SL-Charity Phase I is Now Open | Plan | 25% to SL-Charity

Hello World!

We are so excited to announce that, we could gather our expected target for a charity fund in LKR earlier than we expected!! Our expected target by May was 100 000LKR and currently, we have gathered more than 180 000 LKR worth STEEM in the @sl-charity wallet (according to current steem price).

Why this News is So Special?

At the beginning of the Steem Sri Lanka 3G Program we defined a critical goal, that to gather STEEM for the charity fund, mainly with beneficiaries and other methods were optional.

We wanted to indicate our ability to gather as a team or gather as a community and now we have proven it.


Even members from other countries supported us a lot by setting beneficiary rewards to us.

We are Ready to Launch Planned SL-Charity Phase I

After discussions, we decided to conduct our charity program in multiple phases. We will keep continuing the beneficiary-based fundraising until the end of May or maybe more than that according to members' requests.

SL-Charity Phase I Proporsal

With this announcement post, the SL-Charity Phase I, starts.


Initial Plan

⦿ According to the scatter of members first three events will be launched in Elpitiya (Galle), Monaragala and Balangoda


⦿ We have created 3 telegram groups for each area. If you are from somewhere closer, please join the planning process.

SL-Charity Elpitiya : Joing the telegram channel
SL-Charity Balangoda: Joing the telegram channel
SL-Charity Monaragala: Joing the telegram channel

⦿ We will allocate around 100 000 LKR as the total for these 3 areas. In Balangoda, there will be two events.

⦿ One member of each team will prepare a proposal by including,

  • Background Details
  • Proposed Event
  • Expected cost
  • Timeline
  • Date of Event

Following members will lead each team :
SL-Charity Elpitiya : @rasinkani
SL-Charity Balangoda: @madhumunasinghe (event 1) @thimira (event 2)
SL-Charity Monaragala: @damithudaya

They have already come up with ideas verbally and as the next step, they will prepare a proposal for each event.

⦿ Once the proposal is published we will cash out the STEEM that matches with proposed Rupee value.

⦿ Then the team has their freedom to execute the event. Once all three events are done, @steem-sri.lanka will announce the close of SL-Charity Phase I.

Let's Start!!!!!

Thanks for everyone who contributed this charity fund!

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Waiting for this!!

05.04.2021 12:18

together we can do many things, best of luck!

05.04.2021 13:27

This is a great work.

05.04.2021 13:37

Finally we are gonna do itt. I'm so excited ❤️

05.04.2021 13:52

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05.04.2021 15:08

Great work sl team.

06.04.2021 03:01