Lea Thompson | Anarchadelphia


It was a cold mid November in Kraków, Poland and the stage was set for SteemFest3 2018. This is where The State of Anarchy met Lea Thompson for the first time, a vlogger, musician, co-founder of Steem Onboarding, one of the Steem Sisters aka Coruscate, one of the more influential profiles on the Steem Blockchain.

We crossed paths with Lea again at Anarchapulco and couldn't resist further strengthening our bond. We are so proud to have Lea speaking at Anarchadelphia! For 5% off your Anarchadelphia ticket use promo cod: LEA and we will match and donate that to Lea.


Check out this interview with Pat and Lea!

See you this September's Harvest Moon!!

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This is going to be such an epic event!! Stoked to be part of it.

26.07.2019 18:24