Steem Sri Lanka 3G | Contest Series and Charity Program | Introduction

After two months of silence after of last contest series, now we are preparing for our newest project, Steem Sri Lanka 3G.

Get Together to Grow

Steem Sri Lanka 3G is all about increasing togetherness and providing an understanding of the value of being a part of a community. We thought to start from where we stopped. This new project called project 3G because of 2 reasons. First, the majority of the events of this project will be handled by newly joined members which we call Third Generation. Second, all we need to Get Together to Grow.

Project 3G Summary

Estimated Time : 3 months
Starting Date: 27th February 2021
End Date: 27th May 2021

  • "Steem Sri Lanka 3G" Contest Series
  • "SSL-Charity", Charity Program
Steem Sri Lanka 3G, Contest Series

Comments 11

Hopefully waiting for seeing a successful different 😍
Chears 🤜🤛💪😍❤

23.02.2021 10:34

Of course. Again we

24.02.2021 01:58

Hola amigos, excelente, sus concursos unen a toda la comunidad steemit sin limites de idiomas o procedencia, me place la integración que promueve su comunida, los felicito.
Y dispuesta a apoyar y participar en su serie de concursos.
Saludos y mucho exito para su equipo.

23.02.2021 16:03

Muchas gracias. Nos vemos el 27 de febrero

24.02.2021 01:59

Hopefully we can do something to remember for a long time!

23.02.2021 16:04

Sure we can

24.02.2021 02:00

Excelente los proyectos de concurso. Sin duda alguna lograran sus objetivos. Éxitos

23.02.2021 18:49

Gracias por estar con nosotras

24.02.2021 02:01

Loved the idea and will surely participate and more power you.

24.02.2021 11:01

Excellence for this. Best idea ever good working @steem-sri.linka

24.02.2021 19:01

Good luck!! Cheers 💕💕

25.02.2021 10:20