SteemLeo 🔥 BURN Report #3 🔥— Over 90% of All LEO is Staked

3rd Steemleo burn report.png

3 Months Already!? Wow, time flies. Welcome to the 3rd LEO burn report.

In total, we've burned 725,720.87 LEO tokens (15.16% of the total supply).

This month, we've burned 217,084 LEO tokens (4.53% of the total supply and an increase from last month).

We've also seen a crazy run-up of the LEO price this past week. Great work everyone and shout out to the new LEO whales on the block 🦁

Interface Updates

Last month we announced a few changes to the interface and we've had WAY more implemented this month. If it's been a while since you logged into, I urge you to check it out.

There were well over a dozen changes this month, but some of the most exciting ones are:

  1. Recent Posts By ____ at the end of each post (showcases the 5 most recent SteemLeo posts made by the author)
  2. "Guide to SteemLeo" in the sidebar (the first of many additions to help with educating people about SteemLeo, Steem, Investing, Blockchain tech and more. We have some awesome pages and modules in the works to onboard and educate new users)
  3. Written from badge (a LEO token badge next to the name of a user who posted from our interface)


go show @tarazkp some love, he consistently posts through and is an awesome author 🧡

LEO Sinks🚰

A sink is a means to burning tokens. Ideally, creating several sinks that consistently burn tokens will offset inflation and create a healthier market price for the remaining supply.

1) The Crypto Fantasy League game in the SteemLeo discord channel. This game is far more about having fun than really burning tokens, but it still burns a small amount of tokens each week and also gives users a way to spend their LEO on something that's enjoyable.

2). The Steemleo LABS Project. In the past month, we officially launched LABS by SteemLeo which helps token creators and tribe founders to work with us and build their business/community. We've offered help with things like automated airdrops, Proof of Delegation distributions, ENG investment to get the tribe off the ground, etc. This month, approximately 10,500 LEO was burned for LABS and we expect to see something similar in the coming month as we get more tribes/communities working with us.

3). We’re burning all of the LEO posting/curation rewards earned by our main @steem.leo account (so upvoting any post made by @steem.leo is effectively earning you curation rewards but then burning our author rewards and depleting the supply of LEO — also referred to as a “burn post”). This has stacked up to be one of the largest contributions to our regular burns. Thousands of LEO are burned through official posting/curation rewards each month. Upvoting posts by official accounts such as @steem.leo will lead to larger burns and potentially large curation rewards for yourself as well. It's a win-win!

4). The @leo.voter is the Steemleo community voting bot. We are actually converting this bid-based voting bot into a community voter that will upvote content that was posted directly through the interface. Doing this will increase usage of the interface and ultimately lead to better traffic, more Brave BAT rewards and more burned LEO off the market. It distributes LEO to SP delegators and also burns a % of the distribution each day. It currently has about 60,000 SP delegated to it.

5). The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest. We've run 1 Steemleo writing contest and decided to go back to the drawing board to make the contest better. The weekly writing contests will resume at some point in the near futrue when we get a few more details sorted out.

6). Burn LEO to promote your post on the interface --> if you send LEO to @null with your post link in the memo field, then your post will appear as promoted and those tokens are permanently removed from the supply. We have a healthy amount of LEO burned through promotion and we expect this to increase over time as usage of the interface continues to grow.

7). Ads on Condenser (coming soon?). A lot of people have asked if SteemLeo will introduce ads on our condenser. I'm not entirely sold on the idea of having ads all over the interface and making it look cluttered and unprofessional. I've been monitoring the performance of ads and have seen that the burn rate for ads each month hardly justifies the cost/detriment to the overall look and UX of the site. I'm not saying that we'll never do some kind of advertising to burn LEO off the market, but I think it's best to hold off for now. I'd like to do something like direct ad sales to targeted businesses on Steem and outside of Steem as well. This will be more profitable in terms of LEO burned off the market and it will allow us to have better control over the UX of the site.

8). Ad Spots on the Steemleo Show Podcast (coming soon?). The Steemleo podcast audience is growing steadily. We already have a large enough listenership to sign up with an ad network that would run before and after each podcast episode which would work similarly to ads on condenser by burning tokens from the market.

9). BAT. We announced our Brave integration as a verified content creator a few weeks back. We were the first tribe to launch this initiative and I'm happy to report that we're getting some great BAT subscriptions and donations from the SteemLeo community. All this BAT will be used to buy LEO off the market and burn it. It hasn't been a full month since we launched this integration, but we will perform the burn each time there is a burn report. We received about 167 BAT this month, so we will be burning approximately 140 STEEM worth of LEO off the market (about 700-800 LEO at the current market price). The more traffic we get through the Brave browser, the more BAT we earn and the more LEO we burn! 🔥

10). Another Top Secret Burn!? I really love having stuff in the works and being able to say that we've got a top secret burn iniative that is yet to launch. Well, this month is no different. We've got something in the works and will hopefully get it up and running this week or next week. It will allow us to buy and burn LEO off the market at a solid rate while also supporting other tribes and LEO content creators. Stay tuned 🦁

The Amount of Staked LEO Is Over 90% of the Circulating Supply!

The amount of staked LEO is currently: 2,398,178.73 LEO.

That's 59.07% of the circulating supply if you factor in the sell wall.

Technically, the sell wall doesn't really count as those tokens will likely never see the light of day. So if you remove the 1.4M tokens still remaining in the wall (which will be completely burned in 7 months), then the actual staked number looks more like this:

2,398,178.73 LEO staked = 90.15% of the circulating supply (when excluding the Sell wall from the circulating supply). This is up about 2% from last months figure of ~88%.

Issued Versus Burned:

For those interested, this (green column) is a daily average of the total LEO tokens issued to users for the past month.

In the red column are the actual daily burns (transactions to @null each day).

To the right are the total stats both including the sell wall burn and excluding the sell wall burn. With the sell wall burn included, we offset inflation nearly 2 times over.

LEO Burn Daily.png

special thanks to @dalz for pulling the daily LEO issued data and for working on the weekly @leo.stats reports.

The Lions Are On the Hunt For More Ways to Spend & Burn LEO

There are limitless ideas out there and all it takes is the right execution. If you've got some ideas for ways to spend/burn LEO, then hit us up in discord and let's make them a reality!

We've also got a few Leo Syndicators on the team already but we're always looking to expand it. If you're interested in the position, then contact @khaleelkazi on discord for more details.

All LEO Author Rewards On this Post Will Be Burned
#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


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Great one :)
How about speeding up burning that sell wall :)

17.09.2019 21:59

Haha I have considered it, but I think it keeps things interesting to have it drag on. I wonder if it will create a greater deal of long-term price stability. It’s also a great marketing tactic ;)

18.09.2019 02:13

So that 1.4 million sell is you?

18.09.2019 09:39

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We will get STEEMLEO on newdex and a DAC steemleo DAC you will have the benefit of launching on newdex with marketing but you need to be good boy and give newdex a good percentage of total supply for their own airdrop to NDX token holders, newdex will let your investors buya nd sell STEEMLEO without deposits or withdraws of steem engine and yet itw orks with it, compliments not replaces, eos version fo steemleo will let you say you can compete with voice, reaching billion dollar market and yes i can get you to a multi million dollar marketcap with steemleo , with thousands of dollars a day in trading volume since you HAVE a working dappa nd community already, we will be CROSS CHAIn steem AND EOS, you ALREAYD HAVE yoru dapp working ons teem, eos -ex is very simple, @someguy123 will do it for you 2000 ENg and 30 EOS , price has to be raised becaus eof steem going down but its ok, it will be worth it, its just like what a few hundred dollars man.,...


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Just have to pay @aggroed the money in the @steem-eng account in ENG and someguy123 the eos, if you want i can MAYBE pay and do the setup and have you and only you receive the message from someguy123 with steemleosio1 or steemleosone just has to be 12 characters

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26.09.2019 07:38

Making LEOP (LEO-pegged) ERC20 token to be listed in external exchanges will see some demand.

When SMT will be finally released, then LEOS (LEO-SMT-pegged) can also be used to add on external ehanges.

ERC20 pepegged token is the easiest way to list in external exchanges since most/all of them have the infructure.

Two exchex listings will prill provide CoinMarketCap access which will be a big sellint.r one.

17.09.2019 22:35

These are great ideas, yes I have been looking into EOS And ERC20 pairing. The SMT pairing should be awfully easy to do once they are finally released.

I am wondering if it’s worth pursuing an ERC/EOS pegged token or if it’s better to build the community out as is and then eventually do a massive launch event with a stronger brand, community and interface. I’ll keep looking into it and keep you all up to date with what I find out. As far as I know, exchange listings (even for erc20’s) are very expensive. So if we end up doing a launch event for SMT pairing and subsequent listings, spending resources on an ERC20 may not make a whole lot of sense. But again, early stages and lots of research is yet to be done :)

18.09.2019 02:17

yeah man! you dont need no stinkin erc20 lol Fuck ERc20 and SMts will get eher when they are heer but they aint here so forget AMTS and lets do eos like you know in your heart you want, ive already taken teh steps brother, my SAND token is on eos and listing on newdex oct 1-2 ill help u take teh steps brother

Steem leo EOS is your path to teh fuytrue please read my above message hahaha i am glad i wrote iT! iu just read this and am glad youre on teh same track! im gladpeopel are taking my ideas seriousl!Y please follow me to newdex, SAND is listing oct 1-2 i already did an airdropof EOS sand to over 1000 EOS accounts, i can help you amke LEO on EOS but you have to contact @someguy123 and get in line quickly! before he gets swamped! i alrteady have him doing TELOS after he finishes @golos-classic

you should hurry so you can salso get on newdex free before its not free anymore im just assuming it woint be free forever, when eos moons man, psh, youll see, we will all wish we took ackas advice and launched steem leo palnet neoxag all on eos and newdex and create youtube video campaign and REALLy push for these tokens..... $1 leo is NOt a fantasy when we have STEEM LEO DAC from DAC FACTORy from @eosdac and we can actually advertise teh first user Friendly INVESTOR DAC

26.09.2019 07:41

Pretty good system of concentrating on burning tokens as this really will create scarcity and thus the positive price action for LEO tokens :D

17.09.2019 22:48

This is awesome. Thanks for all you do.

What is the present inflation rate? Does staking LEO earn any of the inflation rate the same way Steem Power does?

I am proud to say I added to my Brave browser so the time I spend on here will help the entire ecosystem.

LEO is going to have one of the tightest token supplies there is. I am staking every token that comes in and suggest everyone do the same. There is no reason, with the market this tribe focuses upon, that this cant be one of the more successful projects going.

17.09.2019 22:55

Thanks :)

The current inflation rate is set to 19 tokens created every 100 blocks. Extrapolating the math pegs that at about 1.97 million tokens yearly. Year 2, this figure will drop by over 5% and continue to drop with each subsequent year until we reach an equilibrium. I can post a detailed chart with those inflation drops as we have planned them out.

The thing is, scotbot is actually a bit off and is creating a lower than expected inflation. I don’t see this as a bad thing. We pulled the actual issued token amounts out of the custom Json data and realized that inflation this past month was actually ~35,000 less tokens than it should’ve been based on the 1.97m inflation model.

The high initial inflation is intended to widely distribute stake as we grow the platform from inception to a flourishing community with tens of thousands of creators from all walks of life. We still have a ways to go :)

Woohoo thanks for adding us on brave! I’m going to do a video soon promoting the interface changes and also talking about brave and why it’s so important to use in conjunction with the brave browser.

That’s awesome to hear, like I said — I think we’re in some very early stage territory here and there will be a lot of work to do in the way of bringing in new users and authors, but with the awesome community we already have and creatives such as yourself, it’s definitely doable. 🦁

18.09.2019 02:23

That is impressive!

17.09.2019 23:09

Better add you on my brave beneficiary then :D

18.09.2019 06:00

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18.09.2019 19:44