Looking For 5 Decent Plagiarism Hunters | Plagiarism Bounty | 50 STEEM Reward Pool

We all know plagiarism has become a most common topic these days. We noticed people are using tricky algorithms and concepts to show their posts are unique, but still contain plagiarism. Checking for plagiarism requires more patience, time and logical thinking.

In Steem Sri Lanka community there is a considerably high number of posts generating daily. We use primary tools like https://plagiarismdetector.net/ and https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ to check plagiarism but truely they don’t give the correct indication most of the time.

What We Want

We are conducting a plagiarism bounty to check all pending payout posts of our community, Steem Sri Lanka

We are looking for 5 decent hunters with proper knowledge and reasoning. Bounty hunters must ensure confidentiality of their findings.

This will help us to have an unbiased, fast and accurate check on plagiarism.

What We Return

We will divide 50 STEEM among 5 hunters upto their effort with votes. Please make sure you follow all the given rules.


  • Please do unbiased checks on all posts with pending payouts in Steem Sri Lanka community.
  • You can check posts with pending payouts until 22nd of April. Please make sure the posts that you are checking are 1 day old.
  • You MUST NOT reveal your findings in public. If you find any plagiarized content, please drop a comment indicating only your telegram or discord Id.
  • Then we will reach you within 24h and you can explain your findings.
  • If we are okay with it, we will give you a document to update and from our end we take actions against the post.
  • Once 7 days are completed we will distribute STEEM upto your contribution with votes on any existing post.
  • This bounty is valid until 22nd of April 2021.

What Kind of Actions We are Willing to Take

  1. Warning with comments
  2. Removing existing rewards
  3. Mute the plagiarized post
  4. Mute the user
  5. Send the data to @endingplagiarism for further investigations

This project is under supervision of @damithudaya. Please contact damithudaya if you need any clarification on bounty.
Contact :
Damith Udayanga#9442 (discord)
@Damithudaya (telegram)

10% of the payout set to @sl-charity fund.

You are now open to join our Discord channel

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Comments 25

Love this wonderful initiative.

15.04.2021 16:01

This has become a serious problem now!! Although we check, sometimes they become more tricky!!! Anyhow we will eradicate this issue soon as a team!!

15.04.2021 17:00

Excellent initiative.

Hope other communities will see this and follow your lead.

15.04.2021 17:56

Thank you for the encouragement! Hope to see something we don't see through this programme!!!

15.04.2021 18:11

I really want to join the innovation of fighting against Plagiarism.
Am not from Sri Lanka, I hope I can take part in the contest.

I await your humble reply @damithudaya

15.04.2021 18:41

Yeah of course you can join this! You have to check the posts in the community according to the rules given.

If you find any plagiarized content, please drop a comment indicating only your telegram or discord Id. We will reach you.

15.04.2021 18:53

I don't really understand.
Please can you give me your Telegram or discord so I can reach you @damithudaya

15.04.2021 18:59

Damith Udayanga#9442 (discord)
@Damithudaya (telegram)

15.04.2021 19:07

Thank you

15.04.2021 19:12

what the platform needs is quality original content. I wholeheartedly support your move. πŸ™

15.04.2021 22:50

Yes of course!!! Let's hope for the best!!

16.04.2021 13:58

Great... I think whole the steemit platform needs this... The damage done to steemit platform by fraudulent writers should be avoided....😌

16.04.2021 02:28

Yep, ofcourse!! Let's see some of the experts can help us with this

16.04.2021 14:00

It's very work full initiative of course we also follow this rules

16.04.2021 06:38

Thank you very much!!! You are warmly to participate in this!!!

16.04.2021 14:00

Now originality will surely adopted 🀣 @stteem-sri.lanka grea work.

16.04.2021 07:57

Thank you very for the compliment!!

17.04.2021 01:58

This is in the right directiin since it will help improve on the quality of post sent to the community.

16.04.2021 10:42

Yep, let's fight against this!!

17.04.2021 02:01

I had considered similar :)

16.04.2021 13:28

no hunters yet πŸ˜• waiting..

16.04.2021 15:18

Wow.. Let's be cops πŸ€“

16.04.2021 14:38

Great, I want to join !! STEE-FBI

17.04.2021 03:11