Second GG Airdrop for SteemAce Stakeholders


Perhaps you've already seen it: We just finished our second airdrop of GG Tokens!
As we promised in our whitepaper post, we are doing multiple airdrops for active and loyal SteemAce users. That's no secret.

We want to reward every single person that helps the growth of our great community of gamers.

Details about the second airdrop

We didn't tell you how our airdrops exactly work. We just said that we will reward loyal and active users. Now that the second airdrop is done we can tell you how much Tokens everyone received.

In the last 30 days you had lots of time to increace your GG stake in multiple ways:

  • be an active author
  • be a good curator
  • stake Tokens of your first airdrop
  • buy Tokens on the market
  • delegate SP to
  • mine Tokens
  • play Steemmonsters tournaments

Many people staked GG Tokens and showed their interest in this community. About 10 hours ago we took a snapshot of all users and their staked Tokens.

The airdrop lasted 5 hours and everyone received 20% of their staked Tokens as an addition!

For example if you had 100 GG Tokens staked, you now have 120 GG Tokens staked!

Note: We did not issue any new Tokens. The circulating supply did not change. All sent Tokens have already been issued at the beginning and were reserved. The circulating supply will never be increased other than by the normal inflation mechanism.

Admins and Moderators were excluded from the airdrop.

Future airdrops

There will be more airdrops in the future and we can tell you one thing about them already: We will always reward people that are helping the SteemAce community. May it be as an investor, author or curator.

We can't give you specific dates for when they will happen, but we can tell you another thing for sure: They will happen!


  • 117,974.37 staked GG were aidroped in the second round
  • every GG staker received 20% staked tokens of own staked balance (no liquid GG!)
    will be more airdrops
  • circulating supply didn't change - no new Tokens were issued

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(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

Comments 12

I have staked 1k GG Tokens and delegated to my curation account. Why I didn't receive the second airdrop?

12.08.2019 16:25

Here is the transaction. You should have it. Important: The airdrop included STAKED GG.

12.08.2019 16:57

Ohh yeah I just checked now. I was misunderstood actually.
Thanks. :)

12.08.2019 17:03

That's nice. I was just wondering how my token balance is increased. Now mystery is solved.

steemace #palnet #neoxian

12.08.2019 16:29

Awesome, thanks a lot!

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12.08.2019 16:39

I haven't received the extra tokens.. I have 590 GG staked..
Can you help on this?

12.08.2019 16:46

You received STAKED GG with the airdrop.
Before you only had 445 GG staked and your airdrop included 89 GG Power.

Here is the transaction:

12.08.2019 17:00

You are right! I've checked it wrong as I was logged in with my main account.
Thank you! :)

12.08.2019 18:22

I couldn't figure out why I had undelegated tokens this morning, well now I know!

12.08.2019 17:09

Thank you so much! :D

12.08.2019 20:59

I will be more prepared for the next airdrops. I'm stacking more and more GG. Thanks for making this community amazing!

16.08.2019 06:22