A Much Needed Campiagn revised

as we have posted for the first time about the much needed campiagn , we have been posting this time and again , As we can cee in the https://steemd.com/witnesses we can see which witnesses are running which version of the steem blockchain ,

HF23.0 -> After HF 23.0 there was a major action of securing the power of 65 accounts in steem to make sure the blockchain is not spamme'd milked and prevent those accounts from spreading hate speech in the steemit website (which is also hampering the steem SEO status ) , as soon as those security measures were take ,our security account which was supposed to securly hold this funds was hacked by some dirty minded people and sent those coins to bitterex exchange ,

WE applied a new soft fork on our software to prevent our supporting account community321 , so that if in case the exchange returns the funds to the same account it is secured . To oppose such great changes in steem many witnesses are running the older version of steem that is 0.22.1 . As of hard fork this version is no more supported and may break our chain by making missed blocks , If you really care about steem , please goto the page and see which witnesses are running 23.1 version like below image

image.png so that these witnesse running other versions of steem can be out ranked , please remove votes from such witnesses and only vote for witnesses running 23.1 version .

Please Spread this campiag .

i am also a witness running 23.1 so a vote for is not harmful , to vote for me simply click the below link


join our discord and talk to us if you have any queries , by joining you might be also updated about what our reent developments and notices are .



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As long as they are not saying bad things about Justin everything is ok!



26.05.2020 16:15

this is troll

26.05.2020 16:47

Justin does not look like a troll how dare you say this about our fearless leader!

26.05.2020 17:21

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27.05.2020 19:44