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How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. We all love to eat fun fun food. We often cook at home and often go to restaurants to eat. Our morning dessert is one of our favorite foods. Maybe many people like me like pudding a lot. I always love to eat anything sweet after a meal but most of all I love to eat pudding. So I almost always make pudding at home. Since #SteemFoods has given us the opportunity to share these recipes with everyone. So today I will show you my favorite pudding. I hope after you see me making pudding you can go down and make pudding. I would like to thank the founder of this community @alikoc07 for giving me the opportunity to share my recipes. I hope all of you like this recipe and everyone will support me.



  • Suger Powder - 1cup
  • Milk - 1kg
  • Oil - 1cup
  • Egg - 3 pices
  • Vanila flavor
  • Water - 1cup

  • First I took three eggs and then I broke them and put them in a pot.



  • Then the days have to go very well. Then there is three teaspoons of china powder. You can also give direct sugar if you want. I have made the powder for the convenience of work.


  • Then I poured about a kilo of milk there. Then spread everything well. Remember that the better the butter, the better the pudding.


  • Then I added some vanilla liquid to get the aroma out of the pudding. Then mix everything very well.


  • Then you have to recognize some amount in a pot. Then put the student on the stove with water there. Then mix sugar and water together to make water and sugar make keranol.



  • When keranol is made, it will turn red.


  • Then you have to pour milk, eggs, sugar mixed everything there.


  • Then take the big pot. Then you have to put the bowl on it. Then light a small fire in the oven as it will build up very slowly.



  • Then cover well with a lid. Until the pudding is gone.


  • Then take it off the stove to make your favorite pudding. I hope you all like this recipe. Forgive me if I have any confusion in the recipe.



I hope you all understand my cooking recipe. Everyone will be requested to support me so that I can share some better recipes with you and learn more from you.

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