DEC Trading Competition on TronTrade is launching a DEC trading competition over the next week with 50,000 TRX available in prizes! You can see the full details at and they are also posted below:

To celebrate the listing of Splinterlands as Emerging Project we will hold a Top50 Trading Event with Trading Rewards of 50,000 TRX for Top 50 Highest Volume Traders:

Distribution Table:

  • Top 1 Trader: 6000 TRX
  • Top 2 Trader: 3500 TRX
  • Top 3 Trader: 2000 TRX
  • Top 4-10 Trader: 1000 TRX
  • Top 11-20 Trader: 850 TRX
  • Top 21-30 Trader: 700 TRX
  • Top 31-40 Trader: 600 TRX
  • Top 41-50 Trader: 500 TRX
  • 5x Lucky Trader earning 1000 TRX each.

Event period: FEB 28th, 00:00 UTC (AM) - MARCH 10rd, 23:59 UTC (PM)

Important Notice:

  • TronTrade reserves the right to cancel or change any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.
  • TronTrade keeps the right to disqualify trades that are identified as obvious wash trades, self-trading or show attributes of trading manipulation
  • Transactions on TronTrade are powered by the Tron blockchain network, and are subject to the risks inherent to the technology

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Comments 6

now i just need $trx to play LOL


27.02.2020 22:50

I think you need DEC

28.02.2020 01:45

This need to be good for DEC. Really low nowadays.

28.02.2020 00:37

wow! I didn't even know DEC was listed on an exchange. I wonder if justin will list DEC on Poloniex too?

28.02.2020 01:44

Would anyone be nice enough to give me a basic explaination of how to "trade DEC" on ? Links to a clearly written "exchange trading" tutorial would be fine. I have been trading DEC for Tron for the past month, but this concept of trading for the sake of trading is new, but interesting, to me. Thanks.

28.02.2020 04:36

Now that this promo is complete, when will the trading incentives be distributed to the top 50?

14.03.2020 13:05