Introducing the SteemLeo DEX | Trade SE Tokens On the SteemLeo Exchange

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Hey everyone! We're excited to introduce a major addition to the website:

This is Version 1.0 of our DEX and we have a roadmap of features that we will add over time. Today, our DEX serves as an alternative interface to trading Steem-Engine tokens. This means that all the backend is still handled by SE. Trade your STEEMP balance for various tokens on the SE marketplace.

The SteemLeo DEX:

  1. Mobile Friendly (using the steemwallet app for keychain support)
  2. Lightning Fast (try loading a token on there and see for yourself πŸ˜‰)
  3. A Clean UI With SteemLeo Branding
  4. Supports Coinzilla Ads (which means more LEO going to null!)

Current Token Support

Currently, the following tokens can be traded on our interface:

  1. LEO
  2. LEOM
  3. LEOMM
  4. DEC
  5. ENG

We can support any Steem-Engine tokens and in the future, we'll support SMTs as well.

How to List Your SE Token on

Launch Pricing (First 7 Days) = 1,250 LEO sent to @null

After Launch Pricing = 2,000 LEO sent to @null

We're using this pricing as a filtering mechanism for tokens. We want listing on to be an exclusive feature. The interface runs faster when we support less tokens and it provides a better overall UX.

If you've got any questions or want your token listed get in touch with us on discord.

CoinZilla Ad Support & Brave BAT Support

Of course, one of the major benefits to using this interface is the CoinZilla ad placement. If the SteemLeo DEX interface sees a significant amount of usage, we could see a major spike in ad revenue which in turn leads to a lot more LEO headed for null πŸ”₯
The interface is also automatically eligible for BAT rewards from Brave Browser users since it is housed under the main website!

Keep you eyes peeled for a few more updates. We'll also put out a few posts showing how to use the exchange on desktop/mobile, etc.

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all of our LEO author/curation rewards on this post are permanently burned from the token supply
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Post from and earn additional rewards from the SteemLeo community:

  • Chance to get featured in The Daily Leo and earn beneficiary rewards
  • Upvote from our native content curation account --> @leo.voter
  • Support the LEO token by viewing ads on our site, which are used to buy LEO and send it to null

Comments 26

You had me at...DEX.

1250 bought and sent to null!

Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

18.10.2019 22:07

You FOMOd me in successfully andi bought like 1000 more leo to burn 1250 just now to list SAND :) Now has a new dex with extra features. it just uses steem engine back end but the front end is everything and steemengine just uses steem anyways

steem leo dex is gonna have its features make it worth it..

19.10.2019 02:49

Steemleo team is just killing it!

Thumbs up to everyone involved. By far the most promising Tribe

18.10.2019 22:07

So many great things happening. This is why @steem.leo is the only token I won't cash in.

18.10.2019 22:10

I like this idea.

Further decentralizes Steem Engine by adding another interface.

18.10.2019 22:10

Damn! That’s pretty awesome guys!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Posted using Partiko iOS

18.10.2019 22:13

18.10.2019 22:30

we'll support SMTs as well.

Great job. Ethereum and ERC20 token support, please. Then LEO/USDC, LEO/USDT, LEO/DAI, LEO/PAX ;)

18.10.2019 22:39

i like your name dtrade, have youbought a domain yet? Like or so? i just got for @ddate

27.10.2019 09:59

The best tribe on Steem!

Posted using Partiko Android

18.10.2019 22:49

interesting keeping my fingers crossed, just checked it out, was thinking it will have chart feature so it will look more advance than steem-engine but it seems pretty same to me anyway nice work and effort by the team

18.10.2019 23:22

Woah :)

19.10.2019 01:12

Super cool :)

19.10.2019 06:15

Very impressive. This tribe is awesome!

19.10.2019 06:17

looks like the "DEX" is pretty much down...? how is this even a decentralized exchange?

19.10.2019 14:51

just a front end, the dex is on steem you ca make your trades manually with custom jsons :D we just dont have the toolkits to make it that easy to use but 'dex"doesnt mean 'super use friendly and resistant to front ends going down"

27.10.2019 09:59

This is really great news, keep up the good work and stay awesome.

19.10.2019 20:55

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20.10.2019 02:23

That's a very good progress in the platform. It would be better if we can add eth, btc or ripple for trading pair.

Hopefully soon we can se that too.


20.10.2019 12:47

Really excited on seeing where this tribe is going and so happy that we will now have another option to steemengine for trading. Good news all round.

20.10.2019 19:18

Hmmm, do you like to have BEER listed??

Greetz @detlev

21.10.2019 14:07

Its up to you, you have to buy 1250 LEO and burn it to list :)

27.10.2019 10:01

OK, thanks.

This has to wait

27.10.2019 11:49

Great, but since can login, it doesn't take any action when use the login button

22.10.2019 15:56

Will the Dex be able to show our balances in Steem and the currencies we hold to buy and sell? Still trying to figure out how to login to Dex

25.10.2019 02:48