Are Vaccines Safe and Effective? | Vaxxed Producer Del Bigtree talks CDC Fraud and Autism Link

The Vaccine Debate is one of the most controversial and emotionally charged topics in America Right now, and TSOA dives in with the man himself, Del Bigtree to discuss his Film "Vaxxed", one of the most highly censored topics on the internet.

Del went from a big shot Medical Television Show Producer (Breaking stories about the Glyphosate / Cancer Link and many more) to independent Self Production when his Hollywood show refused to do a story about Dr. Andy Wakefield, a controversial English MD who published a study that demonstrated a link between the MMR Vaccine and Autism!

Taking a chance posting this one, however the information is of Grand Importance to the People. TSOA believes in the Decentralization of information, that is why this video will also be posted on as well


Enjoy this Medical Science Rabbit whole with Carmen and Del!



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