Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 74 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!

Winners from Week 73!

First Place!

My Fourth Design for Splinterlands: Dr HydeKill By: @juliolunar

Second Place!

[Splinterlands Art Contest - Silvershield Assassin

Third Place!

[Amigurumi #68: Flesh golem

Fourth Place!

SPLINTERLANDS Art Contest | Week 73 | FANART "ENCHANTED PIXIE" | @heyjess

Fifth Place!

SPLINTERLANDS Art Contest | Week 73 | FANART "SABRE SHARK" | @oscurocactus

Sixth Place!

[Splinterlands Art Contest 73 - Pray for Your Enemy

Splinterlands Art Contest Week 74!

This is an open-ended Art contest for Splinterlands inspired creations.
You can create art based on the cards or you can create something entirely new!

Creations which may include, but aren't limited to:

Digital Art
Blog Dividers
Blog Footers
New Card Ideas
Mixed Media Art
Computer Generated Art

The Prize!

15-ish Booster Packs will be split between the winners!!!

Rules for Submission

Post your creation on your own Steem account
Please describe and show some steps of your process
Link your post in the comments of this submission post
Upvote/resteem this post
The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, March 7th at 10:00 PM CST

Thank you for your continued support!

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02.03.2020 01:38

Congratulations to all the winners

02.03.2020 10:32

Thank you very much. This time I bet on making a change to the character because I thought he could be welcomed as a chibi.

03.03.2020 05:17
03.03.2020 05:42

Tu estilo es genial de pana que si. Hasta en blanco y negro te botas.. este me.hizo recordar un tiempo que estuve leyendo manga. Esta bueno! Exitos

07.03.2020 04:02

AHHHH, no habรญa visto este comentario. Gracias, gracias... no sabes lo bien que me hace sentir el leer esto <3

07.03.2020 13:44


07.03.2020 13:45

Congratulations to the winners

03.03.2020 23:15

Hello splinterlands. This is my drawing.

05.03.2020 11:42

Whats!!!? Esto es super hermosisimo <3

07.03.2020 13:45

Hello my entry: ๐Ÿ–ค

06.03.2020 16:25

Naguara, tu te pasas <3 ya perdรญ jaja

07.03.2020 13:46

No creo jaja el tuyo estรก matador ๐Ÿ˜

08.03.2020 05:20