SteemLeo Interface Upgrades Have Arrived! | Tickers + Sidebar Widget

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The time has finally arrived! We've been working on a major interface upgrade for a while now and this feature has been requested by several members of the community.

The latest site upgrades go a long way in making SteemLeo feel like a more lively website that is actually tailored to financial enthusiasts.

@midlet was recently on the show hosted by @pennsif and they talked about nitrous interfaces and the need for a greater deal of customization. Right now, most of the interfaces look exactly the same. They are simply a forked instance of Steemit's Condenser interface.

Our vision for SteemLeo is to make it the best place for anyone who loves investing to join and discuss awesome ideas that they are passionate about. The user experience is at the top of the list for necessary obstacles to mass adoption.

In case you missed it, we've converted the @leo.voter account into a native content supporter. It's a similar model to the account -- create a post from the SteemLeo interface, and we'll curate it with that account (it's around 100,000 SP atm and growing). You also get that sweet little badge to the right of your post which lets everyone know that you're supporting SteemLeo by posting from our interface.


I'm always careful about sharing a roadmap as I want to make sure that the changes will actually happen before sharing details about them. Here are a few things that are already being worked on, so we can say with certainty that they will happen in the near-future:

1). The Learn Initiative -- This is something we've been working on for a while. The project will evolve over time, but it is essentially a documentation series for everything related to SteemLeo/Steem

2). LABS Documentation -- detailed tutorials for tribe owners to upgrade their nitrous, how to launch a token, services through LABS and more!

3). Interface Features such as the ticker integration featured in this post.

3). Top Secret -- this is one that we'll keep close to the vest. It's as big as all of the previous items... x10.

Be sure to head over to and check out the new features! There are also a few hidden easter eggs in there, let's see who can find them first 🦁leave a comment down below with something that you think is an easter egg and there might be a prize for you ;)



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Comments 14

Awesome work Steemleo.

10.10.2019 14:53

2). LABS Documentation -- detailed tutorials for tribe owners to upgrade their nitrous, how to launch a token, services through LABS and more!

This would awesome! a real value add for many tribes.

10.10.2019 15:09

The upgrades look fantastic!

10.10.2019 15:12

This is totally awesome. What a sensational idea. Genius really. 😁

It is great to see the road map unfolding and the burn rate going so well.

10.10.2019 15:17


Posted using Partiko iOS

10.10.2019 15:28

Loving the ticker! Leo is really becoming more and more investor friendly! I would love a leo stats perhaps you could work with coin gecko about getting API feeds from them and have a landing page for prices and graphs

Would be great if each coin had their own page and then all leo content mentioning those coins can be found there

10.10.2019 15:30

So many good news today. Better up my steemleo stake! The new additions look quite sexy!

10.10.2019 16:31

Looks great, Glad to see the tribes moving away from the standard website and love the extra info given.

10.10.2019 17:18

You have received a @buildawhale manual curation vote.

10.10.2019 17:21

Fantastic work from you guys. Innovations and ideas like this Ry your platform will be fantastic along with your tokens. Thanks for the update and keep well!

Posted using Partiko Android

10.10.2019 17:30

Yippee! Im Really Loving It!! Upped πŸ’― and resteemed! β€πŸ‘πŸ’

10.10.2019 21:56

I wish the ticker was optional but it does make sense.

11.10.2019 00:16

Awesome news!!
I like the upgraded interface!!

11.10.2019 20:30

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12.10.2019 10:53