I Turned Off Two Waxes On Being With You at Steemit.


Silence followed by silence. I was confused and didn't know how to describe my love for you. Today I am writing you some words of my love and weave them for you. Letters scented with the aroma of my respect and affection, i send it today to you

A few days ago I completed two years at Steemit, two years passed as two short days and I didn't feel the passage of time and I enjoyed the company of the members and curators and benefited from them. I also do not hide from you that I have learned a lot, since I joined you many things in my life, and my abilities have developed for the better... Steemit gave me a chance to prove myself, two years in which I have achieved so much. It was like planting a new life in my soul and giving me the power I needed, but i feel that the members of the large branching family Steem us a strong bond, this decentralized platform that gave us the opportunity to express what we feel and live without restrictions within the framework of respect for others, And gave us a lot and a lot in terms of different sections with its useful topics


My story started a full Since 12/2017 when I signed up on this platform after I happened to get to know it through a video on YouTube

After my account got approved, I entered and made my first post. Of course, I have to introduce myself through an post. I found members who encouraged me. I never expected to see Moroccan members like myself. Then I met the @teammorocco through the #morocco tag She was supervised by @hdmed, I communicated with them so that I could gain their confidence and join their team. It was a great experience

The months went on and I got to know new friends, including @ricko66, who is a supporter of the #morocco tag and the Arabic language. I also became friends with very active Moroccan members such as (@moroccantoughts, @chatitsimo, @taoufik, @amineaz and @rezzouk.elabiad). This friendship resulted in the creation of a new team under the name of the @teamarabic , whose mission was to encourage Arab members to write in Arabic. This team also had the task of assisting new members and providing them with all information related to Steemit, Information on the password, Since most of them are ignorant of his importance and can not be retrieved, as well as information on the quality of articles andinformation on copyright, and many guidance

Photo by @dunsky

After that.

I was a month-long Guest Curator for eSteem, it was a great experience and I hope it will come back with me again. In this experience I met a friend from Nigeria, he is a wonderful brother whom I have benefited a lot, he is a very good and humble man. Thank you so much, dear @horpey.

screenshot from steemd

I do not know what to say on this occasion.I am weak in expressing my feelings towards you. I have been interested in Steemit and it has become an important part of my life, filling my mind and mind. I can not go through anything except to order it and its distinctive themes which are not repeated at any site. Last, indeed, it is not just a site but more

Thank you Steemit for what you give me this all time

last word

I hope that everyone will forgive me if you have any ill-treatment from me during this all time


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo

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