WIN a Steem Round Competition is Closing TOMORROW.

Hello Steem!

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The clock is a ticking! ONLY ONE DAY (and a few hours) until your chance to WIN A STEEM ROUND for you and a friend comes to a close. For more details on this sweet contest, visit THE GIVE AWAY post HERE.

The gist of the contest is this:

  • Pick ONE Steemian who you believe exemplifies the BEST of the block chain.
  • Write a post on your own profile that is AT LEAST 500 words about this awesome human.
  • Tag the post #steemroundgiveaway
  • Share a link to your post in the comments of the original competition announcement HERE.
  • Wait for our three judges to pick the winners.

This competition was GENEROUSLY sponsored by @smooth.

We are giving away a total of TEN, 1oz, .9999 pure silver Steem Rounds. These rounds will be awarded to five winning entrants and their nominees! The Steem Silver Round holds value and is a wonderful souvenir of our block chain home.

Design by @edxserverus

So get to writing! We look forward to your submissions.

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Comments 5

What a great opportunity for anyone in the community to acquire a beautiful 2019 Steem Silver Round!

06.10.2019 01:54

I have got to get on this!! Time I need so much more!!

Posted using Partiko Android

06.10.2019 02:21

Already submitted

06.10.2019 22:41