Splinterlands Discord, Telegram and Facebook Report & Contest Winner!

Hello everyone! What a great week it has been in Splinterlands! We finally are able to list our Splinterlands cards for sale on the Etherem blockchain! Opensea.io is a great place to buy and sell Splinterlands cards! I have seen many new people join Discord and Telegram after buying some Splinterlands cards on opensea. In a short time from now, Splinterlands will be a dominating force on opeansea's sales market listings! We have 4,780 members in Discord. Telegram has 854 members. The Facebook group has 414 members and the Facebook page has 394 likes.

The winner of the Play of the week battle is @davidtron Congratulations! You just won 5K DEC! It is in your Steem engine wallet now. Watch the epic battle that won 5K DEC, A great battle featuring Kron the Undying HERE
What a great battle that was! He killed everybody, lol!

I am hosting another "Play of the week" 5K DEC contest you can join it HERE. If yours is the one picked for the Altcoin Buzz's Splinterlands "Play of the Week" then you win 5K DEC from me, @clove71!

Check out the recent Splinterlands weekly Update for Altcoin Buzz's Site. You can see the winner of last week's play of the week battle from @davidtron HERE!

During the last few hours of the season-ending a lot of people were in Discord making funny memes and receiving an Untamed pack from me! The winners were the following:

@QuantumNachos won an Untamed pack for this little funny meme! LOL!

@rentmoney won an Untamed pack for this fun meme!

@senstless was an honorary winner of an Untamed pack!

@stealthtrader won an Untamed pack for this hilarious meme!

@cryptoreaper won an Untamed pack for this awesome meme!

The best for last!

### My favorite! I laughed all night! This is how I picture Raynie battling the last day of the season!

@Raynie's hilarious entry which won her an Untamed pack!

Thanks to you all for laughing with me during another stressful but fun season-ending, LOL! I will see you all next week!

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Splinterlands Discord HERE

Facebook GroupHERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

#### Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

#### Splinterlands Rep

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