Steem-Ghana Writing Contest

Greetings to all and sundry,

We know you love to write and steemit is the perfect place to hone your skills when it comes to reading and writing. Which is why we want to give steemians this opportunity to show us their writing skills. Are you creative in writing? Can you create suspense or elicit suspense from an already existing literature. How good are you when it comes to creation? We just had the art contest where people got to show their art talent. Now is the time to show us how well you can write.

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And so for our contest this week, we want you to share with us a story of your choosing. You may create your own story or share with us perhaps your favorite book or movie (don't forget to reference accordingly), genre should be of your own preference. We want to see how good a movie or book director you could possible be in the very near future.

Contest Rules

  1. Contest is open to all
  2. Share you story in not less than 300 words
  3. Avoid plagiarism at all cost
  4. Post your entry through the steem-ghana community
  5. Please do well to mention the leaders of the community so we can quickly find your post6. Post your entry in the comment section of this post (failure to do so may have your not considered)7. Do well to use our contest tag #ghcontest and to add your country tatag too
  6. Contesends on 30th May, 12am GMT.

Prizes to be won

  • 1st Prize - 15 steem 2nd Prize - 10 steem
  • 3rd PrPrize - 8 steem*th Prize - 5 steem
  • 5th Prize - 3 steem

All entries would be rewarded with a variable amount of steem

Looking forward to your participation. Steem on

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Another great contest for the week.
Thanks for making the community more interesting.

24.05.2021 08:29

This is really gonna be interesting, I can't wait to submit my entry

24.05.2021 12:06

Wow so interesting

24.05.2021 15:17

It is getting interestiong

25.05.2021 06:58

Thank you very much for this contest. This is my Entry :

25.05.2021 13:12

Wow great contest...I’m definitely participating. Thank you for initiating such a wonderful contest.

26.05.2021 15:14

Thanks to @steem-ghana for the amazing contest. Below is my entry link.

27.05.2021 09:31

Wow this is really nice, am glad i could participate

27.05.2021 15:28

Hola amigos, un placer estar nuevamente en sus concursos, les dejo el enlace de mi publicación:

Les deseo muchos éxitos.

27.05.2021 17:46

Wow an opportunity to show my writing skills
Thank you

28.05.2021 05:33

My entry

Story Writing Contest: A Game of Love

Thanks for the contest

28.05.2021 16:42

Thank you for this contest

Here is my entry

28.05.2021 21:32

This is my entry

Writing contest

29.05.2021 18:55

Hello Guys, this contest is dope.

Here is my entry link for the contest.

Nice one @steem-ghana
@nattybongo and @elyon


30.05.2021 22:34