Increased Attention on Steem = Increased Attention on Steemleo | Marketing Update

The past few weeks have been a wild ride.

Ever since the original announcement of the Tron takeover, normal Steem operating procedures have been put on hold. The entire chain has moved as a unit with one purpose: protect our home.

In this rollercoaster ride of emotions, Steem has seen an unprecedented level of press in the broader crypto space.

We've had many leading Crypto figureheads tweet about Steem and all of the major crypto news outlets have put out press releases about Justin Sun's attempt to hostile takeover our chain.

Steemleo can thrive on any blockchain. We use Steem as a base-layer database to store LEO transactions and Steemleo content.

While we could be on any other chain, we want to be on Steem. Steem is the best blockchain for this community and it is the best place to be as a crypto community. This much has been proven by the uproar in the Steem community and rallying cry that we've unleashed on the space.

Now, everyone in crypto is looking at Steem and the numbers are clearly showing a spike of increased interest.

I can't speak for Steemit's interface (and I honestly don't care much about their traffic) but for the Steemleo interface, we've seen a more than doubling in daily traffic.

Ad Impressions & Revenue On the Rise:

ads generate revenue which is used to burn LEO off the market. Creating a sustainable source of value for the LEO token economy.

Marketing the Steemleo community:

Before all of this Tron business, you may have noticed a rapid increase in the social media presence of Steemleo. This was always a part of the plan, but the Tron takeover put this goal in direct alignment with mass marketing of Steem objectives and spreading the word about all the stuff happening between us and Tron.

The plan for Steemleo has always been to have a large focus on outward-facing marketing. Steem has never had enough of that, although now it seems that we have a disproportionate amount of outward marketing thanks to all the Steemians who have taken Crypto Twitter by storm in the past few weeks.

I used to work as a digital media marketing consultant when Instagram and influencer marketing was in its early stages. It has been fun to relive some of that journey and apply those skills to Steemleo.

It's been less than a month since I pot-commited on the marketing of Steemleo. It takes time to see tangible results from digital marketing (in most cases) but the Tron "fiasco" has accelerated the hell out of the attention generated by Steemleo social media content.

Most of this attention (and ultimately, what counts for Steemleo's revenue -- link clicking) comes from Twitter. Here are the latest Twitter metrics for Steemleo:

The growth is off the charts and its continuing to increase exponentially.

This is all still pretty early stage stuff, but I see a lot of potential here. We've seen a doubling in average daily ad revenue over the past month and I think tis is just the beginning.

The thing about Steem is that most of the attention around posts only lasts for 1-3 days and falls on a steep curve as the payout window ends. It gives us a short-term mentality around the "social media marketing" aspects of being a Steem content creator.

When you're on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Medium, etc. content has a much longer lifespan. It has the ability to reach a wide audience in the near-future and in the long-term horizon.

A long-term goal of Steemleo is to onboard more people into Steem accounts and get them to start blogging/using Steem dApps. The "short-term" goal of social media promotion of Steemleo links is to generate more attention around content on the website and ultimately generate more ad revenue which supports the LEO token economy which in-turn makes it more lucrative to be a part of the Steemleo community.

Long-term branding also comes into play here. It's going to be a lot easier to onboard new content creators, users and investors when the Steemleo name is more widely recognized and accepted as an "influencer" on these platforms.

So we've got two primary focal points for content - long-term goals and short-term goals

Since it's only been 1 month, we see many of these short-term goals being hit. Followers, impressions, link clicks and ultimately ad revenue are on the rise.

I think this marketing area of Steemleo is going to be one of the most important places to spend time, attention and ad spend. I will continue to put out these updates and we can all watch as the Steemleo brand & community spreads its wings far and wide.

If you want to support this mission, I urge you to share Steemleo links and content all over social media. I see some people doing this already, especially on Twitter. You can also like, retweet, etc. Steemleo posts on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcasting Platforms.

I see a bright future for the greater brand of Steemleo. Regardless of where Steem goes (although, I see now more than ever that Steem is going to be here for the long-term as well).

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09.03.2020 15:47

Very nice

09.03.2020 16:07

@steem.leo marketing of the steemleo community have helped alot and i believe that the idea is a good one and soon the steemleo platform and the LEO tokens will become more amazing and interesting...the team behind the steemleo project and the LEO tokens are doing a great job...

Posted via Steemleo

09.03.2020 16:20

Great job - yes, I also promote Leo on Twitter. Last week was fun and sleepless. My twitter (join)

Posted via Steemleo

09.03.2020 16:40

Very cool!

09.03.2020 17:36
0 website looks very professional, great job :)

09.03.2020 18:46

It's great to start seeing the rubber hitting the road.

Posted via Steemleo

09.03.2020 23:43

I reblogged it.
@steem.leo ,I am curios to know how token holders will be benefited in this steemleo journey?

10.03.2020 04:29

what an awesome marketing strategy...

Posted via Steemleo

10.03.2020 09:59

engagements have improved on the steemleo platforms,and i believe more awesome marketing and projects will lead to more greater engagements that will make steemleo to become a better platform for everyone....

Posted via Steemleo

10.03.2020 10:26

great update,and i hope to see the LEO token perform better..

Posted via Steemleo

10.03.2020 11:02