The Daily Leo #1 | A Curated Investment Newsletter for the Steemleo Community

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steemleo is a community for investors to talk about all things investing-related. We created this community as a way to promote and reward high-quality, long-form investing content within the Steem community and beyond.

What we've seen so far is that many people have been using the steemleo tag for a lot of non-investing related content. Some of this tag abuse is done because some users are not yet aware of what Steemleo is. They think that Steemleo is just an open forum for whatever content they like and a means to earning another token for their content.

We've made signficant strides in cleaning up the tag. While the job isn't 100% complete (and probably will never be complete), we are seeing a much cleaner feed today than yesterday and the day before.

A big thank you to everyone who has done an awesome job leaving respectful comments to users about posting in #steemleo and also to everyone in discord who have been actively using the report-tag-abuse channel to call on the powerful @noleo4u to clean up LEO rewards on non-investing content.

We have found that there is now a very good problem on Steemleo. There is a MASSIVE influx of quality investing content to sort through. We dare you to try and read it all ;)

As important as it is to clean up the Steemleo community and discourage non-investment content by flagging it, it is equally important to encourage the awesome creators in this investment community.

The Daily Leo

To further promote the creators of great investing content, we have crafted The Daily Leo -- A daily newsletter of hand-curated investment content under the #steemleo tag.

This curation newsletter will feature some of our curation team's favorite posts of the day. Just note that there are WAY MORE awesome pieces of content out there on Steemleo and we simply can't fit them all here.. but we're happy that this is a problem. These are just a few of our favorites.



The Business of Blogging and How To Take Over The World

10 minute read | 1998 Words

In an incredibly well-thought-out blog post, @nonameslefttouse drags us into the rabbit hole of the business of blogging on the Steem blockchain while analogizing a Steem blog owner to a shop owner... and schools us in the art of world domination.



Altcoins Under Attack

5 minute read | 594 Words

@edicted dicusses FUD for Altcoins, BTC maximalists and how the establishment is trying to control crypto



Get paid to invest mentality

3 minute read | 445 Words

Instead of promoting "get paid to post" mentality which doesn't incorportate the idea of doing what's good for Steem longterm, we should promote "get paid to invest" mentality which obviously includes "get paid to post" but gives so much more benefits to the platform itself, to our blogs, to us who write those blogs and to our readers. - @organduo



Selling pressure and why I'm still positive

5 minute read | 881 Words

@meno talks businesses on Steem, selling pressure on the STEEM token and ultimately why he's still bullish on STEEM as an investment.




4 Minute Read | 117 Words & Beautiful Charts

@gerber does a deep dive into the data behind mining and LEO distribution and presents it with eye-candy (a.k.a. beautiful charts).



New Steem: A Place Full Of Options

6 Minute Read | 1124 Words

@taskmaster4450 artfully explains why #newsteem is a place of infinite options and opportunities while peering through the lens of a new and innovative investment initiative on the Steem blockchain.



Special thanks to @soyluijo for creating the Leo Divider.

#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


Comments 25

Having a news letter with quality curated content is a great idea. I've noticed a ton of improvement in less than a week and it makes me very hopeful for Steem Leo.
Can't wait until we attract more great writers who are writing about things non-Steem related as it will really help onboarding new Steem users and all value for all.

Posted using Partiko Android

07.07.2019 23:34

Thanks! Glad you like the idea and yes, the improvement has been absolutely noticeable. There will likely always be some battles to fight on the tag front, but it will get more manageable with time and awareness.

Yes! We're excited to see what happens when new Steemians flood the #steemleo scene. If we are successful in onboarding hundreds and even thousands of new Steem users through Steemleo, it will be an incredible thing to witness as the daily active users of this blockchain grows significantly and all dApps flourish here.

07.07.2019 23:52

How it works? I have 3x LEOM 2x LEOMM and nothing goes into the wallet?
I've seen that others are already receiving awards...

08.07.2019 18:32

Wicked cool idea, @steem.leo and I love your format! I might have to "steal" a formatting trick or three for my weekly Steemit Tarot curation post... 😊

08.07.2019 00:03

Thank you @traciyork! Glad you like the format enough to want to steal it.. good artists copy, great artists.. Steal away, we don't mind 🧡

08.07.2019 01:11

thanks... yaaaasss.gif

08.07.2019 15:22

It gets better every single day!

Featured articles was a great idea in case we missed a post so I hope this becomes a daily habit:)

08.07.2019 00:27

woohoo! Glad you agree. We think it's a great way to show people what kind of content we're looking for on Steemleo as well. long-form, high quality investment content ;)

08.07.2019 01:11

You're definitely setting the bar higher for other tribes, @steem.leo, congrats on the successful launch and now a newsletter in under a week. Thanks a lot of featuring these posts, I will be taking this opportunity to learn with them.

All the best for Leo!

08.07.2019 01:08

Thank you @funtraveller! Setting the bar is what we want to do.. actually, we want to crush that bar and make people question what’s possible ;)

We have a lot of plans for this kind of stuff to encourage good content and onboard awesome content creators. If you think this is cool, just wait till you see what’s next 🔥

08.07.2019 01:56

It does seem to be getting better which shows the true power behind this community here on steemleo. I feel like people react better to a kind comment then instead of a flag or downvote.

08.07.2019 02:09

Great newsletter and thrilled @spinvest is getting recognized! Think it's a great idea and made sure to let them know about #steemleo to aid in our growth! Thanks for sharing!

Posted using Partiko Android

08.07.2019 02:17

Guys you do great work, keep going. If now is that much opportunity to stay and create content what it will be after a year? I think it should be awesome trip with awesome people!

08.07.2019 02:41

Nice report you made here

Posted using Partiko Android

08.07.2019 02:48

Very good newsletter! It is important to continue trying the exclusive theme of the platform, because we are part of it, and in the same way, we have a common mission as protagonists of this epic advance.

Again, I am extremely grateful for the recent changes, the new publications and the encouragement that @steem.leo gives to the community.

08.07.2019 02:48

Very nice work @steem.leo I will have to check these out, a lot of familiar names there I am sure the content is great as is virtually all of their posts. Have to make this a daily habit from now on. Thanks for posting.

08.07.2019 03:27

The team behind @steem.leo is doing excellent work, I always wanted a platform where I can discuss my projects, investments, marketing philosophy and among many other things and here I have it.

Again, thanks for everything and it's really an honor to me for you guys using my text divider. I do not have words to describe all this. But I just wish a lot of success to this platform and for everyone as well grow together as a community

08.07.2019 03:36

This is a great initiative in the Steem.leo team with this curation effort. And daily too! Wow, that will help us all to learn about investment from each other.

08.07.2019 03:49

A good way to encourage writers to produce more quality articles. And easy to refer back in future for good investment-related articles. Greatiative! Leo Roars ~~

Posted using Partiko Android

08.07.2019 05:09

Nice work!

voto good job latininvestor.png

08.07.2019 05:12

Sweet,... thank you for the shout out in your news latter.

Im excited to be here, timing is perfect and im getting lots of great feedback and advice from the community. So far, im having lots of fun and starting to build bonds with members while making money, come on. That's what's it all about. This is a great platform you got yourself here, im looking forward to the future

08.07.2019 11:54

Does SteemLeo has a spanish curation? i like to write in my native language 😁

08.07.2019 14:18

@steem.leo, Daily Leo Newsletter is needed step team because everyone needs the Knowledge of Investment and in many cases investment knowledge can become game changing. Keep up the great work team. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

08.07.2019 16:09

I am grateful for this new community. One in which I can start off strong and be recognized for my investment brilliance (or poor-investment ;) I have been waiting for a while for a tribe or community that focuses strictly on investments and Iwill be fully staking everything I earn for some time to come.

Not only that I just bougth a LEO MEGA MINER.. do I need to stake it in order to receive dividends?

08.07.2019 16:19

Hello, I like the idea of steemleo. I would love to grow my coins but I am not a be investor yet. Will you have a way for me to delegate them to anyone to get rewards in steemleo?

08.07.2019 19:32