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It has been 5 months since we conducted our last online session on introduction to cryptocurrency and steemit ecosystem. We believe it is a good time to have another online session to improve members’ knowledge and share their valuable ideas. Recently we have got more than 30 new members from Sri Lanka and we have observed they should get proper knowledge about Steemit to be successful here.

So here we are again going to organize an online session through zoom for Sri Lankan members. Basically we try to give knowledge about all basic points in Steemit and we hope to discuss matters which they have. Steemit is not just social media!


  • Improving awareness of cryptocurrency among members
  • Filling gaps in knowledge about steemit and steem based ecosystem
  • Answering general questions
  • Getting closer to unseen friends in steemit

Date and Time



Topics Going To Discuss In The Meeting

We hope to start the discussion at 8.00 Pm. The session will be conducted in the Sinhala Language (Native language). We hope to have a meeting for one hour to discuss the following facts.

  • Fundamentals of Steemit

Under this we will discuss what is steemit and what are the basic elements of steemit such as voting power, reward pool, communities, resource credit.

  • SBD- Steem and SP

In this section we will talk about, what is the use of different types of STEEM, SBD, and SP, How to convert SBD to STEEM, and other ways to get the advantage of SBD price for our members.

  • Steemworld tool

We believe every user must have a clear idea about the steem world and main sections of steem world. We will discuss some core elements that we need to use frequently in steemworld.

  • Proper Markdown & Quality Content

Most newcomers don’t have a good idea about quality content. So here we hope to discuss the way to write quality posts. This part will be conducted by our experienced members.

  • Introduction to Steem Sri Lanka Strategy

Under this section, we present our operational strategy, curation strategy and financial strategy.

How to Join With The Zoom Meeting

Join the following telegram channel Online Zoom Meeting- Steemit and we will share the zoom link on Saturday in the group.

As a special part we give the chances for our members to present their problems regarding steemit through a google sheet and we hope to discuss those problems during the meeting session. Tell us about your questions

Don’t hesitate to write down any question in your head. We will explain it to you during the session.

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@champikawije65 , @chanchala , @chathux , @damindu , @damithudaya , @dasuni , @dawngrapher , @dulhara19 , @goldcoin , @hasini , @hasini , @inshi , @inudi , @iresha , @kashvibhagya , @madhumunasinghe , @madushanka , @nalin10 , @nilumadu , @nipunaeka89 , @oshadie , @prasadi , @praveenw96 , @pushpika , @randulakoralage , @ransika , @rasinkani , @roshipeiris , @ruwankumara , @sach96 , @saman88 , @sandu , @sandun98 , @sandupi , @sanuri , @sasanka96 , @sindi16 , @sridhara , @ssjbjapura , @supunchandra , @thimalteb , @thimira , @thisarani96

We welcome all Sri Lankan members to join us.

10% of the reward of this post goes to @sl-charity

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Comments 23

Great initiative, its only for Sri Lankan?

03.05.2021 18:16

It is in native language dear.. 😌 so yeah for SLn

04.05.2021 00:47

Excellent post!. I will be very awaiting to attend. Thanks

03.05.2021 21:16

Unfortunately it is for SL members because we do it with our native language. But we will share a summary with you

04.05.2021 00:49

I would have liked to be part of the meeting if I knew how to speak your native language. It will be impossible for me to understand the meeting, as I don't speak Sinhala. If there is another future meeting and if the language spoken is English, I will be more than exited to be in. Regards for Sri Lanka community. Monday, May 03°, 2021.

onepercent #venezuela #affable

04.05.2021 00:18

We wil share you later, what we do on this day

04.05.2021 00:48

I remember the first meeting. It helped me a lot to solve the problems that I had as a new comer😊

I am sure this one also will be so knowledgeable. And it is a great chance to know each other well.

Waiting for this one too❤️

04.05.2021 00:50

This is so worth because there are so many newcomers in our country joined recently to the steemit and this will be a good guidance to clear their problems as newcomers.

And I'm waiting for helping others as much as I can through this.

Good work.
Go ahead 💪

04.05.2021 01:56

Great work and thank you for invite to us👍👍👍

04.05.2021 02:31

I remember i felt asleep at the last one. Should try not to sleep in this one 🤭

04.05.2021 02:32

Nice gift for @Newcommers to achieve their goal.

04.05.2021 03:04

Woow. Excellent opportunity to learn a lot of things . Eagerly waiting for it...❤️❤️

04.05.2021 03:08

It is good to have these sessions. I have learnt a lot in last session.

This will be very helpful for New comers and I will also have new things to learn🤗.

04.05.2021 03:40

This is a great opportunity for newcomers and they will be able to learn a lot.. Waiting for this ❤️

04.05.2021 04:32

This is gonna be my first online session. Hops this is gonna be a golden opportunity for me, since I'm still a newcomer. Eagerly looking forward for it.🤩

04.05.2021 04:41

This will be really important for all the members. Um sure I will be gathered more knowledge through the session. Thank you for organizing this and Um waiting.💛

04.05.2021 05:07

This will be big news to especially new Sri Lankan steemians because they have chance to find good solutions about steem based questions.

04.05.2021 06:19

Thanx. I will also try my best to participate it.

04.05.2021 14:10

I think it will be a good opportunity and there will be a lot to learn.

04.05.2021 16:23

Looking forward to participate ❤️

04.05.2021 18:29

Thank you. 💖And I am also waiting to participate.😊

08.05.2021 10:57

Buenos días amigo @steem-sri.lanka estoy contento de estar en esta comunidad, aunque echo en falta algunos concursos mas en los que todos los miembros interactuen, compartan fotos, etc... me ofrezco para organizar algo, si quieres dígame su usuario en Discord y podemos hablar para organizar algo.
Un saludo

08.05.2021 13:32

Please join with our discord channel to contact us.

08.05.2021 15:43