SteemAce Daily News - 14.08.2019: NextColony Contest Winners & Payouts modified


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1. NextColony Creativity Contest Winners

The winners of our last NextColony contest were selected!
Our official post: NextColony Creativy Contest Winners Announcement

2. Payouts for Post and Curation Rewards modified

The payouts for post and curation rewards have been changed to 50/50 Staked/Liquid. Previously, they were 100% Liquid.

3. Token burn report 🔥

Today we burned more GG Tokens. So far we have burned 27,470.74 GG Tokens.

- Post rewards: 1,540.01 GG
- Buyback: 23,670.73 GG
- Tournaments: 2,250 GG

4. Curation report

Content creators in the gaming section can benefit from upvotes of the account. It has 140k SP and 7.5k PAL as well as 10k NEOXAG to curate good quality gaming content. In order to receive an upvote you need to have staked GG Tokens. The more you have staked the higher the upvote will be.

These are the posts of today’s upvotes:

PostUserVote value
Reviewing Dr. Driving 1 [part 2]@chain-yanker (34 GG)5 %
Death Stranding "What Madness"@thranax (563 GG)56 %
Doom - Unholy Realms MAP03: "Nukage Processing Zone" Tyson Speedrun in 13:22@cyberdemon531 (1,000 GG)100 %
Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 16 - Unexpected allies@pardinus (360 GG)36 %
Rothgar the Outlaw Part #5 - Morthal relaxation & the brawl@thegoliath (1,392 GG)100 %
Kevin Garnett invests in the eSportS@gamerblog (0 GG)1 %
Diablo 3 Reapers of Souls 08 gameplay@voxmortis (240 GG)24 %
Outer Wilds by Moebius Digital #054 [GER]@john.difool (616 GG)62 %
🦇 Vampyr – S02 - #022 🦇 [GER]@john.difool (616 GG)62 %
Quick Look at Need for Speed No Limits - Android Game Review@designieplay (0 GG)1 %
Let's play Slay the Spire - Episode 389 - Daily for 13-Aug-2019@danmaruschak (3,239 GG)100 %
Bit Heroes - The beginning@atnazo (835 GG)84 %
[Overcooked] Almost beat Last Stage again with Joannewong@aaronleang (162 GG)16 %
Sword of Ditto Episode 7 [GER]@nerdtopiade (2,535 GG)100 %
Quake II (PlayStation)@darth-azrael (370 GG)37 %
Octopath Traveler | Walkthrough parte 23 | Capítulo 2 de Cyrus@wiriwiri (422 GG)42 %
Monster Hunter World - Try Hard to Capture Temper Rathalos | Dtube Exclusive #255@jodipamungkas (1,003 GG)100 %
Star Wars: The Old Republic 5.0 - Knights of the Eternal Throne part 6 (Game Movie) (No Commentary)@tamiil (1,321 GG)100 %
Alan Wake - Part 4@loliver (575 GG)58 %
Resident Evil Operation Racoon City - Walktrought Gameplay Part 8@sharmlock (345 GG)35 %
Chicago Coin TV Ping Pong@darth-azrael (370 GG)37 %
What? and why? En translation@cranium (0 GG)1 %

5. SBI (Steem Basic Income) giveaway

In the last 30 days we gave away 4 Splinterlands Beta Booster every day. We always want to vary with the giveaways we offer our GG stakeholders. So for now, we will give away 10 SBI every day. You can read about SBI here.
In short: You collect shares every day and as soon as you create a post, you receive an upvote from them.

Here are the winners of today’s giveaway:

Congratulations to the 10 winners. The SBI shares will be sent to you shortly.

6. New Delegations

Today we received more delegations.
Thank you so much to our awesome delegators! Every bit of SP matters 💪

Here are our new supporters:

@onealfa - 16000 SP (6000 SP before)
@krevasilis - 1 SP (0 SP before)

You will receive your GG payout tomorrow.

More information about our delegation program:

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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