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he trade in crypto-currency is rapidly growing arrency.
This is ulation is quickly adopting this new digital currency.
This is so because, a lot of people have come to understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies and some have experienced first h market.

This ish is achievable on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

This is not just boosting the trade in cryptocurrency, but also facilitating the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In the quest to trade in different cryptocurrencies, investors have multiple accounts on different cryptocurrency exchanncies.

But thate them trade efficiently on different cryptocurrencies.

But that's not the only reason, investors creating multiple accounts on different or nu losses.

As an icy exchange platforms is done to avoid the risk of losses.

As an investor, putting all investments in the same exchange is absolutely risky, due to the fact that, when Hackers strike on a particular exchanrything.
This isnvestor's assets are, the Investor ends up losing everything.
This is not a great thing for any investor.
Hence, the idea of having accounts in differevestor.

Truly, ts to make trading very flexible and secured for the investor.

Truly, this method of diversifying the investor's portfolio on exchanges, is a great move, but it is not without challenges.

Some of these challenges are.....

  • Taxation and high withdrawal fees which has become a very disturbing challenge for the investors, as having multiple accounts on different exchanges costs them a lot more, in terms of withdrawal fee, when carrying out transactions.
    And the tax which has been placed on crypto-currencies is also an alarming challenge, as it doesn't seem right for blockchain based incomes, to be taxed.
  • Another huge setback encountered by th system.
    A lot ors in crypto-currency exchanges is the poor user support systems needs.
    This kicurrency exchanges are ill equipped to handle the user's needs...
    This kills the user's interest as no one would like to invest in something they don't understand.
  • Language barrier is another issue experianguage.
    This delable exchanges, because they focus more on a particular language.
    This denies other users the opportunity at enjoying the benefits of crypto-currency trade.
  • Increasing government regulations is another setback against crypto-currency exchanges, as this limits the operation of these exchanges and in turn limits the participation of users in the system.

All these are just a piece of the cake, when it comes to the problems faced in the present crypto-currency exchanges, and it has stagnated the crypto-currency exchange market for a long while now...

But, no need to worry, because a lEXCHANGE.

images (13).jpeg

Invech Ehere..


Invech Exchange as one of the components of the Invech group, is a crypto-currency exchange platform, which will utilize the blockchain technology to improve the anges.

Invech i solve all the problems faced in other crypto-currency exchanges.

Invech is governernment.
This liso, has the full backing and licensing of the Timor Leste government.
This is sses the entire crypto-currency activities and blockchain teations.

It aims s great, as it is not affected in any way, by government regulations.

It aims at improving the quality of life for the global population and boosting the global financial system, by utilizing the blockchain technology to create a solid digital economy.

This outstanding crypto-currency exchange was designed and develembers.
They ensalled the Invech group, made up of well experienced and skilled members.
They ensure that Invech has everything it needs to take care of the digital needs of its users.

Now let's take a closer look at some of the solutions which will be provided by Invech...

  • Invech is totally different from other exchanges and will solve the language problem with the help of its manguage.
    The Inv who will give the necessary support to the users, in a soothing language.
    The Invech multi-lingual teetter.
    A lot ofenced in different languages, and this will help to see the users better.
    A lot of potential users who were hindered by language barrier won't have a problem anymore, on the Invech exchange, they can now trade without reserve, this in turns brings about the global adoption of crypto-currencies.
  • An a lot.
    Luckily port system
    This is really important as good communication matters a lot.
    Luckily for the users, Invech has it all covered, as it has put in place, an efficient hange.
    Evidentl, to help answer the user's questions axchange.
    Even fojoy the exchange.
    Evidently, language isn't a problem in Invech exchange.
    Even for the new users, this is a great thing because they could easily find their way around the system, with ease, thanks to the Invech support team.

That's not all....

  • Withdrawal won't be a challenge on the Invech exchange, as it will make available, needed.
    This wicilitate the seamless withdrawal of the user's assets, anytime it is needed.
    This will ensure that the users have access to their assets, anytime they need them.
  • Security in Invech is a also a top notch, giving that the Invech group has put a lot of security merpunks.
    To show o as to protect the user's assets and information, from the reach cyberpunks.
    To show you the how serious Invech takes security, it backed by the CCSS ( Crypto Currency Security Standard), an industry which takes care of digital security for exchanges.
  • Furthermore, the nagging problem of taxation and high withdrawal fees, won't be an issue because Invech is a government licensed exchange, so this makes it possible for transactions to be carried out on the systhange.

So you s tax rate and withdrawal fee, a feature which is seen only in Invech exchange.
So you see?, Invech has got you covered.

Invech Group intends to start up with some popular cryptocurrency trading assets and pairs on its exchange, this include Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Tether USDT and its own custom token Invech Coin IV. Other project tokens and coins will be listed subsequently upon application and successful completion of evaluation and examination by Invech. This will be juECH TOKEN

The Invech Token is caluidity and community based usability and support.


The Invech coin is ca system.
It was 20 token which is used on the platform, to carry out transactions in the system.
It was cstem.

It couldvech on the Ethereum blockchain, to facilitate the smooth running of the system.

It could be stem.

  • IV could such as listing fee, transactions fee and withdrawal fee, within the system.

IV could also be used outside the Invech platform, to pay for hotmore.

More Uses/Benefits of the Invech Token
images (15).jpeg

Currentl bills, casinos, tourism, purchasing of digital assets, and a whole the IV Token, potently, the Invech team is running an Initial Exchange token at a much the IV Coin, potential investors have the opportunity to purchase the token aslion IV Tokens mintee according to the phases of the I supply of about 17 supplion IV Tokens has bV Coins minted, a large percentage of the total sts to 36c5 million IV Coins has been put up for sales at prices ranging from 32cents through 36cents depending on the phases of sales.

The first phase of token sales will offer 75 million IV at a base price of 32cents with a discount of 20% locked for 6 months while the second phase will offer 100 million IV priced at 36 cents with a discount of 10% locked for 9 months. Invech aims to achieve a soft cap sales of 75 million IV valued nce IV is USD or a Hard Cap of 100 million IVs valued at 60 million USD.

Since the IV Coin is a utility token with multiple use cases, there is a great chance thatents.

Invech Token and Funds Distribution


Now, youg run, giving investors massive returns on their investments.

Nal fees.
The difunlimitedly with no fear of losing assets or taxation and high withdrawal fees.
The different solutions which Invech provides is an evidence that this great exchange is totally peculiar and has best.


More Inf lead the crypto-currency exchange market to its peak.
Invech is just the best.

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