A snowbell (Styrax japonicus).

A snowbell is a tree that grows in a sunny place with an altitude of 100-1,600m, and is as large as 10m in height, and is naturally distributed in Korea, China, and Japan around the world, and there are more than 120 kinds of it.


It grows in the lowlands of mountains and fields.

The leaves are alternate, egg-shaped or long oval, and the edges are flat or have some serrated teeth.

The flower is a single star and has a bell shape.

Flower stalks emerge from newly grown branches, and about 20 pretty flowers run mockingly, giving a cute feeling.


Seeds contain various types of glycerides, fatty oils, and egool, so they are also used as hair oil.

Flowers are used as perfumes or medicines for sore throat or toothache. If you eat a lot of flowers, you need to be careful because it can cause throat and stomach disorders.

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