm very proud of @steemalive and I'll definitely participate.

08.03.2021 11:43

Nice one

08.03.2021 11:46

This is an amazing opportunity and interesting project being launched by this community. I will like to participate too...looking forward to 15th of this month 😄

08.03.2021 12:13

The prize are mouth watering, A big thanks to @steemalive for this wonderful innovation.
Keep the good work going.
Upvoted and resteemed 🎉

08.03.2021 12:46

This is more than awesome. The initiative is great. @steemalive thumbs up for you.

08.03.2021 12:47

Wow! This is amazing and mouth watering.....
A win-win project

Thank you to @steemalive @focusnow @mato445 @ngoenyi and every other generous sponsor ❤️

08.03.2021 13:02

This is really a welcome development. I believe continuing this way we lift this community to a higher ground. Also big thanks goes to the sponsors of this development.

08.03.2021 14:12

I am planing to buy steem and power on that day, I want to know if I am eligible to participate.

I need an answer @steemalive please

08.03.2021 15:18

@pocoloco01. You are eligible.

08.03.2021 17:47


Then I will be powering up that day

09.03.2021 08:56

I can't wait for this power2soar contest. I really thank all donors and participants 2 be.
I'll try to invest steem inorder to participate.
Thank you so much @focusnow for launching this project.
Thank you so much @steemalive to your good endeavors.
Every one is free to participate. Just buy steem to invest.

08.03.2021 21:17

I am awestruck at the amazing benefits wrapped up in this power2soar project!!! Special thanks to all our donors. I really wish I could be a partaker of this awesome initiative. Kudos to @steemalive🙌🙌🙌

09.03.2021 00:04

The growth and great achievements of steemalive is so encouraging and exciting, the support from the members and leaders is something so beautiful, I believe with this kind of energy and vibes there's more to come from @steemalive.

This is a beautiful project, more grease to your elbow and more strength to keep pushing through ❤

power2soar is the next big thing, it's gonna be heavy 😍 the amazing prizes are so mouth watering 😋.

09.03.2021 06:19

@steemalive, this is so interesting a project. We will work towards it.
Thanks to all the sponsors.

09.03.2021 09:13

@steemAlive to the moon, the growth path and support of the community is overwhelming. Interesting project. I will sure participate. Congratulations to all participants

twopercent #cameroon

09.03.2021 10:05

Wow. This is a great contest..

This is my expression post here

12.03.2021 15:15

This is an awesome project to carry out and I'm glad to be in this community @steemalive.

15.03.2021 11:53