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With the advent of blockchain technology, there has been a paradigm shift from the normal and focus has now turned to the ever growing, ever productive and ever satisfying blockchain industry. This is evident in the fact that, several sectors of global economy have pursued vigorously their efforts to place their technologies on the landscape of blockchain innovations thus, causing a major Boom and acceptance of the technology. The solutions and importance of blockchain cannot be overemphasised, its ability to seamlessly offer solutions to world economical challenges is unrivalled. It is for this sole reason that several solutions have been designed and proposed by corporate institutions, monetary policies and services as well as governments all over the globe. The practical applications of blockchain is sweeping across major sectors including but not limited to; the information and technology sector, financial sector, medical and health industries and most recently the agricultural sector. The gaming and lottery industry hasn't been left out of the action as there is a scramble for the next generation technology. Key players in the gaming, casino and gambling industry have all seeked to offer a design befitting of the blockchain innovation and in so doing offer solutions to the many challenges of the industry. While they have tried with little or no success, there is indeed a lot of promise and potentials to be harnessed with the technology. One of such projects that have gained notable attention in the fight for prominence in blockchain gaming and casino as well as crypto exchanges, dividends and investment dominance is Anyone Limited. This project has been at the forefront of casino and gambling innovations using the blockchain model to propel its technology. Much resources have been committed to the course and it is worth saying that a lot of accomplishments and giant strides have been made in a short time as can be seen in the development of several products of the Anyone Limited Brand.

Introducing ANYONE Limited

Anyone is poise to be the next biggest player in the crypto industry pursuing professional practices to build a state of the art blockchain ecosystem comprising of casino gaming, crypto exchange, investment and dividends accrual to its adopters and investors. Anyone crypto project is an Asian project with multinational operational licenses and a global target market. The Anyone project has been in development for over 6 months culminating in the launching of several unit projects under the Anyone brand. Anyone developers have studied the target niches, understood the framework and requirements of building a self sustainable strategy involving several components while ensuring efficiency. Their concept has led to the creation of the Anyone economy which houses joint features of Gaming, Investments, Exchanges and Dividends. These units have been carefully assembled to work closely together for a thrilling and satisfying experience to all enthusiasts and users. The aim is to ensure an unprecedented approach to the use of blockchain technology to provide a completely transparent, efficient and easy to use platform while guaranteeing services and satisfaction to everyone involved.

Features and Components of ANYONE Blockchain Project:

As earlier mentioned, Anyone was designed to focus on four (4) principal units working together to form one complete ecosystem. These components are what makes the Anyone platform such an interesting project. Anyone offers a unique product never seen in the crypto space. Users have the opportunity to switch easily from one component to the other without the need to exit the platform. These components have been extensively designed to satisfy the solutions they were meant for. They include; Anyone Casino and Games, Anyone Exchange, Anyone Investment and Anyone Dividends Pool.

Anyone Casino and Gaming.

Anyone has designed a digital casino and gaming platform within its ecosystem for users who will love to have the same experience as an offline casino. Users have the options of having their bets made with the traditional chips as offered by offline casino houses. These GameChips are gotten by exchanging other digital currencies such as bitcoin or the platform custom token referred to as ANY Coin. On the Anyone Gaming platform, 1GameChip is valued at 1USD and this figure is guaranteed by the Anyone Foundation. GameChips gotten can now be used to wager against other players on the platform through the casino board. There are several other games across several game boards (mini, table and slot) these include; sicbo, roulette, baccarat etc. With the help of blockchain, Anyone has been able to ensure transparency and low fees as well as flexibility on the use of its gaming and casino platform. Users are able to operate freely and securely with state of the art security features implemented.

ANYONE Exchange

Anyone has gone further to design a simple and truly remarkable but highly effective exchange mechanism integrated to its ecosystem. The simplicity and fluidity of the exchange is next to none. Users have an array of exchange options and practically obtain their desired assets by a simple push of buttons, Exchange orders are processed in real time mostly in seconds. The Simple Exchange contains listed cryptocurrency assets notably Bitcoin and the ANY Coin. However, efforts are in top gear to ensure other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash XRP are listed amongst the exchange options in the future. Users willing to purchase or exchange their digital assets can do so without the need to sign up or go through complexities. Also, players have the opportunity to convert their Game Chips to ANY Coin or Bitcoin and vice versa directly from their dashboards without the need to exit or quit the gaming platform/interface. Everything is seamless and speedy, ensuring comfort and reliability. The Anyone Exchange is unmatched and unparalleled in this industry and one of the focal points of the Anyone Ecosystem. It is indeed a beautiful piece of feature that oils the entire Anyone Economy.

ANYONE Investments

As with every investment program, Anyone offers investors the opportunity to invest funds in Form of ANY Coins and obtain a percentage yield on their investments. Return on Investments could range from 6% minimum to a maximum of 24% in 3 months. Investments can be made in form of ANY Coin or GameChips. Investors can pool their investments and obtain maximum returns passively. The Anyone Investment Platform permit investors to purchase investments in form of ANY Coin or GameChips and earn daily returns according to packages purchased with each of the products purchased having their respective interest rates and durations. Investment purchased through ANYONE Coin have a duration of 120 days while those purchased through GameChips come with an earning duration of 100 days.
Below is a chart illustrating the respective Investment products and their maturity yields:


ANYONE Dividends

Another impressive feature of the Anyone Ecosystem is the Dividends accrual pool. As is now the trend with most crypto related projects, Anyone has designed a powerful and rewarding dividends accrual system that rewards ANY holders for locking their ANY holdings in a dividends pool. The system has been developed to personify transparency and reliability. Much improved and better than other systems in the industry, holders of ANY Coins who locked their holdings are granted access to daily turnover and expected revenues from the activities of the platform. ANYONE allocates 100% of its revenues and shares 48.33% of its casino dividends with holders of ANY who lock their holdings in the pool. Holders will obtain dividends percentages according to their holdings. The system is built to fairly and transparently outline details to everyone making it one of the most outstanding revenue sharing machines in the Crypto industry. More details on the working theory of the ANYONE Dividends system can be found on the official website.
Pictorial interface of the Dividends platform can also be found below:


Built on its Masternode Mainnet Blockchain, the ANY Coin is the oil and gliding factor of the ANYONE platform. It presents users with the ability to concurrently use all features of the platform without hitches. The ANY Coin has been passed through a Proof of Work, A Proof of Stake and Masternode process and certified to be capable of handling the requirements it was designed for. The Anyone Project has also taken proactive steps to ensure the value of the Coin is preserved. There is no sudden drop in value since only about 45% of ANY Coin is issued and there will be no additional volume created. In addition, the company intends to use some of its proceeds from the foundation business model to maintain price stability at all times.

The ANY Coin was issued in a private and public sale early this year where about 1 billion ANY were sold at a base price of $0.001. Currently, the ANY Coin is available for trading on two reputable cryptocurrency exchanges (Coinexchange and Crex24).

Specifications of ANY Coin


Ticker: ANY

Alogrithm: SHA256

Type: POW

Coin Supply: 6 billion ANY

Confirmation 100

Block Time 60 sec

ANYONE Coin Distribution Chart and Use of Funds:


Current Activities and Future Plans of Anyone Limited:

Currently, the Anyone developers have been involved in series of project development, securing several multi national operational licences and gaining territorial presence in the Asian Continent. They are also pursuing plans to integrate the Anyone brand with offline casino houses across the globe having announced plans to obtain at least 50 offline casino houses in Asia and Europe to further expand services and boost revenues. These revenues, it has announced will be shared with ANY Holders in the dividends pool. In fulfilment of this objective, Anyone has already obtain an offline casino in China and Japan.

In the future, the company intends to roll out its completely designed feature loaded exchange for projects intending to list their tokens at much cheaper and reduced listing fees. Furthermore, Anyone aims at positioning its brand globally through aggressive advertising, marketing and partnerships with major brands worldwide.

Conclusively, Anyone limited is well on its quest for world dominance and evident shows they are on course to achieve outstanding results in the near future. The company intends to eradicate most challenges facing the industry and offer practical solutions while returning attractive dividends and profits to its customers and investors. Through its approach, it intends to genuinely and professionally introduce its brand far and wide deploying the best of practices and introducing cutting edge technologies.

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Thanks very much for your kind response. Personally, I have been impressed by what the team is looking to achieve. I have only seen a few of such innovations in the crypto space and Anyone seem to be going about it in a more positive and productive way.

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