More Advantages for GG + GGM Stakeholders are coming!

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We are always thinking about how we can give GG stakeholders more advantages. Today, we want to tell you about another pretty huge plan which will be starting very soon. It will benefit all GG stakeholders and also our GGM stakeholders (miners). But first let's look at the current benefits of GG stakeholders.

Current Benefits

Upvotes from

Right at the start of SteemAce we created We always wanted to support great gaming authors and distribute as much Steem rewards as possible to them.

Therefore, every day our team looks at over 100 posts on Steemace and selects the best ones (which we think have good quality). We have already been doing that for the last 45 days. We think it's worth the effort!

Our upvote account currently upvotes with ~130k SP, 8k PAL Power, 10k NEOXAG

You see the account is used for promoting and rewarding great gaming content OUTSIDE of Steemace.

Joining our Splinterlands Guild

We have created a level 5 guild in Splinterlands. Stakeholders with at least 1,000 GG Power are allowed to join us. Our members do NOT need to pay any DEC. It's completely free (besides holding enough GG Power).

We will increase the level to 6 very soon. Guild members receive a DEC collecting bonus and a discount in the Splinterlands shop. They are also prepared for all future guild updates like guild fights.

Chance to win SBI every day

GG stakeholders are automatically part of a daily drawing where 10 winners get an SBI share. SBI is great to build a better minimum income on Steem.

Coming now!

Profit sharing for GG and GGM Stakeholders

While it's great to be a big curator and give nice GG upvotes (and earn a lot for curating), our authors have the greatest benefits when receiving upvotes from

We thought about how to benefit all stakeholders more and we came to the conclusion that profit sharing is a great way!

At the 1st of September the profit sharing will start.

We will distribute 25% of our earnings from the following things:

  • Curation Rewards of (Steem, PAL, NEOXAG)
  • BAT earnings from our website
  • Advertisements on our website (will follow)
  • Earnings from Ref Links

The payout will happen after every full month. The first payout is on the 1st of October. Payouts are in Steem. Distribution is depending on our stake size over the last month.

Everything that comes together will be split between GG stakeholders and GGM stakeholders:

  • 75% for GG stakeholders
  • 25% for GGM stakeholders

This will make it worth even more to be a GG/GGM stakeholder!

BAT earnings from our website

A few days ago we became a verified content creator for the BAT network with our Steemace website. We are now able to earn BAT rewards from users using the Brave browser.

We don't know how high they will be, but we will be using it as part of the profit sharing to our stakeholders.

Advertisements on our website

We are looking for ways to earn money through advertisement on our website. We are still in the process of finding out the most effective way. We know that Adsense doesn't give much money for example. We also want the advertisements to be gaming relevant. That's very important!

Earnings from Ref Links

At the moment we are only using Splinterlands Ref links but we want to look for more useful Ref links. There are many possible gaming related companies we could use for that.

Converting FIAT to Steem: A nice little side effect is that we will convert ALL Fiat earnings to precious STEEM. We want to do our best to strengthen the Steem currency itself.


GG/GGM stakeholders will earn a part of our profit from now on. The amount of the individual amount of earnings is depending on the size of your GG/GGM stake. Payout is monthly in Steem.

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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that sounds bloody awesome :D

27.08.2019 11:24

sounds good :)

27.08.2019 11:38

I have to start gaming at some games... it's an activity that keeps us young, right?


!giphy fun+playing

27.08.2019 12:21

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

27.08.2019 12:21

Can't beat that really can you? I have already been receipient to some good-game votes.. thanks very much, and am in the guild too.

Wish more people would add some DEC, I contribute a little every time I do my DQ. 25 DEC isn't s much and will help grow it.

27.08.2019 12:47

Great announcements! Thank you for rewarding stakeholders, it is appreciated.

28.08.2019 01:41

This sounds really big!

28.08.2019 02:19

Wow, this is really big! If that's not a reason to hold GG, I don't know.. Going to buy & stake more GG right now. 👀

28.08.2019 16:18

Oh wow this is such awesome news @steem-ace , glad that I have always Staked 100% of all GG tokens received and will continue to do so over 4 years until I retire early Woot! Upped 💯 and resteemed! #palnet #neoxian #steemace #steemleo

28.08.2019 17:10

This sounds like a really nice idea. It's also creative and innovative. More communities, tokens, and coins should come up with creative and innovative solutions like this.

29.08.2019 23:26

Greetings, steem-ace

Excelent notice. Thank you for share with us!!!!

01.09.2019 01:54