"Guess Who Is In This Photo" Contest (Sport's Figure)


Answer:   Santa Claus

Animated GIF created by:   @Steem.Girl
Image of Sports Figure:   Source

Directly above is the answer to my contest that I posted YESTERDAY. You can now immediately see if you guessed the correct sport's celebrity. I will be placing the answer at the top of all my posts going forward.

I will also paste the photo inside the comment section, where it will be located underneath the first person who guessed the answer correctly.



Simply guess who you think the person is within the "pixelated" photo down below (it's a sports figure).

After 24 hours I will place the "un-pixelated" photo underneath the winner.

This contest is on a first come, first serve basis.  Meaning that whoever correctly guesses the person FIRST wins the prize. So writing an answer that someone already suggested is pretty much pointless.

Also, due to people "copying and pasting" the most popular answer (or the most rewarded answer), please do not upvote any participants until the correct answer is given the following day.

Finally, you may NOT change your guess after you placed it in the comment section. Thus, you will need to make sure that your first guess is the correct one.

As far as the reward, it will be an upvote from my account. The upvote will be worth about 1,700 SPORTS.  Keep in mind that you may only win TWICE per week (as to give other's a chance to win the top prize).

Finally, EVERY participant that has at least 10,000 SPORTS tokens staked, will receive an upvote worth about 200 SPORTS.

If you haven't set-up your "SPORTS" account yet, it's super-easy, and you can do so here . . . https://www.sportstalksocial.com

  • Sharing this post is NOT required for the contest,
        but you could see an increase in your rewards
       if you do indeed share this post.  Just mention
        that you shared it inside the comment section.
  • Due to many people claiming that they shared
       this post but in actuality they did not, I am
       forced to make a new rule.  Now everyone will
        get ONE and only ONE warning before they are
        permanently disqualified from the contest.

  • In order to promote Sports Talk Social,

          I will only be giving-out participation

          rewards to those that have staked their

         SPORTS tokens.  Please leave at least a

        1% upvote so I can easily see if you

        have your SPORTS tokens staked.

  •    So without further delay . . . "GUESS WHO IS IN THIS PHOTO"

    Sports Figure


    Todo lo que necesitas hacer es adivinar quién crees que es la persona
    dentro de la foto "pixelada" a continuación (es una figura deportiva).
    Después de 24 horas, pegaré la foto "sin pixelar" dentro de la sección
    de comentarios. La foto "sin pixelar" se ubicará debajo del primer
    participante que adivinó correctamente a la persona en la foto.

    Este concurso es por orden de llegada. Lo que significa que
    quien adivina correctamente la persona PRIMERO gana el premio.
    Así que escribir una respuesta que alguien ya sugirió no tiene sentido.

    Además, debido a que las personas "copian y pegan" la respuesta
    más popular (o la respuesta más recompensada), no vote a ningún
    participante hasta que se dé la respuesta correcta al día siguiente.

    Finalmente, NO puede cambiar su suposición después de
    colocarla en la sección de comentarios. Por lo tanto, deberá
    asegurarse de que su primera suposición sea la correcta.

    En cuanto a la recompensa, será un voto a favor de mi cuenta.
    El voto positivo tendrá un valor de alrededor de 1.700 DEPORTES.
    Tenga en cuenta que solo puede ganar DOS VECES por semana (para
    que los demás tengan la oportunidad de ganar el primer premio).

    Finalmente, CADA participante recibirá un voto
    por valor de aproximadamente 200 DEPORTES.

    Si aún no ha configurado su cuenta "DEPORTES",
    es súper fácil, y puede hacerlo aquí. . .

    Figura Deportiva


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    Ben Gamel

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    Randy Johnson
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    Congrats @Josferod2 !
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    I am grateful for the kindness!
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    Yup! That's Randy Johnson

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    • "Randall David Johnson" nicknamed "The Big Unit"

      American Baseball Pitcher.

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    Randy Johnson
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