Splinterlands - Season ended: a good reward

My last battle and my daily reward

Hello gamer friends,

The last season of Splinterlands gave me a good reward.


For the third season in a row I can reach 1600 rating points and my reward will be 18 cards.


Discovering the cards is always an emotion...

What did I find?

On 18 cards I found 1 rare card and 3 epic cards.



Boogeyman is a good card.
Worth $ 0.05 - 60 DEC

It is not a new card for me. I have a total of 4 Boogeyman cards.
I will combine them to have a level 2 Boogeyman.

Phantom Soldier


Phantom Soldier is a very good card.
It is an epic card and its value is much higher than Boogeyman.
Worth $ 0.28 - 300 DEC

It has a fairly high mana cost but it also has 8 life and magic attack. Excellent for use with the Alric Stormbringer summoner.


Spirit Shaman


Spirit Shaman is a excellent card.
It is an epic card and its value is much higher than Boogeyman but also compared to Phantom Soldier.
Worth $ 0.62 - 300 DEC

It has an acceptable mana cost and is able to avoid the first attack.
I'm glad this is a really good card.

Imp Bowman


Imp Bowman is a epic good card.
Worth $ 0.25 - 300 DEC.

Its low mana cost and flying ability make it a very useful card. Too bad for the very low life score of 1.

My last battle


This is the link of my last fight: https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=4ec7c70a49815974c308226a2c868258e5d71ccd&ref=sportgamer

Now I'm going to play ... bye bye :)

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