Steem Payout for GG + GGM Stakeholders - September 2019

About one month ago we announced that we will share our profits with our GG + GGM stakeholders. More information can be found here:

Note: GGM are still mining GG Tokens. This is just a bonus!

In September 2019 we earned 937.729 Steem.
It's calculated from curation + author rewards. Rewards from NEOXAG and PALNET have been converted to Steem with the recent market price. 25% of our earnings are shared with our stakeholders. (234.432 Steem)

The payouts for every user have been calculated with multiple snapshots of GG + GGM holdings over the whole month.

- GGM stakeholders received 58.608 Steem (25%)
- GG stakeholders received 175.824 Steem (75%)

Rewards are being send out right now. This will probably take a few hours.

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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Thank you

03.10.2019 15:33

Dann schmeiße ich mal wieder mit !BEER und !trdo um mich. 🍺 😵 🍺

03.10.2019 15:48

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03.10.2019 15:49

Very nice I wish more tribes did this!

03.10.2019 16:04

nice! Gg

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03.10.2019 17:15

Thanks a lot!!! Be Blessed with more!!

03.10.2019 17:26

That's nice.

03.10.2019 18:19

@steem-ace, In my opinion this is real boost for this Ecosystem because it's giving back the value to Token Holders. Keep up the good work team and good wishes from my side.

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03.10.2019 18:45

Got mine. Thank you 👍

03.10.2019 19:26

greetings, @steem-ace

Excelent rewards!!! tyhank you and have a good night

04.10.2019 00:42

Thanks for the Steem.

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04.10.2019 14:17