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Steem-Database Community Introduction

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Hello members of the Steem-Database Community, I hope you are in good health and blessed.

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Community Background and Goals

This is an official release about the Steem-Database community. To note, @ponpase has taken over the PromoSteem community and turned it into a Steem-Database community. This latest re-branding will certainly have an impact on community management and governance.

The Steem-Database community was launched on an initiative to expand the network and content coverage on community pages. This is a step taken to maintain and develop this community for a sustainable period of time. The Steem-Database community exists as a solution to provide an opportunity for developers and investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to enter the steemit platform and promote their projects through blogs.

The Steem-Database community also maintains the basic fundamentals aimed at promoting the Steem Blockchain and Tron. However, the Steem-Database community has a more innovative and creative promotion model that can provide opportunities for every actor in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world to collaborate. Not only that, the Steem-Database community also provides opportunities for steemit users to carry out promotional activities, learn and review Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-based projects.

The Steem-Database community will reward those who post about promotional activities, marketing, reviewing Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects and completing certain tasks. The Steem-Database community will provide tasks to steemit users, such as making translations, reviewing Dapps, promoting Dapps based on the Blockchain network. We have a tagline "Do and Get" which means, do the work and get rewards.

Steem-Database Community will become a free community page for Steemit users for their great work. All knowledge published in the Steem-Database community page will be collected in a set of Steem-Database community environment. The Steem-Database community provides services, big data, and focuses on providing expertise/capability resources which then provide information to users and other communities on steemit.

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For now, the Steem-Database community provides free community pages for topics related to PromoSteem, Learn With Steem, Blockchain, Dapp, Metaverse, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Crypto Analysys. Steemit users can share their posts on the Steem-Database community page related to the topics we have mentioned. You can develop the above topics by sharing creative and innovative posts.

The following is a brief explanation related to the topic in the Steem-Database community:

1. PromoSteem

PromoSteem is a post about steemit promotions, promotional events, workshops, make advertisements, presentations, invite friends and etc...

2. Learn With Steem

Learn With Steem is a post about learning or educational activities about steemit, meet ups, power ups, steem/steemit development, presentations on steemit tools/features, and etc...

3. Blockchain

You can publish anything about Blockchain and Crypto technology, including any blockchain project you may be working on...

4. Dapp

You can share posts about Decentralized Applications (Dapps) for all Dapps on the Tron or Steem network. However, it does not close the space to share posts about Daap built on other blockchain networks. You can post for all categories, such as: Games, Gambling, Social, Finance. Exchanges, Development, NFT, DeFi, Media, Wallet, Marketplaces, Governance, Security, Yield-farming, Property, Tools, Identity, Energy, Health, Insurance, Storage...

5. Metaverse

Metaverse is a concept of a virtual world where a person can create and explore with other internet users in the form of his own avatar. You can share posts or promote about Metaverse projects, products or share your experiences using Metaverse technology products. Our priority is Metaverse projects built on Blockchain networks, specifically Steem or Tron Blockchain...

6. NFT

You can share posts about NFT projects, NFT products, Create NFTs, or promote your NFT works in the Steem-Database community. You can also review or promote NFT projects and products that are run on the Tron or Steem network and do not close the space for promoting NFT projects that you may be running...

7. Crypto Analysis

You can post about research or analysis about cryptocurrencies, especially cryptocurrencies based on the Tron or Steem network. You can also share review posts about web providers of cryptocurrency research data or web analysis about cryptocurrencies...

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General Rules

The following are general rules that apply in the Steem-Database community:

  • Posts must be relevant to the topics mentioned above.
  • The post does not contain information about discrimination, hate speech against race, ethnicity, nation, or religion.
  • Post using the correct language and easy to understand.
  • Posts can be in Indonesian, English, or Spanish...
  • Posts must be at least 300 words long.
  • Support 10% beneficiary reward (payout setting) to @steem-database curation account or 10% to charity account @steemforsdgs.
  • Posting is not plagiarism, nor is it the result of prephased word processing.
  • Can only cite 20% of the writings on the external web from the total number of articles in your publication by including the source.
  • User has verified Achievement 1 in the New Comer Community.
  • User must join #club5050, #club75 or #club100.
  • Posts must be in #steemexclusive, never published on other webs.
  • Actively comment and support other users.
  • Perpetrators of abuse, plagiarism, spam or scams will be blacklisted.

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We use the main tag which is #steem-database as well as other relevant tags like #blockchain #computing #technology #crypto #finance #promo-steem #learnwithsteem #welovepowerups.

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Our team consists of experienced people and has an amazing track record on the Steemit platform. Our team will be in charge of controlling posts on the community page as well as helping provide guidance to community members. They will also be involved in investigating and prosecuting perpetrators of abuse.

@ponpase | Admin - Community Leader
@pojan | Admin - Community Manager
@bangmimi | Indonesia Moderator
@msharif | Bangladesh Moderator
@ashkhan | Pakistan Moderator
@ngoenyi | Nigeria Moderator
@oscar89 | Venezuela Moderator
@saracampero | Venezuela Moderator


Thus the introduction post and the latest information about the Steem-Database community. Hopefully this post can provide guidance to all Steemit users. We are open to criticism and suggestions that can have an impact on community development in the future in a sustainable manner.

cc @steemcurator01
Best Regards,
March 18, 2022



Follow the Steem-Database community curation trail through


We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for Steem-Database you can give any delegation you like :
Alternative links delegates to @steem-database
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1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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