Lashing out on others when you're feeling down/angry!


Most of the times we are lashing out on others when we are having a bad day or when things are not going well for us but when we are in a good mood, we treat others well. That is called being selfish, one cannot treat other people according to their moods but people justify their wrong acts by stating the fact that they are in a bad mood or it can be any reason. We are being selfish because the other person might not even know that why they are being treated like garbage and we are just throwing unnecessary tantrums just so that we can feel better about our problems. Most of the times we are lashing out on other people, this is our own fault and not the other person's.

We are held accountable for how we react and answer to the other individual. Taking out frustration on someone else or throwing unnecessary tantrums, lashing out, screaming at them when we are angry, all of this is a result of our own mishandling of anger issues, moods, problems and feelings.

The reason why most people react in ruinous behavior is because our brains responds quickly to our emotions and the emotional portion of the brain can confiscate the anticipating portion of the brain.

It can be very hard to control our emotions and feelings when we are angry or feeling down but it is possible by simply following these things:

  • Being thoughtful of our emotions and feelings.
  • Being aware of other people's emotions as well.
  • Taking responsibility of our own actions.
  • Simply walk away from the things you feel like is triggering you even more.
  • Let others know that you need some space instead of throwing tantrums.
  • Think about how you would've felt if the same was done with you.

When we start taking responsibility of our emotions and actions, handling situations and things gets a lot easier also it is also important to understand that other people has feelings as well that could get hurt if we lash out on them or treat them badly. Being considerate towards others will help you in controlling your impulsive reactions to a great extent.

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