The Daily Leo #3 | Manually Curated Investment Newsletter From The Steemleo Community + Our Mission

Timeslot for The Daily Leo

11:00 AM UTC

Another day, another edition of The Daily Leo. We've decided on an official timeslot for The Daily Leo -- Expect to see all future editions of The Daily LEO go out at 11:00 AM UTC every day. Our primary goal with The Daily Leo is to create a newspaper, of sorts.

We want passionate investors to create (and enjoy) the habit of picking up The Daily Leo as a daily read. They may not read all the featured posts in this "newspaper", but they may see 1 or 3 great pieces from the #steemleo community and decide to jump in and enjoy. This is just the beginning of something that we believe could be marketed as a driving source of attention for the Steemleo community and the amazing content here.

The Mission of The Daily Leo

We want to continually reiterate the mission of Steemleo and The Daily Leo newsletter.

Our goal with Steemleo is to create an investment community for passionate individuals who love creating content about investing, reading about investing and discussing all things related to investments.

It's amazing to see the response from the community. While we still have some people abusing the Steemleo tag and posting non-related investment content, we have a ton of people posting incredible content for the Steemleo community.

The mission of The Daily Leo is to curate some of the best posts of the day and bring you what is essentially a daily "newspaper" that features some of the curation team's top picks of the day.

We are still testing this feature, but as it stands, 50% of the post rewards will be sent to the content creators featured in this edition of The Daily Leo. We will potentially adjust this as time goes on and see what works best for identifying and rewarding the top content on the Steemleo platform.

How do you get featured in The Daily Leo?

A few awesome community members have asked how to get featured in The Daily Leo. Here are some tips:

  1. Write a great piece of investment content. This is, in fact, Steemleo! We want to see some well-thought-out investing content from the community. (if you need more guidance on what this content may look like, look into the content presented in this Daily Leo and the ones before it as examples of what we consider "good content")
  2. Our curators are always looking through the new tab for great content, but adding your post to the post-promotions channel in our discord can boost the chances of it getting seen as we are also curating as many posts as we can from there as well.
  3. Rotating authors -- we want to make sure that the same authors aren't constantly getting featured. While we don't have any precise restrictions on how many times an author can be featured in The Daily Leo, we're trying not to do the same authors more than 2 times a week

What Else Are We Doing to Reward Content Creators?

You may have seen some extra upvotes on your posts from the @steem.leo account. This account will be used for upvoting investing content under #steemleo. We're constantly curating the feed, so keep writing high-quality posts to get some upvotes from us as well.

More exciting rewards programs for content creators on #steemleo are in the pipeline. Thank you for making this all possible and let's keep building this amazing community together.

What is the amount of staked tokens to became a Minnow, Dolphin, Orca or Whale for a Scot Tribe - 2019-07-09?

8 Minute Read | 1589 Words

Whenever @holger80 makes a post, you know some serious data knowledge is being dropped upon you. In his latest post, holger dives into the data behind what it takes to become a minnow, dolphin, orca or whale on all the Scot tribes that currently exist.



How Much Could a Whale Move LEO Right Now? + A Curation Note

3 Minute Read | 421 Words

Following along similar lines as Holger's post, @schubes wonders how much a whale could affect the LEO price. The data might surprise you ;)

"So currently what would happen if someone bought or sold a lot of LEO (Number are in LEO/STEEM)?"



Litecoin Price Has Us Sitting With Anticipation

4 Minute Read | 756 Words

Is LTC a good buy right now? @scaredycatguide breaks down the happenings of LTC and evaluates the recent price action. He begs the question:

> "Pausing to Pick up Steam or Already Passed the Peak?"



Something HUGE About Steem is Coming! Buy/Hodl STEEM & TYPE!

3 Minute Read | 407 Words

In recent Tweets, Typerium and Steem announced some sort of game-changing release for the creative market. Could they be collaborating on some big project? @xyzashu talks Steem hype and what these tweets might mean for Steem.



Investing In Steem Leo Token Mining!!!

LeoTube Video


Some may not know yet, but Steemleo has it's own video platform called LeoTube. In a video uploaded to the platform, @thomasgutierrez talks about Steem Engine and also about how he invested in over 80 LEO Mega Miners!



Dtube Daily : Hey Steemleo What's Your Opinion On BAT Tokens

LeoTube Video

In an episode of his DTube Daily, @cflclosers asks the Steem & Steemleo community about the BAT token and the Brave Browser. Could BAT turn into something huge one day?



#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


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LeoTube -- Video Platform
LeoPeak -- All-In-One Interface

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Getting bigger and bigger from day to day

Posted using Partiko Android

10.07.2019 18:21

And we're just getting started! So many more things to do and build here with #steemleo ;)

10.07.2019 18:34

Your project will make fun to read content about investing and crypto fun again. Lately the content on Steem is becoming boring.

Even better if you curate the great gems.

10.07.2019 19:45

My question is, if am using the steemleo Dtube platform and my post ain't investment, let's say #seven77 #pushupchallenge can I still use the #steemleo tag?

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11.07.2019 20:27