SteemAce Daily News - 25.07.2019 | News about Splinterlands and Steempeak!


On a daily basis we will provide you with news about what is going on in our gaming community. If you haven’t heard of SteemAce check out this post to inform you what it is all about. Also feel free to join us on Discord to ask any questions or to get in touch with the community.

1. Steempeak shows our recommended posts now!

Great news! Steempeak added the "Recommended" tab on top of our Tribe page of Steempeak, as you can see here. It will show all posts that we have curated with our account. These are the best gaming posts of SteemAce!

Here is the announcement post. Thank you @steempeak for adding that. We love it!

2. Splinterlands tournament tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are hosting a Splinterlands tournament. You can already sign-in HERE.

You can find our announcement post with detailed informations THERE.


3. Token burn report 🔥

Today we burned more GG Tokens. S far we have burned 8,422.87 GG Tokens.

- Post rewards: 263.98 GG
- Buyback: 8,158.89 GG

4. Curation report

Content creators in the gaming section can benefit from upvotes of the account. It has 103k SP and 7.5k PAL to curate good quality gaming content. In order to receive an upvote you need to have staked GG Tokens. The more you have staked the higher the upvote will be.

These are the posts of today’s upvotes:

PostUserVote value
World of Warcraft, a drug which effects lasted almost a decade@krommus (0 GG)1%
Borderlands 3 is Coming Soon!@eddiespino (629 GG)85%
If You want to create a successful game in block chain, Listen up.@coreabeforekorea (0 GG)1%
Playing Splinterlands with a delegated deck via Herons Unlimited@anouk.nox (14 GG)10%
The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge - Episode Seven!@kaelci (4,817 GG)100%
Cinemachine camera movement - GDD #010@loler555 (200 GG)50%
My Actifit Report Card: July 25 2019@danmaruschak (1,966 GG)100%
The Demon Buys Some STEEM to Buy DEC with!@clove71 (0 GG)1%
Tannenberg - my opinion@breakforbook (0 GG)1%
One of the most popular Xbox games will give cryptocurrency rewards to gamers@julisavio (1,513 GG)100% NEUE UPDATES! Server-Perfomance, Stardust, Shipyard Update@louis88 (1,028 GG)100%
Limbo - Part 5 @loliver (99 GG)30%
The Legend Of Zelda - Links Awakening DX #011@smie (42 GG)15%
Increasingly Promising Esport developments in Indonesia@nandacoa (0 GG)1%
ARK – Valguero – gemütlich die neue Map erobern@john.difool (88 GG)25%

4. Splinterlands Beta Booster giveaway

Every day for 30 days we will give away 4 Splinterlands Beta Boosters to 4 different GG Token stakers. You can increase your chance of winning by staking more GG Token.

Here are the winners of today’s giveaway (day 13):

Congratulations to the 4 winners. The Beta Boosters have been sent out to you. If you do know have an Splinterlands account yet you can easily get one at: Splinterlands

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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Thank you for this awesome tribe, adding the page to would have not been possible without your great work ;)

25.07.2019 21:18

Thank you for the beta booster!! :D

25.07.2019 21:24

cool waking up with a beta pack present, thanks.

you got my attention now, will look a bit deeper in what you guys are doing, thumbs up!

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26.07.2019 01:10