Headed back to Top Gun for Another Car?

A quick run back to the scene of the buy



These guys were very nice when we went in and bought the last model car, I thought I would get the next one from here too.

I think you all saw the Corvette.

Well, I am happy to announce that I bought another not shown in the photo.


You can however see the place where it was waiting. Among good company!

The guys at Top Gun told me to pull it out, and they would fix it later. They are stacked to the rafters with planes, ships, stadiums, cars and boats.

This time I selected one that I know my 14-year-old will love. I cannot display it here because my boys keep tabs on their dad and what he posts.


Here is a view of the store. The other eight or ten stores in the same neighborhood have been ravished by the collapsing economy.

These guys are it. Last ones!

So if you are in town, give them a shout or stop in for a visit.

I was running all week. So much to post, but so little time. I was able to eat a sandwich of "Pavita" this year. No big bird.

I hope you all had a nice one! HTG

I enjoyed making the posts about the Little Red Corvette quite a bit. When my teen makes the new one, I would be happy to share some of the moment with you all - let me know if that is what you want.
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Ese es el que te decía yo, TopGun en Maipu!!!

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29.11.2019 23:06

Vaya toda una tienda para armar maquetas de carros, que maravilla. @sponge-bob

Go an entire store to assemble car models, how wonderful. @sponge-bob

30.11.2019 23:23