Going Sideways: More CA Homeless Policies That Only Help The Control Agenda

You know these policies by now, right? We will help the homeless by confiscating their gear, busing them around the country, passing laws regarding sleeping in cars, passing laws making it illegal to feed the homeless. You know, this kind of help and solutions. Well........here's the latest. Naturally, starting in NY and CA.

This is a fox news opinion piece and normally I don't pay attention to those. Just give me the information and I will form my own opinion. However, this is worth looking at. Why? Fox news admits a few things we talk about all the time. Never let a good crisis go to waste. It's an opportunity to do things that you could not do otherwise. Rules for Radicals. Well, the playbook of the puppet masters really. This has been going on long before Mr. Alinsky. However, this opinion piece in mainstream media mentions him, his disciples Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders as well as the philosophy of change they follow. The reader will understand these new policies and laws dealing with the homeless crisis from that perspective. A link to it is down below for you.

So, what is this newest pile of dren offered as a solution? Rent control. Statewide!!!! The people voted on this and turned it down so the governor signed it into law anyway citing the homeless crisis. I go off on that point in my video. I also go over why this will not help the homeless but sure helps the agenda of control over our lives in every way imaginable. The lack of affordable housing is not the reason we have so many homeless folks in this country but that's the narrative being pushed.

Here is my latest video about this....

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More and more we are serving the government rather than the government serving us. They use our pain, our suffering, our fear, and our hopes against us.

As I say in my video, the pattern has been taking the opportunity to pass what they want whether it solves any problems or not. In fact, they don't WANT the problems really solved. There are certain issues they don't want a solution for because they want it to be a talking point. They want to keep using it. Perfect example is our boarders. That problem could have been solved how many times now? How many times have we been told by politicians, "We are going to fix this. We're going to reform this." They're going to this this and this and then they don't do it. They pass garbage in the name of it instead. They don't want a secure border for many reasons. One of them is to continue the method. Use it to get what they want. More control. They need these barbaric gangs coming in so you will accept militarized police. In fact, you will beg for it. You would never agree to it otherwise. You see?

They do this with EVERYTHING! Look around, you'll see it.



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