We're looking for STEEMPOWER. Can you help the #steemsilvergold COMMUNITY to grow?


So I see that #steemit have finally released that very much anticipated "community's" feature, which for good or for bad coincided with #tron purchasing steemit Inc.

Long before the community's feature was released, a group of precious metals enthusiasts had already banded together for the greater good of the #steemsilvergold community to create this account (@ssg-community), to help support and upvote good quality content from its members.


In order for the #steemsilvergold community to grow (hive-136819), we need to continually increase our STEEMPOWER. Now I won't go in to too much detail, but for reasons I respect, our largest contributor has decided to wind down their steempower delegations. As you can guess this has left us with a hole we need filling and with excess steem to pay for it.

I have already set out some lease requests on #minnowbooster / #dlease, and I hope to get them filled soon, but if anyone would be interested in leasing SP directly to us then this is what I can offer:

14% APR, which is greater than you can get on the market at the moment, paid in weekly installment, for as long as you wish to lease us your SP.


I hear a few of you asking why I would pay over the current market rates?? Well, to answer that in a nutshell, in order to balance the @ssg-community "books", our weekly income needs to match our weekly outcome, and by paying for delegation on a weekly basis rather than a giant lump sum upfront, I personally find it easier to manage.


2500SP leased to @ssg-community would get you a weekly payment of 6.7steem

The benefits of doing it this way to the person leasing it to us, is that you no longer have to let minnowbooster take their 10% cut and you take home all the lease rate.


The @ssg-community community will gladly take and can accommodate 100k SP leases, so if you think you can help, please reach to me @welshstacker (#1176) on discord.

If you're reading this and are unable to help with the leases, please help by resteeming and asking about. Thamk you

I am @welshstacker and I hope to hear from you soon

Credits @raybrockman, @thedamus, @buggedout, @welshstacker and @silverstackeruk

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Resteemed my friend I do a SPUD every month, and and eventually I might be able to help!!

22.02.2020 16:47

Would be amazing if we could get ssg members to fund ourselves. As happy as I am spending steem on delegation, I'd much rather see it go ba k to community members.

24.02.2020 13:47

Excellent idea, my next goal was to Delegate to Gold, and then if we can self fund, that would be good for the community!!!
Very appreciative for all the work you do my friend!😀

24.02.2020 22:24

I could probably afford to up my delegation.. hmu on Discord

22.02.2020 18:24

I’ve not been very active on the positing side for a while but I’ve got some SP sitting there I’d be happy to lease 500SP just let me know how you want to handle it.

22.02.2020 22:38

Sorry, only just seeing this. I'll message you on discord shortly

24.02.2020 13:48

Sorry, only just
Seeing this. I'll message you
On discord shortly

                 - ssg-community

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

24.02.2020 13:48

Viva SSG 👊😎

23.02.2020 02:23


24.02.2020 13:48

Will send some over to help out the cause. Not a member of the community, but have seen this group for a few years and happy to help where I can

23.02.2020 04:03

Thank you, that would be fantastic, but we always pull our own weight here in #steemsilvergold. So if you were looking to delegate some SP I'm more than happy to pay you the weekly rate (14% APR) on what ever you delegate.

Reach out to me @welshstacker (welshstacker#1176) on discord or if your the same name there I'll find you and we can get you sorted.

24.02.2020 13:45

Delegation sent, keep the silver and gold flowing

24.02.2020 14:32

Are you on discord? What's the best way yo contact you?

24.02.2020 15:41

When can I expect my weekly payout? Dont often use Discord

11.03.2020 13:23

Hello, hello, hello..... I'll get the steem over to you today and back date it too. Sorry taken so long to get it to you, was hoping to chat on discord, but that's not a problem. Thank you

14.03.2020 16:36

What's the requirement to join the community? how does one get the token?

24.02.2020 20:38

Please go check the weekly (monday) blog by @vgholdingsllc. In there he explains a little bit more about the community. If you have an interest in precious metals then just start blogging g about them and the community Moderator will find you and add you

25.02.2020 09:14

Hi @ ssg-community, I have delegated 253 SP a few days ago. What benefits will I get? Your explanation please.

25.02.2020 14:07

Unless you're a member of the #steemsilvergold community, the answer is not much. Maybe @vgholdingsllc or @dfinney can help you out.

25.02.2020 18:01

I will definitely contribute to this once I earn more power... Super cool return on investment and helping out the community.details?
I just made a Discord account and sent a friend request to (welshstacker#1176)My Discord is (anchormetals#7960)

26.02.2020 02:00

Hey @welshstacker, I want to delegate more, but I cant figure out how to "undelegate" some SP from elsewhere, so I can send it your way.

Do you know how to manage my delegations?

Thanks bud.

03.03.2020 18:17

Nevermind, figured it out, using steemworld.org

03.03.2020 18:25

Hey @infidel1258, you have two options here. Both easy in their own way:

First up - use steemworld.org/@infidel1258, find the delegation section on the left hand side, look for outgoing(I'm sure it's called that), find the account you no longer want to delegate to and press the ❌. Hey presto, delegation returned in (I think) 3 or 5 days.

Option 2: simply delegate 0 (zero) to where ever you are delegating at the moment and that will return all your delegation. If you only want to take back a certain amount then just delegate the amount you with to remain.

03.03.2020 18:25

Thanks bud. Done and done. Just waiting on the returned funds and then Ill delegate over to SSG if we still need more.

03.03.2020 18:46

I've been looking for somewhere to delegate my steem, I'm also a gold bug hmmm

16.03.2020 05:48